Sister Style: Stayin’ Warm

Sister StyleSister StyleSister StyleHey friends! It's cold. Really really cold. So for the next little while we're gonna get creative with indoor photos. That makes sense, right? Cool. 

January feels like a transitional month for us. We have a lot of plans that are just a few weeks away. Change is in the air. We're giddy. Every morning we go over the new space to see how the progress is coming. We're pretty much besties with our contractors by now. It's fun being on the brink of so many exciting projects. Life's not boring, that's for sure. 

Emma's Wearing: hat and hoodie/H&M, shirt/F21, jeans/James Jeans and shoes/Converse + DIY studs

Sister Style   Sister Style   Sister Style   Elsie's Wearing: Overalls/Freepeople, Boots c/o Swedish Hasbeens, Glasses c/o Bonlook, Headband/Ban.doSister Style      Hope you have a great day! xo. Emma + Elsie (and Dolly too)

Credits// Author and Photography: Emma Chapman and Elsie Larson

  • Guys, this is absolutely my new most favorite blog! I love everything about it!

  • Elsie…Your overalls are SO SO chic! So different from what I remembered them to be – The cut seems very fitting.

  • lovely outfits, emma’s looks so comfy! and love the puppy factor 🙂
    xo, cheyenne

  • I think my favorite is Elsie’s hair. Love that look on you!

  • lovely post! where o where are those pillows from? I love the black and white contrasting patterns!

  • Haha, I attempted indoor photos in this cold, but they didn’t come out nearly as cute. Great Free People overalls!


  • Your puppy makes me melt every time I see him! Someone needs a pet…
    xo Anneke

  • I love your couch pillows!! They are so cute!!


  • You both look gorgeous but Dolly? Oh my, she’s so cute! I can’t get enough of the last photo…

  • Love the F21 shirt and the overalls.

  • You have such gorgeous style! I really love the monochrome in the first pictures

  • Love your outfit Elsie!

    xo Jennifer

  • Both so beautiful! I especially love Elsie’s outfit… simply gorgeous!

  • Elsie – beautiful outfit. It is perfect for the weather here. Might have to just buy something very similar. Thanks for the inspiration. xo

  • Your makeup look is ace!

  • I really love that you guys shot this inside (I mean, it makes sense knowing the current weather situation, and I still love the unique backgrounds you find outdoors; but this adds a sweetness to your posts. I love it!

  • Emma’s outfit kind of reminds me of Zoey Deschanel 🙂 I love how you wear ’em overalls

    The Artistically Challenged: Beauty, Fashion, Music, Lifestyle Blog

  • Ok Dolly is just too cute for words!! And ladies you’re looking beautiful as always, stay warm!

  • “Hey! Shoes from the couch!” 😉

    Don´t you feel like you turned into your mother sometimes? I certainly do. When it comes to cleaning up for example. Or where shoes should be aloud and where not.

  • That overall suits you so well and love the studded sneakers. Doggie has a great style too 😉 xx

  • Love the overalls, they look so good on you!


  • …and Dolly too!!! so sweet! love the black and white theme with the pop of GOLD!


  • Gorgeous! Such great looks! And that puppy makes one great accessory! 🙂

  • Absolutely love Elsie’s overalls and always nice to see Dolly! Meabh xox

  • I know this post is about style but I really love that couch lol

  • Love both looks! Love the beanie and the overall! <3


  • love the photos and the doxie really won me over!! I have one sitting on my lap right now : )

  • Enjoy this freezing January. Nice Looks

  • I love the Radiohead quote in the background! Cheers 🙂

  • Emma, you can really pull off those overalls! I wish I looked that good in a pair!

  • Adorable! I think everyone should do indoor blog January style posts!


  • Love both of you…the dog is amazing!!! A big kiss from Italy. Simona

  • I actually really like the indoor style photos! Love these outfits 🙂


  • These are so cute! I’m in desperate mode and might have to do some indoor pictures as well! These negative temps are just wayyyyyy too cold to try and take pictures in!


  • Great outfit and style!! 🙂
    Lovely dog <3

  • love Emmas outfit and ELsies hair do! …nice cushions too 😉
    stay warm sisters

  • those overalls are perfect, and emma’s outfit is making me want to shop for a new hoody.. 😉 <3<3

  • Dolly is really cute! you are very charming! How many degres do you have there? Yesterday I Watched Tv and they told that USA is frozen!!

  • Hi there, I just read your ‘trend watch’ on Etsy and came to check out the blog! Thank you for all the fabulous inspiration!

  • it’s all about the layering these days. way to show us how to do it, ladies!

  • I love the overall feel of this shoot! It’s so warm and fun ! p.s. those overalls are fab!

  • The overalls THE OVERALLS. I love ’em love ’em love ’em!

  • such cute photos!! I really was captured by the hair accessories and then by your little dog.


  • you always take the loveliest photos!
    and dolly is SO precious.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  • I love the top-of-the-couch background, adorable (and warm) idea! The close-ups of you both are stunning.

  • How do you take such beautiful pictures in front of a window? Do you use something to reflect light back into your faces? Love the sister style switch up!

  • I have those overalls Elsie is wearing. I never have out them with long sleeves though and now I need to. And that gold bow!! To die for.

  • I love the photos, it’s fun to switch it up anyways. Elsie your overalls are soo cute!! And Dolly is such a little cutie pie, I love dachshunds <3 xoxo

  • You puppy is adorable! My little dachshund is an old man now. I love the overalls. I did not think I would ever want to wear them again after the countless pairs I wore as a kid but those make me change my mind!


  • Elsie, you look shockingly good in those overalls! Not that I’m shocked that YOU, in particular, look good in them, but I almost NEVER like the way they look on *anyone*. But in this case, I’m bookmarking this post and wondering if perhaps I could pull this look off…Super cute!

  • Love the neon and yes, the overalls! I bought the same pair not long ago and am always looking for styling inspiration. Love it with your Hasbeens and cute headscarf!

  • Elsie I love your entire look! I’ve been looking for some clogs, think I found them

  • OMG anything you guys do that includes Dolly…

    Also? The title of your next post was “Juicing 101” and I thought it said “Judging 101” and I was like “Oh! wait…”


  • This is probably one of my all time favorite sister style posts. You guys in your natural element being cozy, comfy and not over done.

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