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Travel journal 1Travel journal 1For the past few weeks I've been traveling with my husband and I wanted to share this simple travel journal that I've been keeping along the way! The concept is simple… Purchase (or make) a journal you love and bring a small pair of scissors and a roll of tape with you as you travel. Each day add bits and pieces from your travels. I've saved receipts, menus, airplane tickets, photo booth pics and more. 

Travel journal 3Travel journal 3Travel journal 3Have you kept a travel journal in the past? I highly recommend it! It's fun to organize all the bits and pieces into a cute book full of random memories! xo. elsie

  • Journaling is my passion and I have four different journals. Do you write in more than one journal?

  • I love it!!! i will make one every year to keep track of life as time rushes by <3

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  • i love pane! this is so cute, i’m thinking of making one for all the menus i’ve collected in phx.

  • I also have a travel diary but yours is way cooler 🙂


  • Thank you for sharing, my families and I all like you article ,reading you article is our best love.

  • Hi again – in case you wanted to have a look at the mini travel journal DIY I was talking about before, its here:


  • Hello Elsie…
    I made a fe Travel Journals in the past. I blogged about one here that seems to be very popular (gets a lot of hits), it’s a mini travel journal, it was very fun as I did it with my daughter. I absoluelty love journalling whilst I am on my travels.

    How did you get all these papers togther in a book by the way? They look so lovely, I’d love to be able to make one too.
    🙂 Nicola x

  • Nice! Like your handwriting!


  • That’s exactly how I keep a travel journal! Sticking in pieces of everything I get along the way. 🙂

  • After our trip to Munich, I bought a small notebook to write down places to remember for return trips: restaurants, museums, etc. I never thought to tape things in; I usually keep all that stuff in a separate box. Neat idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • What a nice idea. Tomorrow I will buy one as I am travelling with all my family to Madrid. thank you for the idea.

  • ELSIE!! You are such an inspiration to me! Thanks for sharing such a cute/amazing way to keep sake beautiful memories!! =D

  • I love this idea! A little easier and more personal than a scrap book.

  • I just did a post on making a travel journal too. So excited to start for our upcoming california trip

  • I loved the pic you posted on Instagram, so I was glad to see a blog post on your travel journal. It’s the cutest one I’ve seen!

  • This is such a great die? Sure beats the bag full of loose bits and pieces that I collect when I travel!


  • I keep all the papers and so from a trip but never do nothing… Love your travel journal!


  • This is SO perfect! I am so glad you posted this, I am traveling with my boyfriend overseas for the first time and it is an amazing idea! Neither of us have traveled much before so its going to be an amazing idea!!

  • I’m gonna do this RIGHT NOW!! You are such a lovely inspiration!

  • Love it!! I often do this…it’s the best way to maintain allll the memories.

  • Love the idea!! I always collect all the tickets, postcards, leaflets and don’t know where to keep them after:)

  • I always save little tidbits from my travels (receipts, tickets and whatnot) with the intention of making a travel journal when I get back, but I never actually do. I will definitely have to do that when my boyfriend and I go to Portland, OR next month!


  • I have a non-post related question, if I may. How do you blog on rainy days? When there’s no sunshine it’s so rough to take bright and happy pictures.

  • I try and keep one every time I go travelling. But mine tend to have a lot of more the traditional diary about them too. Although I do stick a lot of other stuff in too.

  • I love travel journals! Helps you keep your memories. During 2010 and 2011 we traveled around the world for more than a year and I updated my journal day by day. One of the treasures I could paste onto it was a flamingo feather I found in Mexico.

    It’s written in Spanish, but hope you like it

  • i would love to see more!
    i’ve been keeping travel journals ever since i’ve been travelling (from the age of 7, or so) and a couple of years i decided to use a notebook for more travels, so it’s a little “travel recommendations of Marlou”-book now. i started my second one in autumn, and can’t wait to be allowed and use it again 🙂 (from this weekend on! exciting!)

  • You make the loveliest things. So cute!


  • such a cute pair! I hope I can have a happy ever after like yours also when I grow up 🙂

  • I’m going to Canada for 4 months with no possibility to bring along my scrap material so I’m definitely going for one of those journal. Just need to find the perfect one :/

  • PERFECT! I’m going to Melbourne with my boyf in august, a great way to remember our first holiday 😀

  • love the way u make it. Really a good suggestion. But the bad point is I have to carry so many stuff. haha…but I really love it. Got to kick my laziness. Is really cool to write down entire journey.

  • Oh yes I really enjoy making travel book. I create one for each travel I make.

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  • I did the same with my honey moon using an older style peel back album. I love the little ticket stubs and bits and pieces as much as the photos. They have so many stories to tell

    | Bright Green Laces |

  • Oh my goodness! This is SUCH a great idea! My husband and I are going to do a lot if traveling this summer and this is such a fun and crafty way to document it. Perfect even to display on the coffee table! I don’t know how you keep bursting out with ideas, but keep ’em coming!



  • i loveee this! i always try my best to do this but i never seem to be able to save energy to write!
    Ginger and Lace

  • This is so cute! I want to even do a day-to-day journal with taped in bits and pieces.

    Amanda Rose

  • This is such a cute idea Elsie, I remember my first mission trip to Peru back in 2006, where I did this as well. It was so much fun!. Plus my grandmother had given me a big old envelope to be opened when I got to Cuzco. When I opened it, it contained smaller envelopes numbered with the amount of days I was going to be away. Each envelope to be opened during each day, each containing an inspirational thought or experience and a bible text. I thought it was so cute! It certainly helped to build my travel journal. I still conserve it!
    I’ve been journaling since I was 9 years old and have a lot.
    Anyways, thanks for posting your travel adventures!

  • Great idea. I have never done one myself but I did make ones for my girls and put a map in the inside cover for them to out stars along the way to track our progress. They loved it.


  • So awesome! How do you print while you are traveling? Do you have a portable printer, go to photo development stores, or use instant film?

  • you are the queen on NONcheesy scrapbooking. xo!


  • This is such a fun way to document a trip. Oh man, I wished I was as diligent as you! I never have the patience to finish a trip journal.

    Fang Ting

  • Everything you do is SO CUTE! I want to create one of these this summer when I’m traveling all around.

  • you make me miss my cheap/fun/magazine scrapbooking days! I went to Michael’s yesterday and they had a new item called SMASH. It’s so cool I ended up buying one of their journal/book and some tidbits to decor the book. Check it out. It’s by K&COmpany. When I saw them, it reminded me of you! Have fun with your travel!


  • I adore this idea! It makes me desperately want to travel…though I suppose the idea could be adapted for an everyday journal 🙂


  • I’ve tried several different methods for travel journals, and found using binder rings the best for me – allows me to fit so much more in.

    Ex: Alaska journal w/ fixed binding:

    Scotland journal w/ rings:

    Both are fun, of course – as long as you’re traveling! 🙂

  • Traveling jourals are so fun! I loved making one when I went to Israel. Yours is so cute.

    (feel free to stop by my little blog anytime.)

  • love this ! my husband just booked us tickets to go to hong kong for a few days for our 5 th wedding anniversary … i will be doing exactly this !!! thank you !



  • I once had my regular journal with me on a long road trip and my cousin and I filled four pages with the most random sketches and notes documenting the trip. It’s one of my favorite journal entries to look back on!

  • I love this idea for keeping a travel journal! These are generally the type of things that I wished I had saved after the fact, and this way it’s so much more in the moment. I’m definitely trying this next time I go out of town.

  • Cute idea!

    Check out my blog:


  • Going to Chicago this weekend, wonder if I can get enough stuff in 3 days to make more than just a couple pages?! 🙂 I think I’ll try!

  • I ran across an ADORABLE faux leather journal with a flower burned into it and for months i have been trying to find a good use for it. I just found out today that I’m going on a spontaneous road trip this weekend, what a perfect idea!

  • Such an adorable idea! I’m definitely doing this when I travel next.

  • I am about to take a little road trip and was thinking of doing something like this. Your’s is super cute.

  • This is such a wonderful idea! When I travel more I’ll definetly start one! 🙂


  • This is such a fun idea! I love keeping little things like this when I travel, but I never thought of putting them together in a journal. I’m so excited to try it next time!

  • Love this idea – especially the idea of it being all done by the time you get home from the trip! I’m always putting off projects… (aka forgetting them, ooooops!)

  • So cute! I love the combination of images, text and random snippets. It looks so fun to look through!


  • I have done one travel diary without images, just the text describing the trip.
    I’ll do this for sure in my next road trip… !


  • SO CUTE!!! Definitely will need one of these this summer. Roadtrip! 😀
    xo Heather

  • I used to keep all sorts of bits and pieces in my everyday journal. Makes it so much more special when looking back!

    – Angela Marie @ http://sunkissedivory.blogspot.com

  • I love this idea – so sweet! I just need somewhere to go on my travels now! 🙂

    -Alex x


  • Elsie, yoo are a master for scrapbooks!




  • Very cute idea. I did something like this during my undergrad, and I treasure it. Pics and notes from school, from trips, friends – it’s a keepsake for sure.


  • I love this post! I recently wrote about keeping a travel journal as well. I love looking at my journals from the past. Great idea to hold on to receipts and other things from the trip!

  • One day I will discipline myself to make as much cute stuff as you do Elsie! Love it…

  • Q: Did you make your notebook? It’s super cute!
    A: I bought it at a boutique in Phoenix. 😀 I’ve seen similar ones on Etsy. XOXO

  • Thanks for the idea elsie! i’m totally going to go out and buy a poloroid camera now for my trip to peru and keep a travel journal! can’t wait to share it!

  • Oh yes, I’ve kept journals since I was 5 (!) – also have a couple of real, written entries from when I was 4, and I’ve mostly had separate journals for travels. I often make them myself and even started selling them when I started my business.

  • I’m heading to Nicaragua for work in a couple of weeks and I’m totally going to do this! I worry that I may not have time to keep up with it while I’m working, so I may just bring an envelope to fill with things and then put them in a notebook once I return.
    Did you make your notebook? It’s super cute!

  • This is such a cute idea! I love the menu page! It makes it easy to remember the restaurant the next time you’re back there!

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