Elsie’s Handwriting Statement Wall

Hand painted bedroom wall (A Beautiful Mess)I know I say this all the time, but… FAVORITE PROJECT EVER. This statement wall was so much fun to create! I love the texture that it adds to our small bedroom. It feels instantly more cozy in our space.

I was inspired by this wall (by Numbered Street Designs). I found her wall was actually Ikea fabric adhered to the wall, but it sparked the idea for a large scale hand painted wall. I had no idea how much time this wall would take to execute, but I assumed it would be pretty intense. After living in our bedroom for a few months I knew it was what we needed to complete the room, so we went for it!

Handwriting wall processBefore we started painting, we taped lines about 2-3 feet apart all the way up the wall. This was our way of making sure that the words didn’t get too slanted, even though we were going for an imperfect look. Each line was handwritten with pencil before any paint went on. If you’re nervous about your own handwriting, you could also use a projector and your favorite handwriting font like we did on this headboard. For the black paint we used Bewitched by Olympic. I recommend using regular latex wall paint in the same finish as your base color. We only used one coat of black paint, creating a more irregular and natural look.

Choosing the words to repeat was a little scary. I wanted something simple and personal. Eventually I settled on the words “I love you more than ever”.

We borrowed my dads big ladder and 3 days later… this wall was done! For this size wall, it probably could have technically been completed in one day, but it’s kinda an arm workout so breaking it up into smaller segments is probably best. 😉

Hand painted bedroom wall (A Beautiful Mess)

Hand painted bedroom wall (A Beautiful Mess)
Hand painted bedroom wall (A Beautiful Mess) I’m so happy with our new space. It makes a visual statement, but is still relatively simple. It’s perfect for us. I brought in a pop of color with these table lamps. Our side tables were handmade by our friend Josh (we’ll be sharing a DIY for them in the near future).

It’s the best feeling in the world to finish up one space at a time, week by week! We’re having the best time.

Hand painted bedroom wall (A Beautiful Mess) xo. Elsie

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