Sister Style: Case of the Mondays

1111I know it's cliche (see Garfield/Office Space/your entire Facebook newsfeed today), but Mondays, especially Monday mornings, are always so hectic feeling. It's the feeling like you're five minutes late, nothing seems ready, then the internet is down, and then you begin to realize how much you have to get done that week. It's a thing. Mondays should always come with a candy bar or a cocktail at the end of the day (I'm easily motivated). 

Emma's Wearing: top c/o TrueReligion, tank/Target, skirt/vintage, shoes c/o SoleSociety555Elsie's Wearing: bag/Orla Kiely, glasses/UO, top/Target, jeans/Jessica Simpson, shoes c/o Wanted Shoes, bracelets/Leather Wraps

Here's to Mondays, hoping your day is fantastic! xo. Emma + Elsie 

  • I love the way you’ve used black and white in both of these outfits! It’s like…a pop of NON color. <3

  • Love this!
    Adore your skirt, Emma!


  • That maxi skirt makes you look soooooo tall… You think it’d do that for me? Oh please say yes! I very much like it.

    And I usually feel like Mondays aren’t hectic for me, just sluggish lol

  • Ohh that true religion top is gorgeous! Totally not my style, but the sort of thing I *love* seeing on other people. So gorgeous!


  • You both look adorable! I love Elsie’s top and Emma’s booties.

    Xo, Kelsey

  • Oh that skirt! Beautiful and lovely! Happy Monday beautiful ladies!

  • Elsie, I absolutely LOVE your outfit and especially your hair today.. I miss the days that I could wear my hair up like that. I chopped it all off pretty recently. I did find one cute way to wear it though, with a braid! Check it out:

  • Love both outfits! In love with maxi dresses for fall/winter. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • So many great things on MissKL page!

    I definitely loved The Flash Native Sweater Cardigan in black white, that along with the cross ring need to be part of my closet soon for sure!

  • lovely printed skirt! the pop of brown is absolutely genius idea – very cute

  • That bag would be a fun DIY for a thrifted leather tote. I might have to give it a try.

  • Elsie, I love your outfit! My job is super causual, I can wear jeans everyday if I want to, but I also want to look nice. That out fit would do wonders! Now I need to get control over my morning anxieties so I can actually do my hair (I have stress induced alopecia, and that doesn’t help either). I live in Texas, so that can be my winter outfit as well!


  • You guys look so cute, even if it is a Monday! Elsie, your hair and bag are especially amazing!

    Have a great week gals!


  • Happy monday!!! You guys look great! By the way, I’ve been using your e-course on blogging! It’s absolutely fabulous! I still have a lot to work on, but you guys have definitely been an amazing inspiration. THanks for offering that class! I think every beginner blogger should register for that class!


  • I am loving those striped flats Elsie and Emma I love that maxi dress. Great sister style!
    Almost Endearing

  • Completely agree hunni! I’m late to work every Monday!!! And can’t wait to get home!
    I love the maxi skirt with the denim shirt! Cool
    Please check out and follow my blog!

    NCCB x

  • Mondays are the worst! You girls make it look so fun, I love it! I love both of your shoes, they’re just so dang cute!


  • the stylish sisters are looking hot in their black and white ensembles, which is more than i can say for me. here’s to happy, i look like a train wreck monday! 😉

  • stylish sisters looking hot, which is more than i can say for me. here’s to happy, i look like a train wreck monday! 😉

  • ooh I want that skirt that Emma has on so badly! too bad it is vintage. maybe I will try to DIY one with some fabric paint and tape!


  • I kind of wish I looked that cute on Mondays. I’m usually in a sockbun and a big ole sweater.


    PS: Stop by my blog if you like cats, flowers, and thrift store adventures. I just did a “What’s in my Bag” post, and started my holiday gift guide!

  • Emma skirt? WOW. What a statement. And I love Elsie’s flats!

    xo Ashley

  • You are both so cute, but I love love love Emma’s whole outfit =^.^=

  • Aw, I love this post! Emma, you look beautiful in these pics, and Elsie, you look so happy! Gorgeous Orla Kiely bag (kind of wish it was mine) x

  • You ladies are so gorgeous! I love the pop of black and white pattern, very chic 🙂

  • Love the stripped shoes!! I need a pair! I wouldnt mind that bag either….just saying. Great post! Monday’s can def be a drag/

  • I love the 1st outfit. The whole one! Especially the maxi and the boots. In the 2nd outfit I’m loving the stripe shoes.
    I really wish it is summer here now so I can dress up like you guys. It is damn -10C degrees here so we are just rolling in thick clothes. That sucks so bad.

  • Oh Emma, that skirt is just gorgeous!

    xo Jennifer

  • OMGosh love this post! emma’s skirt & booties . . . well could those just appear in our closet? and elise . . . how cute are you in your glasses & little striped ballet flats! cake & valley

  • ah mondays. Great post to brighten up the beginning of the week.

    instagram: @anfandhcogirl_us

  • I love Emma’s hair, it’s too beautiful!
    And I agree about Mondays, I always feel like I could take a few days more off!


  • love these sister style posts! in the first one I love the shoes and in the second one I love the hair. xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  • Great outfits! I know what you mean, I was five minutes late today (had to get birthday stuff for my boss), had a brain freeze on the alarm combo and set it off for a minute, and then sat down to a super full inbox and to do list!

    Luckily my workplace has a few six packs of beer in the fridge for Monday/anyday motivation 🙂

  • Beautiful outfits – both of you. I like the idea that Mondays should finish with a treat. Can we campaign for that?


  • Oh I really love both looks ! Gorgeous !

    XX Luba

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  • Thank you so much! well…. University exam on two days…. busy monday! 🙁


  • The maxi dress with the denim vest looks so pretty and Elsie, I love that hairdo so much on you! xx

  • SUCH a cute outfit, on both of you! Loving Emma’s shoes and skirt. Just gorgeous. If my Monday was starting off a little slow, this definitely perked it up 🙂 Love all your posts, girls!

  • Emma’s skirt is AMAZING! You ladies always look so fab 🙂

  • Love the long skirt and the jeans shirt combination and jealous of the weather, which allows you to still wear flats and sandals and not like in Europe where we’re all frozen, haha.
    Lenka, xx

  • You girls are so cute. I love both of your shoes. SO MUCH. And your whole outfit. haha.

    Rachel Nicole

  • I’ve been debating rocking my maxi with boots – you have just confirmed I totally should!

  • Alo!
    Emma’s look like me so much.
    The skirt is really original.



  • I love that skirt!! What a lovely pattern. You girls are beautiful and never cease to amaze me on how creative you are. I love looking at your blog every day. xx. Mckenna Lou

  • Elsie I LOVE those flats – so cute! And that maxi looks amazing on Emma. Chic as always, ladies (especially for a Monday!). 🙂


  • Love Emma’s outfit even though it’s something I could never wear. And I totally feel you on the Mondays, you said it so perfectly. Cocktails and candy all day.

  • Adorbs Orla bag… had no idea she made leather…just perused her site..wish list!

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