Elsie’s Handwriting Statement Wall

Hand painted bedroom wall (A Beautiful Mess)I know I say this all the time, but… FAVORITE PROJECT EVER. This statement wall was so much fun to create! I love the texture that it adds to our small bedroom. It feels instantly more cozy in our space.

I was inspired by this wall (by Numbered Street Designs). I found her wall was actually Ikea fabric adhered to the wall, but it sparked the idea for a large scale hand painted wall. I had no idea how much time this wall would take to execute, but I assumed it would be pretty intense. After living in our bedroom for a few months I knew it was what we needed to complete the room, so we went for it!

Handwriting wall processBefore we started painting, we taped lines about 2-3 feet apart all the way up the wall. This was our way of making sure that the words didn’t get too slanted, even though we were going for an imperfect look. Each line was handwritten with pencil before any paint went on. If you’re nervous about your own handwriting, you could also use a projector and your favorite handwriting font like we did on this headboard. For the black paint we used Bewitched by Olympic. I recommend using regular latex wall paint in the same finish as your base color. We only used one coat of black paint, creating a more irregular and natural look.

Choosing the words to repeat was a little scary. I wanted something simple and personal. Eventually I settled on the words “I love you more than ever”.

We borrowed my dads big ladder and 3 days later… this wall was done! For this size wall, it probably could have technically been completed in one day, but it’s kinda an arm workout so breaking it up into smaller segments is probably best. 😉

Hand painted bedroom wall (A Beautiful Mess)

Hand painted bedroom wall (A Beautiful Mess)
Hand painted bedroom wall (A Beautiful Mess) I’m so happy with our new space. It makes a visual statement, but is still relatively simple. It’s perfect for us. I brought in a pop of color with these table lamps. Our side tables were handmade by our friend Josh (we’ll be sharing a DIY for them in the near future).

It’s the best feeling in the world to finish up one space at a time, week by week! We’re having the best time.

Hand painted bedroom wall (A Beautiful Mess) xo. Elsie

  • LOVE the wall….I really would be interested in making those side tables. I can’t see the whole thing, but you mentioned that you would be doing a DIY on how to make them later. I have searched your site and Josh’s, but I cannot find anything on them. Have you done a tutorial or even able to send more pictures of them so I can maybe figure it out?

    Thanks so much, Chad

    • Of course, as soon as I posted this….I found the post.

  • Elsie, I know that you will see this and it doesn’t even matter if it’s “published” but I loved this post, the look of it, and then I read the words…”I love you more than ever”… made me teary…My husband died three years ago, he had cancer… his last words to me were “I love you more than ever”.

    thanks for your post. Made me smile.

  • I clicked through from Decor Hacks. Love this! Where is your bed from? Is it the Architecture from Room & Board?

  • Hey, Just wondering where your bedframe is from? I love the simple four poster type frame!

  • This is very cool; cute without being cutesy . I think it maybe my design hack for today. Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi there, did you get a black marker called bewitched from olympic. This is AMAZEBALLS!!!!

  • Such a cool and unique idea! I love it!


  • This is great! I did a similar thing for my sons blinds (? not sure if its the right word since I´m swedish, anyway its the thing you roll down infront of your window in the evening I´m after here), I bought a white blind (?) and a thick black pen and wrote his name maaany times, he really likes it. Cheap and funny

  • great idea! Simple, but definitely makes a statement.



  • this is beautiful, i just wondered what type of brush you used to paint the words 🙂

  • Wow,congrats on this huge project!
    Looks like quiet hard work!


  • Love it. There’s something so cozy and personal…and yet nonchalantly everyday-ish about using text in decor. Favorite. I did some curtains similar to this: http://brandnewwe.blogspot.com/2012/11/diy-dropcloth-curtains.html

    choosing the text was the HARDEST part!!!

    and yes, it has been my favorite project thus far in my home. I would love to do a wall…but I think I might be getting overly textual… 😉

  • I saw this an immediately thought, oh no, I hope that she didn’t use a Sharpie. Whew. So glad that you didn’t. Sharpies are impossible to cover. Even layers and layers of Kilz Primer won’t completely cover up a Sharpie. Just a word of caution to anyone who is thinking of attempting this project.

  • I love it and am inspired to recreate it in my own bedroom. Just wondering how much paint you used and what size of wall. Thanks!!!

  • What a beautiful space you have created! It all works so well together. I’m looking forward to the DIY for the side tables, they are just what I’ve been looking for. And those yellow lamps, wow! I need them : )

    x Shannon

  • I would loveee to do this..if only I had pretty handwriting 🙂
    <3 Melanie

  • HI Elsie! This is truly beautiful! What a great piece of art. I always love your handwriting. I featured this idea on my blog this week! Come on over and check it out and grab a button if you like! http://www.missloviecreations.blogspot.com/2013/03/my-favorite-things-thursday-10-home.html Have a wonderful weekend!

  • This looks amazing! What a wonderful idea. It definitely makes a statement.

  • Wow this is amazing. I was thinking IKEA fabric as soon as I saw it, but then I loved it so much more because no two sentences are exactly alike. So beautiful!!

  • Love you wall!! Not sure I’m brave enough! Where did you get that bed?

  • This is beautiful! Love it! What colors are your other walls, if you dont mind me asking?

  • This is so creative. I love that you did it.


  • This is absolutely perfect! I wish I could do something similar~ Must find a lovely home first!<3


  • I love this!!!! Did u just use a small paint brush to write your words? Any recommendation for the writing tools.

  • What a great idea you have shared with us, this is really quite unique project. Thank for sharing this handwriting statement wall art.

  • really like this idea, i find it adds a unique touch to your room. no matter what you write, there will never be one quite like it.

  • I can’t wait to have a home of my own (living in studios all the time where I can’t even hang a photo) and use your DIY posts for inspiration!!

  • I love this! I’d love to do something like this but I’d probably screw up or after it’s done be like “Oh gosh my handwriting is awful!” xD

    <3 Sara @ tinysugarbee.blogspot.com

  • Wow. This is definitely my kind of room style!
    Love it!
    Super creative!



  • Where is your bed from? We have been looking for something exactly like that but have been unsuccessful so far. Love the word wall too 🙂

  • What a beautiful idea! I have one of those West Elm lamps as well! Neat pop of color.

    xx Katherine


  • Love the wall !! AND the bedroom…


  • This is a GREAT project. I’m prepping to do a stamp wall paper on our guest room wall. Much like your anchor tutorial, but a different shape.

    A Simple Kind of Life

  • This is such a fabulous and chic idea!!!!! Love it <3


  • Wow! This wall is amazing. I can’t believe how great your handwriting looks throughout this whole project. Have you done anything like this before?

  • I love this but I don’t think I would have the patience to do a whole wall!

  • I love this so much – you seriously have the best handwriting!

    Stephanie May*


  • I love this! It is so simple and the black and white looks so clean but so personal. And, paired with those yellow lamps? I’m in looooooooooooooove!

  • This is such a sweet idea! I’m going to share it on my Saturday Link Love post. It’s just so sweet. It also must really help your relationship in a similar way that saying daily affirmations to your mirror might.

    Kindness is the best accessory,

  • I love this! I would definitely love to do something like this in a new home

  • This looks über-cool!!!

    xx Kaisa


  • What a stunning idea! I love the repeated phrase, and the imperfect look to it! I don’t know if I’d have the patience for something of this size, but I do love the idea so I might have to try it on a smaller scale!

  • Wow, that must have been so much work but it looks incredible!! xx


  • It is sooo beautiful ! One idea may be to also write the words with a paint pen. It may be easier than a paint brush. Maybe even possibly a black permanent marker.

    Love the total look that you created. It is GORGEOUS !!


  • I love this, I think a longer quote or chapter from a favourite book would make a super cool wall!! this is going into the “do when i have a house” file.

  • So cute. Reminds me of little house on the prairie. When the kid in trouble had to write on the chalk board a hundred time what they wouldnt do again. Except this is sweeter.

    Vintagehoneybee.blogspot. com

  • I’m sitting here in my office completely stunned. Gorgeous and powerful.

  • love it. love it. love it!
    what kind of brush you use for this letters DIY?
    love you girls, and your cute dogs 😀

  • Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! Absolutely adorable! 🙂

  • I am actually planning on doing this same thing only with lyrics to a U2 song. This totally helped me to better visualize how I want it to look. Thank you so much for sharing and I wish you a great Wednesday!
    – Dusty.

  • I love everything about this room! Great work!


  • i love this! what a wonderful idea and so beautiful! been searching for night stands. I love your open shelving ones. Are they a purchase or diy project?

  • Wow!! I love it! It looks like it would definitely open up a room, while really bringing so much to the table. I really love the furniture that goes with it so well too. And I mean really, how could you possibly not feel the love and happy vibes that are so obviously spewing from that wall??!


  • ok time to stop renting. i need a house to get creative with! love it!


  • i love handwriting walls, I made one just with Eisley lyrics in golden paint 🙂

  • It looks great! I have really high ceiling so I’d rather do the writing on wallpapers and put them on the wall afterwards, just an idea 🙂

  • Elsie
    Love the wall! Looks great! Been a long time reader and was introduced to Sucre through your site- my fiancé and I are going to see them in NYC on the 23rd! Are you joining Jeremy in New York?!

  • I LOVE seeing your home projects!!! We are slowly decorating our home now too. It is taking forever but I am loving every minute. 🙂 Keep the good ideas coming!



  • One of the beauties of having beautiful
    handwriting! Adore this idea very much!

  • Elsie, this is incredible! I rent an apartment currently, so I can’t make any big changes. I can’t wait to have my own place, so I can create projects like this. So inspiring!

  • it’s beautiful!
    and yellow is just perfect in this room!

  • this looks amazing, so unique and creative – I love it!. I will definitely be doing this to my house when I own one and not renting. Me being the geek that I am Ill probably write part of my favourite chapter from Harry Potter on the wall! 🙂

  • I hope I’m able to work up the guts to do something this fun someday. For some reason these kind of projects intimidate me.

  • so STINKIN’ cool!

    (can i come “sleepover” in your guest bedrooom?) wink!



  • It looks great! In my opinion it’s totally wroth all the time and effort you put in, it’s really special!

  • Alright. It’s pretty, but I could never have it in my bedroom. I cannot be the only one who instead sees “All work and on play…”?

  • i ve something similar on pinterest before, but this is wayyy too cute! i love it! i would never be able to pull it off this way though:D it looks soo neat!


  • Love it !!
    New outfit post up: http://www.thestilettoholic.com/2013/03/07/an-afternoon-with-my-baby-boo/

  • OO, that is so original and I like it. Have a great day.


  • This is absolutely amazing! I love your bedroom – the bedside lamps provide an amazing pop of colour too. Just gorgeous.

    Eve xxx

  • Elsie this is SO romantic and personal! I love it! You took a risk handwriting on the wall, but what a great risk that is! It really adds life and love to the room 🙂
    xoxo Amie @ Spoonful of Vintage

  • I did this in my old office. I love adding words to a room. http://www.amiemccracken.com/the-writing-on-the-wall-home-painting-project/

  • I love it! 🙂 What a fantastic idea!

    I was also thinking that maybe a neon sign might do wonders to a bare wall. I agree though, it is the wording that puts me on hold. I want it to be meaningful as well 🙂

    Good job on this one!

  • I wish I had lovely handwriting. My attempt would be pretty horrendous! hehe.

    This looks amazing!

  • If this isn’t a love statement, then I don’t know anymore! I LOVE IT!!!!

  • i love this!! so personal! i would never have had the patience to do something like this, incredible

  • it’s wonderful! 🙂
    I wish my handwriting was quite as beautiful!

    Miss Drawingdream


  • This might be my very favorite post that I have EVER seen on your blog. (Most probably because I am a handwriting gal, but seriously, who wouldn’t love this post?!) This is beautiful. So beautiful! It makes me want to go tackle mine, except for the fact that it looks highly promising we’ll be moving houses in a couple of months. And those yellow lamps? Hello perfect!

  • love it!!!

    visit me here!



  • Looks beautiful! Nice to see something a little different…


  • this is so perfect! i want to try this…not sure how the bf will like it 🙂

  • awesome awesome! Been trying to figure out something to do as a statement wall in my bedroom and I think I want to do a variation of this.
    Quick question: what size paint brush did you use approx. for painting the phrase in black?

  • I love this wall more than ever! I would love to do this whenever I have a place of my own!

  • Awesome!! And you can never go to sleep mad at each other :O) Btw, thanks to your blog, I was able to find Annie at Decorator in a Box. She just got done designing three spaces for me. Wow!!! She is talented. I loved everything she chose for my home, and it was all just based on a questionnaire and some photos. Prices are sooooo reasonable. Thanks!

  • I’m absolutely adoring that black and white throw pillow! Mind if I ask where you got it?
    Also, the wall, completely beautiful!!

  • that’s a really clever idea. I wouldn’t know what to write. Maybe a page from my favorite novel. HAHA!

  • so cool! I love your bedroom decor too!
    Once again you make it looks so easy 🙂

  • I would love to do this in my bedroom. Too bad I’m currently sharing a room. UGH.

  • Sandra- I don’t know. These bedside tables are brand new. So we will seeee….. 😀

  • I love that bedding! Your bedroom is so personal and cozy. I noticed that you don’t seem to have any drawers in your nightstand. Where do you put the “secret singe” stuff? You know? The stuff you like to have by you, but don’t necessarily want anyone else to see?


  • OMG that’s the coolest thing i ever seen. So great and awesome.. 🙂 Love that handwriting.. 🙂

  • Lindsay- yes. I will post a full home tour later this year (Autumn). I can’t wait- but it’s not nearly ready yet for full photos of all the rooms. Thanks for asking! Elsie

  • Your blog is most definitely my favorite. I’ve actually made it my homepage because you post such inspiring ideas daily. I’m an interior design major and absolutely love your style, so being able to see what you do with each room is my favorite. Will you post a house tour like the previous one when you’re closer to being finished?

  • This is so beautiful! Ah, I can’t get over how much I love it. Awesome work 🙂


  • Oh my goodness! I love this. I so want to do this now!


  • I’m obsessed. There is such a wonderful balance in the room and I would probably pass by this bedframe in a store without a second glance, but against the statement wall its just PERFECT. Bravo, seriously.

  • Elsie, your creativity is so inspiring! I love this idea. Thank you for sharing all your wonderfully genius ideas with the world. 🙂

  • This is SO cool! What a great idea – I love the idea of this in a nursery too. Maybe the same phrase but alternating between Mom and Dad’s handwriting? (But. .. um, not my handwriting because I hate my handwriting).

  • OK this looks so good! LOVE the whole room. I think I’d be too scared to try this!

  • oh my your arm muscles must be huge now! i know how much mine hurt when i did something similar in our front room.

  • Wow! This is an awesome idea! I would have never thought of it! I love how your room is simple, but funky! I love the lighting!


  • That is such a wonderful idea and it looks like wallpaper!!! WOW!!! =)


  • Hi Elsie,

    I Love this idea its Beautiful!!! Quick question: Did you do this directly on your wall?! & How did you do it with paint or a some black pencil?! Thank you so much! 😉

  • So great, love it!


  • Jenna- our comforter is from Target (wedding gift- so nearly 2 years ago!)

    Thanks so much! Elsie

  • Wow, this is absolutely amazing! Your handwriting is so beautiful. I will definitely keep this project in mind when I get my own house 🙂


  • Love this so much! What a fabulous idea.

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca

  • So beautiful! I guess it must’ve been hard to pick words to repeat without them sounding creepy.. you did well!

  • Oh my goodness! This looks like it took forever! But it turned out so lovely. What a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing.

  • So much to love here! The handwriting, how it turns the wall into a focal wall, and the black and white pop. Perfect!

  • OMGosh I love how that turned out! SO very cute! Looks adorable Elsie! Good job!

  • This is an amazing idea! I love that no matter how many people take inspiration from this it will always be unique and personal because of what they say and differing handwritings. I’d love to do this in my room 🙂

  • That looks so amazing and artsy! Too bad my handwriting looks horrible. Gorgeous room you have by the way!


  • This may be my favorite project I’ve seen of yours…and they are all creative and fun! I love the personal message on the wall and the colors you used. Beautiful.

  • Speechless! This is amazing Elsie! What a wonderful idea 🙂

    Lulu xx


  • Wow I bet that took a long time!

    xo Jennifer


  • I would love to do this with my wall. You have awesome decorating skills, Elsie!!

    xoxo http://acreativecookie.blogspot.com

  • I want this room.



  • How sweet! I love this idea and it could be used in so many applications. I might take inspiration from this and make some art for my dining room. We need something new in there.

    Can I ask where you got your comforter set from? I’ve been trying to find one with some masculinity, yet still interesting.

  • I LOVE this blog MORE THAN EVER!!

  • Love it Elsie!

    This Blog is really a feast to the eyes….it’s like opening up a new magazine with all your fave things….everyday!


  • Holy surrealist perspective batman! My mind nearly exploded looking at that freaking awesome first picture (wide angle lens/fishlens?) and I thought I was looking at an abstract painting!

    This is absolutely amazing Elsie! I love it!


  • I love it!! And the yellow lamps pop so well against the wall! Great job!


  • Oh Elsie, its wonderful! I saw your glimpse on instagram and was looking forwards to the post.



  • No wonder why you say it’s your favorite project. It is mine too. Very special and personal. You’re a genius!

  • Jess- our bedding is from Target (wedding gift- so nearly 2 years ago! sorry)

    Thanks so much! Elsie

  • I saw this on Instagram! So cute. Unfortunately, this only works for people with cute hand writing.

  • I just love you girls – sounds a little stalky doesn’t it!! But seriously you really are refreshing and creative!

    One of my sponsors would seriously love this.


    Donna xx

  • Oh my goodness gracious, this is amazing. I’ve been enjoying doing some song lyric paintings, and I’m inspired now to take the idea to the next level. So beautiful!

  • AMAZING!!!! Love this Elsie. You are right, such a simple detail but with a great impact 🙂

  • Holy stunning. I can’t imagine how much creative freedom owning my own home would give me. I adore this. filing it away to use if we buy a home in Germany when we move next month!

    I’m imagining pink nursery lyrics in our little girls nursery.


  • So beautiful and tasteful! It’s a great personal touch to your bedroom.

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