Nesting: Chalkboard Planters

Chalkboard paint for indoor herb gardenChalkboard paint for indoor herb gardenOne of my ambitions in our new home is to cook at home more often. I would like to make it more of a hobby since we both really enjoy trying new recipes. We've often talked about how it would be convenient (and fun) to grow our own herbs. This weekend I started a small indoor herb garden along our windowsill, where they will get plenty of light. I thought it would be fun to use chalkboard paint on the planters and label each one. I got this idea from Martha Stewart! So far we have two different types of basil and parsley. I want to get a few more mint plants and we also have a lavender plant that is already too large for these tiny pots. I posted info about how to use Pebeo chalkboard paint here if you are interested in creating something similar. 

Have you tried growing your own herbs? Any recommendations or favorite recipes? xoxo. Elsie 

  • My family always grow veg and herbs (well, when they’re in season). I love this idea and it’s probably better than using the paper tags that just get soggy in the rain! Looks good too!

    I’ve actually seen people paint chalkboard paint onto jars and use them for drinks glasses at weddings and parties.

  • These are great. I did something similar for centerpieces at my house warming! I just love chalk board paint!

  • Definately gonna try this one, LOVE IT!

    Kirsty x

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  • I grow basil, parsley, and peppers. It is so nice to have it fresh on hand at all times.

  • Cute! I have pots of herbs (which have died and are languishing in the garden waiting to be replanted lol) this is a great cheery idea that I must adopt. Yours look great! 🙂

  • My daughter did a similar project like this for a mother’s day present a few years ago. I still have the pot as a matter of fact:-)

  • my favorite lunch right now is a tomato, string cheese and basil and balsamic vinaigrette. Yum!

  • Kaela,
    I will share all our paint colors in a future post! We’re still painting stuff. Ha! The white is called Seed Thistle, I think & it’s by Valspar!

  • Cool DIY! I like the fresh herbs in my kitchen so much! It actually was one of the first things I bought when I got my own place. I had to be a ‘I grow my own herbs’-person.. Quick tip: It’s very important that you regularly pluck (and use!) your herbs, because it will make them grow better.

  • these are fantastic! 🙂 elsie, can you please share what your go-to white paint color is for the new house? I just bought a house myself and I want my kitchen white with pops of color but I had no idea how many shades of white exist!

  • Homemade Pesto is one of my absolute favorites to do with basil! Always super fresh! Also a fun recipe that we like to do is pesto hummus or pestummus as my husband likes to call it. Very very yummy!

    Super cute idea for indoor plants!

  • Lovely! What an awesome idea.


  • this is a great idea for an herb garden! so cute, i love it!

  • Theres nothing better than using freshly picked herbs in your cooking.I especially like fresh basil to top a homemade pizza or in a pasta dish.

    I’ve always wanted a little indoor herb garden and I love this idea for pots! 🙂

  • What a great idea! I’m so inspired to try this myself. Thanks for sharing!

  • LOVE little herb gardens – especially on he window sill in the kitchen. So perfect! And I LOVE the chalk idea! When you’re first starting out, you have NO idea what the leaves are!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • Thanks for the amazing info. I find these posts have a lot of material. I can’t wait to get a chance to impliment all these great posts. Thank you very much.

  • One of my favorites are chives. I have a beautiful little chives plant that I Planted in a beer can about 3 years ago. It’s so cute sticking up over mr natty boh. I pick it all the time for salads and roasted veggies and omlets and it’s still doing well!

  • I have tried growing my own herbs but i am a disaster as gardener and they end dying….

    love those Chalkboard Planters

  • I really appreciate this post. I have been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thx again

  • Love this idea! Martha is literally my idol – she has the best ideas! I think this would be the perfect project because you can switch up the plants every so often and then change what the pots say as well! Too cute!

  • Wonderful pots! I do grow my own herbs. But in the winter months I only grow basil in the window sill. It’s what I use the most. Hugs!!

  • Such a great idea, and so cute! I really want to grow my own herb garden and this looks perfect!

  • Such a cute idea! I love love love the chalkboard pots, might have to do this to ours ;). One of my fave recipes as the nights are getting chillier is this one by JO@

    If you have a Thyme plant it’s perfect!

  • We have started our own little herb garden as well, and I have learned so much from these 10 simple tips (found the link on pinterest). Just wanted to share them with you! Happy Growing!

  • I love fresh herbs and your planters just really spruce the whole thing up! Great idea.

  • Don’t over water your basil! And herbs like rosemary, sage, thyme, and oregano are great planted in the ground outside (or in pots outside if you don’t have the ground space). They can stand a freezing winter and a hot, dry summer. My little herb garden has gotten so big in just one year that this fall I am cutting back all my plants and harvesting the herbs to dry and give in little jars as holiday presents!

  • Adorable flowerpots! I definitely need to get my hands on some of that chalkboard paint 🙂

  • That is so beautiful. I’m starting my herb garden and what a great idea, I just need to find the chalkboard paint [still searching].

  • At a wine bar/cafe I used to work at we had 4 big rosemary plants growing out back, so so yummy. Fresh rosemary is delicious and smells so great. They also grew nasturtiums which are a very pretty edible flower. Good luck with your herbs!

  • Awesome! anything covered in chalkboard paint is awesome!

    My blog:

  • Martha Stewart will always be a goddess. And I am so not good at making growing all those herbs, but I genuinely am trying! For cooking ideas, I like to make herb soups (put all herbs with spinach, swiss chard, freshly ground pepper, oinons and garlic). It’s simple and so delicious! (You grind it all at the end and put a cute little decoration like Nature Yogourt on top).
    Olive xox

  • I grow my own raspberries, green peppers, mint plant and basil and my only advice is don’t let them get too big! My raspberry plant has taken over my flower bed so now its starting to die from the roots getting tangled. Other then that I just water them every couple days and let the plants do what they do and nature has been pretty good so far! So I wouldn’t worry about it too much especially since these are potted.

  • I totally forgot! Sage and harvati grilled cheeses are to die for! You make me think I should do a sage three ways post!

  • Now is the season for sage! It’s amazing in a few Moosewood soups, fried in butter, with butternut squash, just on your fingertips. Good luck! I think the fewer herbs at home the better unless you have a great sunroom. xo

  • Herbs happen to be the only thing I can actually grow. My little herb garden started off as 3 single pots and now consists of 5 large tubs. As for tips don’t water your herbs in the heat of the day wait until late afternoon and be sure to rotate the pots every few days so each side of the plants get even sun and grow straight.

    Also if you can find peppermint it’s a great investment, one leaf in a glass of hot water makes the most refreshing peppermint tea!

    All the best,

  • I really do need to start growing my own herbs!
    Thank you for the DIY idea! SO cute!

  • Chalkboard planters are brilliant! I love chalkboard paint, use it everywhere, but this is a new one!

  • I am a huge advocate for growing your own herbs at home. It makes sense financially, because a bunch of basil or parsley or cilantro can set you back $2 or $3 for one meal, the cost of an entire plant. You can never have too much basil on hand. I make bruschetta with basil, tomato, garlic, onion and olive oil and pile it on bagel chips for an easy appetizer. It’s a good way to keep my husband in the kitchen while I finish up dinner so we can spend a little time together even with our crazy schedules. 🙂

  • I’ve wanted to try growing my own herbs! I need to learn more about it. Can you grow them indoors all year round?

  • Chalk board paint is my favourite. I have painted over so many things with it, I love the pots though

  • Very cute! I love how you’ve been able to use chalkboard paint in so many ways…
    Some herbs I would recommend are: corriander (also called cilantro), rosemary, mint, sage, chives, dill and also herbs for teas/desserts like lavender and chamomile.

    My family was very into gardening when I was a kid, and we had a huge veggie patch in our backyard!I still remember being 5-6 and running out with no shoes on at night to go get sage leaves for dad as he made his special bolognaise..

  • This is such an adorable idea! I’m definitely looking forward to trying this, fresh herbs always help improve any dish! <3

  • I love home cooked meals and this is a great start to doing that!

  • Lovely idea! Always use them while cooking, so defenitely a great DIY!


  • I have one cute little baby basil plantation going on, but this makes me want to get a whole bunch of trays/pots and create an indoor herb garden!

  • I’ve always wanted my own little herb garden & the chalkboard planters are soo cute!
    Rachelle x

  • I do the very same thing at home, but I didn’t paint the pots. I should do that though, I can’t get the chalk of the pots anymore after a while… xx 

  • It’s great being able to have fresh herbs on hand and take however much you need with no wastage. I like being able to make a quick mint yoghurt dressing to have with spicy chicken or feta salads. Or just to cgop a bit of basil to liven up a can of soup or a tomato sauce. Mmm :p

  • So good idea! Although parsley and basil are quite simple to distinguish, it would be ferfect for seeding. Almost all plants look similar then!

  • Thanks a lot for such useful posts!)

  • I have tried several times to grow basil at home but it never lasts 🙁

    XX Luba
    :: Well Living Blog ::

  • I have a giant herb garden in my backyard, along with several vegetables. I love growing my own fresh herbs, because it just makes the dish that much better.

  • Great idea! I’ve had a few basil plants, rosmary and lemon balm. Having fresh herbs at hand makes cooking even more fun. Though the lemon balm was purly used for beverages.


  • I wasted an endless amount of herbs before I heard that you can freeze them! They do wilt when you take them out of the freezer, so aren’t great if you need some as a garnish, but as an ingredient, thawing them works wonders and really cuts down on the waste!

  • Great idea!!!

  • So beautiful! and yeah , i’ve got my own herbs! 🙂


  • This is a great idea, we have basil, thyme, a pepper and a tomato plant all growing on the windowsill, you can do a lot in a little space

  • Pineapple basil is my favorite. Lime basil is also awesome. Use it with yellow pear tomatoes for a twist on caprese salad. I love different mint plants, but chocolate mint is the only one that survives longer than a year.

    Lydia N. <3

  • i need to do this! it feels so gratifying im sure

  • I have grown basil for a really long time, and now rosemary as well. We’re moving countries in a month, so right now there’s little on the plant side, but I can’t wait till the spring comes and I can start to grow things again! I really want to have a balcony to fill, and a big herbal garden – its such luxury with your own fresh herbs!

  • when i cook at home i like to make a huge batch and freeze it for other dinners and lunches during the week — tones down the stress a bit! also i’ll make alot of casseroles with a bunch of vegetables in it. you can be creative and try all different kinds!


  • This is so cute! I really want to buy a whole bunch of chalkboard paint and make everything chalk-able! 😉


  • So cute! I love my indoor herb garden. Cooking with fresh herbs really adds something to each dish!

  • I keep trying to have a basil plant but I must have a black thumb or something. It stays alive for a while and then one day it all goes downhill. That being said, my favorite thing to cook lately has become just throwing a bunch of veggies and basil into a pan and then adding chicken and tomato sauce after. Delicious.

  • You can start herbs or even veggies in a plastic baggie with some water and cotton balls! Just make sure once they’vfe sprouted a bit you transplant them, and don’t keep the room too hot (I’ve had some pretty gross results with a too-warm baggie)

    Good luck with your new garden! xo

  • Those are darling. Thank you SO much for the info on the paint. I have been wanting to try it on mugs and plates but the paint I have on hand isn’t suitable for those surfaces. Thank you!!!

  • If you eat a lot of Mexican food dishes, I definitely think having cilantro available is a huge plus! My favorite basil is lemon basil, its kind of hard to find, but it tastes amazing.

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