10 Things I Love Sunday

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Today is Nova’s birthday party (I have pre-scheduled this post). It is her third birthday, but her first birthday with us. We have no idea how or if her birthday was celebrated the first couple years of her life, but we’re planning to make up for lost time today by showering her with love. I’ll share photos of her party here later this week!

Here are 10 things I am loving …

1. Erin’s kitchen renovation is blowing my mind.

2. Strawberry picking. Love these photos!

3. Thinking about buying this blow up pool that Laura has. It’s so inexpensive and we don’t really have a public pool to go to nearby—thinking this may be more our family’s speed for this summer.

4. I finished up my spending freeze (yay!) and this was my first purchase. I love this jumpsuit. It’s perfect for summer. The best part is it has an adjustable waist. Size down if you are between sizes.

5. We’ve been looking for a king-size bed (!!!!!!!), as it’s my husband’s dream come true. Every single time we stay at a hotel with a king bed he comments about how wonderful it is. Considering this one (maybe in white?) but I also love this one. They are completely different styles. Which one do you like? Any advice from anyone who has sprung for a king-size bed? I don’t get nervous when I shop and make big decisions (to a fault LOL), but I am kind of nervous about this purchase because it feels strangely permanent.

6. A terrazzo serving board. I am so happy terrazzo has recently come back into fashion. It’s always “in style” in my book.

7. LOVING this season of Westworld, but I feel like we can’t keep up with it without the podcast (Decoding Westworld) and watching YouTube recaps that explain stuff. Anyone else watching?

8. Jessica’s bathroom renovation is so inspiring!

9. Tips for caring for vintage rugs.

10. Nova’s fixer upper was probably my favorite “just-for-fun” DIY project to date. It’s still going strong in her playroom.

The cute little romper she is wearing is from here (only $12! and would be perfect for 4th of July parties). She still fits into 18-24 month clothes and I’ll be so sad when that ship has sailed.

Thanks so much for following along. We love you and we are happy you are here! xx – Elsie





  • I’ve been watching this season of West world as well and was so so confused about the timeline… then I found this spoiler ridden explanation which is super helpful! If you haven’t watched it all yet don’t read this! It basically unpacks the timeline and puts it in order and also explains some stuff if you missed it: http://www.collider.com/westworld-timeline-explained

    I love the two renovation links, so inspiring! That kitchen renovation looks so good!

  • We upgraded to a king last year: LIFE CHANGING. I was nervous too and thought it was an unnecessary splurge, but my only regret is not doing it sooner! Even if we have a tiny room in the future, it will be all bed because a king is that worth it. The only downside was having to buy all new bedding…it adds up $$$. I love the West Elm bed!

  • Hey Elsie,

    I think this might be my first comment here although I’ve been following u guys for years.

    We recently switched to a king size bed and it is so.great. (especially with a toddler snuggling in every morning :))

    At the same time, we also switched to the German duvets (I let cupofjo explain the way Germans do duvets here : https://cupofjo.com/2016/06/two-duvets-one-bed-scandinavian/). I was sceptical at first but I love it so much… I honestly couldn’t decide which of the king size mattress or the German covers is the best upgrade so I had to share.

    On another subject the way you had to justify you programmed this post since its Nova’s birthday makes me feel as if you would have been criticized otherwise … this is so infuriating (and you guys are so cute and inspiring, you totally changed my mindset on adoption and I have to thank you for that !)

    Happy bday Nova, and happy snuggles in that king size bed, you’re gonna love it !

    • I totally agree with the family snuggling! And cuz toddlers don’t sleep straight 😉 I do think that Kings have a tendency to consume smaller rooms and from someone who likes to regularly swap out rugs and re-arrange, this is almost impossible to do alone. Beware the “king ridge” that can appear over time if you are prone to sleep in the same spot, a mountain right in the center of the bed and valleys on each side that made me feel like I was sleeping in a ditch after only a few months and was still visible even with a big fluffy down comforter. Maybe that isn’t an issue with the newer foam mattresses? And bedding is more expensive and tougher to shove into my washer, blah, blah, blah.

      But after all that, I would still buy another king because the morning family snuggles and the blonde, wispy hair flying in the air as my girl jumps on our huge bed and then flops down on our pillows with her sugary-sweet giggles is so, so worth it. Happy Birthday, sweet Nova!

  • We actually downsized from a king to queen mattress.. We decided on a queen mattress with adjustable base by Purple (amazing mattress, and environmentally friendly). The king was great with our first child, where we ended up co-sleeping just to get sleep. Once our son was moved to his own bed, we realized we didn’t need the extra inches. We did give ourselves an out though, if we want a king down the road we’ll give the mattress to our son.

  • Happy birthday to Nova!

    As a troubled sleeper, I wouldn’t hesistate to buy a kingsized bed — if you have the space to put it. No-brainer.

  • LOVING the Webster bed! So cute, the detail, especially for y’alls room! Can’t wait to see pics of it in there (if that’s the one you chose). We are loving westworld this season too. There is literally no way I’d have any idea what’s going on though unless I read a couple of good recaps the next day. Should probably subscribe to that podcast though. All I know is go Maeve (my nieces name!) and go Delores! Happy Birthday Miss Nova ????

  • King size bed is amazing. We bought a Sleep Number and it’s THE. BEST. I totally second the two duvets idea. 50% of marriage problems solved!

  • A king size bed is fabulous for family snuggles. But it’s a long way to the middle for personal intimacy. I found it harder to snuggle sleep with hubby but it’s great for those hot nights when distance equals cooler.

  • My husband already had an awesome king size bed when we started dating and it is the best ever! Sure it takes up more room than a queen would, but it really is great for each person having ample space to sleep.

  • We love our king bed! I am a very difficult sleeper and it’s a MUST for me and my husband. If you like to cuddle, you can always roll towards the middle – no biggie. But there’s plenty of room if you need your space, and it’s a-mah-zing. Plus ours is foam, and our backs are oh-so-happy. 🙂

  • That bathroom renovation is amazing! Love the idea! So cute photos in the strawberry picking journey!

  • Hey Elsie! We switched to a King bed and it is a GAME CHANGER. All four of us can very comfortably cuddle for some Saturday morning you-tubing, and there’s even (almost) enough room to accommodate the sprawling pre-schooler who creeps into our bed during the night. My advice would be to go with less is more on the actual frame since King beds are really quite enormous, and anything with too much of a dramatic foot-board (or footprint like the platform bed you like) can be overwhelming. We have a four poster bed with a big headboard, but hardly any foot-board and it’s just right. The tall posts help balance out the horizontal grandness of the bed’s size without overwhelming the room. But no matter what frame you choose, you’re going to love that gigantic bed!

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