Happy Mother’s Day + 10 Things I Love Sunday (Mom Edition)

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there. We know this day can be so full of emotions (not all of them happy), so we hope that wherever you are that you feel so loved today!

Here are 10 things I love (treat yourself edition!)

1. My Mother’s Day gift this year.

2. I know it sounds crazy, but these coffee flavored gummy bears are SO GOOD.

3. Just read this—it was so inspiring.

4. En Elly sent us this dress for Nova and this for me. I can’t wait to twin!

5. Super Mom tee.

6. This is hilarious, but I legitimately want it.

7. I’m not rug shopping right now, but this looks SO comfy. Maybe for a bedroom?

8. If you want to treat your skin, my numero uno is Leahlani (all of it!). It’s the ultimate.

9. I can NOT believe I am done with my house renovation just posted the final room (I realize it’s been a long time, but I also felt like it would never end—haha). I already miss it, but it’s also SO nice being completed.

10. Just caught up on Game of Thrones and finished Schitt’s Creek. Any show suggestions??

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson. Photography: Jeremy Larson.
  • Community is a show that literally makes your stomach hurt from laughing! And Brooklyn 99 – both on hulu

  • I feel like all ’80s and ’90s kids would love Slobby’s World on Netflix!

  • Shows to watch
    Harlots on Hulu
    Catastrophe on prime!!!!

  • Thanks for posting these. you are becoming some of my favourite blogs!

  • Russian Doll and Dead to Me (both Netflix) were recent faves of mine.

  • Hi Elsie, I can recommend you a new mini series Chernobyl on HBO. It is about the story of the 1986 nuclear accident. I saw a first episode yesterday and it was great.

  • Happy Mother’s Day!!! Always looking for something good to watch!!! My fave: dark comedy- dead to me, millennials vs 40yo= younger, suspense= you, funny= schitts creek, thought provoking medical drama= the resident, silly drama feel good= Jane the virgin, clever humor yet endearing = grace&Frankie, the kominsky method, 80s throwback = cobra kai, crazy =wentworth, & of course handmaiden’s tale …. be great to see what u or ur staff’s watch list!

  • I agree. My kids made me happy today but I’m missing my late son. All kinds of emotions. I love following you and it makes my heart happy seeing you with little Nova.

  • For a new show to try, have you watched Killing Eve? The best. The fashion! The suspense! Sandra Oh! A whole show of ladies!

    • I’m way late to this game, but I’m on maternity leave and have been binge watching Jane the Virgin (I recently fell in love with Gina Rodriguez watching Someone Great on Netflix) and I can’t get enough!

  • This is such a good list ???????? Also, highly recommend Brooklyn 99 if you haven’t seen it

  • I’m enjoying Offspring on Netflix. Nina and the Proudman family are addicting and Aussie accents are charming.

  • We just finished Russian Doll and started Superstore. Good stuff! For Mother’s Day my husband started a marathon of The Mighty Boosh and my kiddo loves it ♥️

  • Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you’re enjoying your special day, Elsie! Thanks for the links – coffee flavoured gummy bears sound so weird, haha!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Happy Mothers Day! Loved all your links, especially that rug! So cute. Thanks for sharing, hope you have a lovely day.


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