Laura’s Master Bathroom (Before + After!)

Laura's Master Bathroom Before + After! (click through to see more)I have to say that one of my favorite features in a house is an attached master bathroom. For some reason it just feels so much more convenient than having the main bathroom down the hall, and I like being able to get ready for bed or put on my makeup while talking to Todd who’s reading or getting dressed in the bedroom right next door. The only thing to kind of keep in mind with an en suite bathroom is that since it’s visually a part of the bedroom (you can see one from the other and vice versa), I always try to make the two spaces feel cohesive with each other so a similar vibe flows from one room to the next. Since we chose white and soft pastels to create a bright and airy master bedroom, I wanted to make sure the bathroom also felt fresh and light as well.

Laura's Master Bathroom Before + After! (click through to see more)You can see in the before photo that while the bathroom wasn’t necessarily hideous, it just felt rather plain. Switching out the silver finishes for a more trendy brass and gold look (like this faucet) helped to update the space, and painting the walls a super light mint color helped to refresh the vibe (Dutch Boy’s Aqua Quartz).

Laura's Master Bathroom Before + After! (click through to see more)I still use my hanging makeup organizer DIY several times a day, and I love that all my brushes and tools are already out for use but contained and tidy (I switched out the copper cups for gold ones eventually). Also, I really love the metal hand photo display I made to hang some photos from our Paris trip. I’ll also stick little notes that I get from Todd up there as well while he’s on tour and read them and look at the photos each night while I brush my teeth before bed.

Laura's Master Bathroom Before + After! (click through to see more)I gave the cabinets a coat of fresh white paint and installed these beautiful brass pulls to make them feel a bit more luxe. I also relocated where the handles were placed since they were in a rather awkward spot originally. Beautiful hardware is good for the soul…

Laura's Master Bathroom Before + After! (click through to see more)
Laura's Master Bathroom Before + After! (click through to see more)Laura's Master Bathroom Before + After! (click through to see more)I love this giant round mirror so much that it’s in both our master bathroom and our guest bathroom as well—it’s just such a classic, clean look and the black rim helps balance out the heaviness of the dark granite countertops. I’m also still really happy with the white and grey sprinkle rug that I made to add a cute pattern to the space. It’s a great combination of some pattern to keep things interesting but no so overwhelming that it’s the first thing you see.

Laura's Master Bathroom Before + After! (click through to see more)How pretty are those textured white bubble planters? I can never have enough of those… most of the other bathroom accessories and canisters are from Target or CB2, FYI.

Laura's Master Bathroom Before + After! (click through to see more)These marble shelves that I made for a little extra storage have been perfect for the space, and the marble and gold make otherwise basic shelves anything but boring.

Laura's Master Bathroom Before + After! (click through to see more)Laura's Master Bathroom Before + After! (click through to see more)My favorite addition to the space was swapping out the stock lighting for these gorgeous brass orb sconces. The mid-century look goes perfectly with our 60s ranch, and they provide such pretty mirror lighting for doing makeup, etc. Love them!!

Laura's Master Bathroom Before + After! (click through to see more)I’m so glad I decided to do such a large beach print in the small bathroom. The size is unexpected for the space, but it’s such a light and breezy photo that it can make a big statement without overtaking the room (and it keeps me California Dreamin’ all year long…). This quick and inexpensive way to make a frame is still my go-to method for oversized or unusual prints and I have them all over my house.

Laura's Master Bathroom Before + After! (click through to see more)Overall, our master bathroom really feels like an extension of our bedroom, but the slightly minty walls help set it apart as its own space too. It’s got good vibes when I walk into it in the morning as well as while I wash my face at night, and the little personal touches help make it our own. In case you missed an installment, check out the rest of my home tour posts—thanks for stopping by! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • I love the mirror! I’ve been looking everywhere for a round mirror. Don’t know why I hadn’t thought about trying Amazon -duh!

  • Wow this looks wonderful! Only problem: I’d never want to leave a washroom that looked like that 😉

  • So far! We open the window and door to the bedroom when we shower and that helps a lot since we don’t have a fan installed in there yet…

    Laura 🙂

  • They were at Urban Outfitters last year so I’m not sure where to find them now! Sorry!!

    Laura 🙂

  • Ha ha!! It IS getting used a little less these days which I’m hoping will continue to get better and better! Glad yours went away eventually, it is the WORST!!

    Laura 🙂

  • The first thing I noticed was the beach print. It’s huge but it totally fits that space somehow! Love it! My other favourite part is the little shelves above the toilet. Practical and cute.

  • Where did you find the cups for your brush holder? I have used every wording variation on google and found nothing similar!!

  • God this is the nicest looking place I have seen. Please come and make my place this amazing!!!

  • I have major heart eyes for this bathroom redecoration. You have such great style!

    Bryn || The Wine Chronicles

  • Awesome designs! I’m just starting to get into designing; I actually found this cool company called Furnishr that lets you pick a design to be later created without the lift of a finger! Check them out, and let me know what you all think!

  • Totally agree. Because these details are stunning.

    Maria Garcia

  • These golden lines create a great unity between golden and white. Stunning bathroom.

    Maria Garcia

  • Loving the new look! The beach print, I had to do a double take. I thought I was looking out a window!!!
    =) Bridget |

  • Ahh so beautiful! What a picturesque bathroom, the colours work so well together. The large beach print is nice, and the makeup organisers and photo holders look stunning. Gold look so good with that wall!

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

  • What a difference! I love that you have small plants by the sink, what a great idea!

  • Very pretty! I just kept thinking.. I wonder how much extra use your bathroom gets these days 🙂 I really hope your nausea is ending soon if it hasn’t already. I am now pregnant with my first baby and am in my 24th week, my nausea almost complety went away in week 16. Hope you feel well!

  • Wow! I love everything about this bathroom but I think the sconces and over sized print are my favorite! So pretty

  • What a beautiful space! I love the mint walls and the round mirror. So fresh and pretty.

  • I am always so in love with your details, they are exactly my taste! I love the room!

  • These are all amazing additions! Love love love the new look.

  • crystals always add extra dimension ! the new paint really brightens it up too

  • This is like a dream bathroom. With all the golden things hanged on the wall and the sink , the plant.. everything. If it was for me I would change my bathroom also but unfortunately my bf is not a fan of golden. I envy you for that bathroom. Enjoy!

  • OBSESSED with the gold details and that MIRROR! So pretty. <3

  • it actually looks amazing! i can’t wait until i can decorate my flat/house in the way i want it and make it all look fab!

  • Gorgeous!
    Love the chunk of rose quartz as well. My house has so many gorgeous crystals as decorations!

  • The gold fixtures make sure a difference, especially the faucet! Love what you’ve done with the bathroom, it’s so chic!

    Alison –

  • Love that beach print in there — almost gives the illusion of a window looking out at the water!

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