10 Things I Love Sunday

All my furry winter coats are out of storage and it makes me so happy to see them! It’s basically my only consolation for being cold in the winter so I have to find joy in coats and coat shopping (that yellow one is my favorite so far this year) … here’s what else I’m loving this week!

1. Juuust the absolute sweetest toddler outfit!

2. We are going to be in Todd’s hometown visiting his side of the family for Thanksgiving, and I asked him to take me out on a “high school” date while we are there. So basically, I just want him to take me out to whatever places he would have taken me to if I was his girlfriend in high school because I think it’s kind of a sweet and funny date idea. I’m assuming that there won’t be anything too fancy involved, but I know the possibility of tacos or pizza is there sooo I’m in! I thought about digging out his varsity high school letter jacket to wear on the date, but I can’t tell if that’s a little crazy or just the right amount of fun!

3. The cutest holiday wrapping paper.

4. Such a fun boot! Feels a little David Bowie to me, which is always a good thing.

5. This hot chocolate mix has a secret ingredient of Reishi mushrooms (that you can’t taste at all) to help calm you before bed. It’s also vegan and dairy-free which is a big added bonus for me and I’ve tried some of their other coffee blends and thought they were really tasty as well.

6. All the heart eyes for this new print in my bedroom.

7. It’s totally legal now to look for New Year’s Eve dresses now, right? If so, this one for me, please!

8. … and this for my hair!

9. I can’t wait to try this cinnamon roll recipe as a new weekend ritual! I want to try it where you make the dough the night before, roll it up, cut it, and place it in the pan so it’s ready to go in the morning (I think you let it sit out for a bit to warm before baking though). Does anyone else do that with their homemade cinnamon rolls? Does it usually work out well?

10. I can already tell the oversized crop sweater is going to be my thing this year—it feels so comfy cozy to be warm, and yet have all that room!

If you’re starting to need some gift ideas for yourselves or others, check out our Amazon favorites and wishlist to find some treasures! I know that full on holiday sparkle is just around the corner now and I can’t wait to decorate, play old records, and move into the coziest time of the year! xo. Laura

  • I do the overnight thing with the lemon sticky roll recipe from The Kitchn. It works pretty well but I usually remove from the fridge for an additional hour than the rising time in order to take the chill off. However, this past week, I made the rolls and put them in the fridge pretty early in the day so they actually got a decent slow rise in the fridge too.

  • I really want to like Four Sigmatic and have heard nothing but praise for them, but all the ones I try tasted watery to me.
    Maybe I’m making them wrong or I need to try with coconut or almond milk instead… I do like the idea of getting some of those shrooms in my drinks for the health benefits.

    Those boots do scream BOWIE! <3 and the cinnamon rolls would be great to make this holiday season!

  • Winters are so bad here (and forecast has just announced it’s going to be particularly harsh this year) that I completely abandon fashion and just go for the cozy. I have two states of being in the winter, outside me is covered from head to toe in a massive parka, tuque (beanie), gloves and massive ugly boots and inside me is a burrito (I wrap myself into either a giant cozy blanket at home or a massive wool sweater at work). There’s no in between. And because of these, an oversized sweater crop top absolutely baffles me! Doesn’t it defy the purpose of an oversized sweater if your mid-section is exposed?

  • those boots are all the heart eyes!!!! i just went to order them but they don’t ship to Australia – crying eyes -such a roller coaster of emotions 😀 they would have been perfect for the middle of summer here too….ahem…. Love these posts. Have a great xmas guys

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