Jeremy’s Studio Tour (Part Two)

Hello hello! I’m so excited to share Jeremy’s studio (well, half of it!) with you today. We have put SO much love and hard work into this space. It was originally a garage, which you can see below.

This renovation is a bit of a mind bender—you can see full before photos here. You can also see a progress report we shared here, and I’m kind of freaking out because have I not shared the bathroom we added down there!! What?? Here’s a peek! 

Before + after! It was a risky move, but we’re so happy with the outcome!

Augh! We hardly ever get a photo together anymore, so this is a keeper!

OK, let’s begin back here!

Along the back wall, we added a wet bar that includes a little wine fridge (mainly used for LaCroix, but sometimes wine), coffee and a sink. It’s simple and gets used every single day.

We added this gorgeous sectional and the room finally feels complete (the sofa that was previously there fit into Jeremy’s control room and made more sense there). The super light gray is SO pretty!

Across from the sofa, we have two butterfly chairs from our previous studio in Missouri and our coffee table (similar here) from Missouri. It doesn’t always work out to repurpose furniture when you move, but I’m really happy with how these pieces go together here!

This dresser was actually our bedroom dresser in our first home. We painted the drawers white when we moved here to modernize it a bit. I love the old radio. Anytime Jeremy goes to a flea market with me, he finds something cool like that.

The little wicker ottoman was even a flea market find from years ago.

My favorite view!!!! In the wintertime, we bring a lot of our plants down here from the sunroom so they don’t die. It’s so pretty!! One of the prettiest views in our home that I forget to take photos of. I still love this table SO much. It’s more rustic than a lot of the rest of our home, but I love the reclaimed look for this space.

Let me know if you have any questions!! I had so much fun designing this space! xx -Elsie

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Other sources: 9×12 Light Jute Rug/Amazon, Vega 5 Chandelier/Schoolhouse Electric, Buffalo Plaid Throw/Schoolhouse Electric.

Credits//Author: Elsie Larson, Photography Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • The interioe design the colors and all the things are just so amazing, love to design the home and surrounds around me.

  • I love this space so much. I think this space is my favourite you’ve ever done. My one (completely unsolicited) pet peeve about the styling is those white decorative pot things on the dresser. The radio and that light bulb thing are so cool, im(completely unsolicited)o they stand on their own, and those pots just kind of clutter thing up.

    Anyway! Thanks for sharing the space, it is so cool 🙂

  • Is that sofa as comfortable as the leather one (and as well made?) I have been eyeing both, but the comments on the fabric one were a little more all over the place, so I would love to hear your thoughts.

  • Is this a garage conversion? If you don’t mind, will you share more of your experience converting a garage into a usable space?

  • Just curious… do you still have a garage for your vehicles? Or was this the only garage on your property? It looks great!

  • What a cool studio. I love the natural light & the white space; it really brightens everything up! The plants are incredible as well!! :]

  • Love this whole thing, but the David Lynch poster is tops! (And sorry, but to heck with anyone who says you shouldn’t hang it because he’s smoking! He’s a legend, for goodness sakes!)

  • What a transformation – really beautiful space.

    I hate to say something negative, but smoking is a pet peeve and having a giant poster glorifying smoking when you have a kid just seems incongruous when you promote healthy living so much.

    • David Lynch is a cinematic legend, and that’s a very famous photograph of him. I’m sure Elsie and Jeremy can still get the point across that smoking is bad to their children, and it will also serve as a valuable lesson that our heroes aren’t always perfect, either.

    • That comment on the smoking poster is crazy:(. I actually love that poster (I fact I was going to ask where it came from) and think it’s a great addition to his WORK space. I am all for a conservative safe and positive space for kids (I have 2 of my own) but shielding them from all adult life choices is unrealistic. Plus….smoking is not a crime (although I am not a fan of this havbit). Love the poster! Hate the negative comment

  • My husband and I are musicians and I’m an audio engineer (and a big fan of Jeremy!) so I love that you are sharing Jeremy’s studio space. Gives me ideas for our basement studio 🙂 We started with checkerboard flooring and red Oriental rugs — totally a studio vibe if you ask me!

  • I love the touch of greenery in Jeremy’s studio! It looks like such a chill place to work. What a great job! 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • Oh wow….I love what you guys have done with this space! My husband would love this. It looks like an amazing place to work every day with that gorgeous view! Heaven on Earth.

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