Sister Style: A Pop of Mustard

Sister Style 1Sister Style 1Sister Style 1Sister Style 1What's funny about favorite colors is that they don't always translate to outfits. There are other considerations, such as what compliments our hair and skin tones, right? We all have a different palette of colors that make us feel beautiful. Sometimes the stars align and our favorite colors also become wardrobe staples! Yellow is one of our favorite colors to wear. (We shared some more here) A little yellow goes a long way, so we like to add it to otherwise neutral outfits to spice things up! What are your favorite colors to wear in small doses? 

Emma's Wearing: Dress c/o ModCloth, Tights/Target, Clogs c/o Lotta

Sister Style 5Sister Style 5Sister Style 5Elsie's wearing: T-Shirt/Things Like Diamonds, Jersey Pencil Skirt/American Apparel, Stacking Rings/family heirloom + c/o Catbird, Bag/Adeleshop, Shoes c/o Minnetonka Moccasins

PS- I'm moving this week! If you have any useful packing/moving tips- please share! 

  • great shoes! if you like them too you should definetely check this inspirative shoe shop

  • LOVE those mustard tights – so unexpected & LOVELY!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • I loveee mustard yellow but I can only wear it on the bottom otherwise it completely washes me out. Loving Elsie’s geometric top!

  • I’ve never worn colored tights, mostly just opaque black and polka dot ones. But this has inspired me to perhaps try a cranberry-colored pair!!

    PS: I’d love it if you stopped by my blog, I just did a few recent posts on my thrifting adventures, some high-waist cut-offs I made, and my latest embroidery projects. I hope you like it!


  • Good luck with the move! Be sure to pack items you need right away in one box. Hire movers so worth it you can sit and watch with a glass of lemonade. 🙂


  • I love moving, and have done it more often that most and from very different places. Zambia to Chicago was a favourite.

    Here are my 6 Moving tips that I always try and do:

    1. Keep one box with basic essentials: kettle, mugs, some plates, cutlery, thermos, tea, coffee, biscuits etc. Don’t loose sight of it. Make sure that goes in the car not the lorry. Set it up in the kitchen as soon as you get in.

    2. Make up packing/unpacking kit: scissors, tape, labels, markers, rubbish bin bags. So useful to keep things tidy and organised.

    3. Have another box with overnight stuff: PJs, washing stuff, underwear for the next day, deodorant.

    4. Labels all the boxes. All of them. With which room it should go to and type of contents.

    5. Have take out on the day that you move. It’s a small luxury, and so much a part of moving. Sitting in your house for the first evening with not much stuff and lots of boxes, exhausted after a full day and not worrying about cooking. Love it. Thai is my favourite option.

    6. Manage your expectations. It won’t look perfect from the first moment.

    Enjoy the moving, it’s such an exciting thing to do.

  • I love how the yellow shoes give such a great ‘pop’ to your outfit! Must try that myself. Good luck with the move, I recently moved to a new place and luckily I was abroad when it happened so my boyfriend sorted it all out, haha.

  • I just bought a beautiful yellow sheer top that I LOVE. I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration!


  • Ha! I saw your post on the Lotta facebook page and clicked over. I just was about to put on yellow tights today when I asked my husband what he thought and he responded, “What, you own yellow tights?!” So I put on some others. Yellow tights tomorrow, I say!! 🙂

  • Love the yellow mocasssins!


  • Love the yellow mocs! I had orange ones and got them wet…needless to say orange feet were not a good look! My advice about moving is enjoy the process. It’s crazy and stressful, but I just love the feeling of those first few days when you are living out of boxes and sharing one spoon. It kind of feels like survivor!

  • Ugh I know how stressful moving can be! Woes of a renter! Something I like to do is make my bed before I unpack anything. It always is a soothing corner of my new home and very welcoming at the end of a long moving day. Good luck to you! This is such an exciting time! I’m glad for you!

    You ladies look wonderful as always!

  • LOVE the first dress! Looks fantastic!

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  • Have you ever heard of HOWSTY boots? I’ve just discovered them and I’m in love with them, just thought they would look great in an outfit like this 🙂
    BTW you look great!

  • I love love love the color mustard! So digging the 70s oranges and yellows for fall this year. 🙂
    Very cool ladies!

  • Loving the clogs and ALL the hair in this post.

    I used to work for a moving co. and my only advice is be careful packing heavy items in larger boxes, always results in trouble 😉 GOOD LUCK

  • Hello fall! And hello to those adorable moccasins. Any colorful tights paired with those comfy flats would put me in the mood for some pumpkin pie and a hot cider. Thanks, ladies!

  • i love these Minnetonka moccasins! i’ve been coveting the Wren-designed navy ones with red beads, but cannot seem to find them anywhere, not even the Minnetonka website!! fingers crossed they come out soon.

  • Super cute! I don’t know if I could pull off those tights, but the mustard mocs I can do.


  • I adore pops of yellow in outfits, the shoes are great! x

  • I love my mustard tights, in fact I can’t wait for the weather to cool down so I can get them out again – I always prefer wearing dresses in winter when I can hide my legs behind tights – strange really when they probably stand out more when covered in colour ;o)

  • Yellow Yellow everywhere… it’s early spring here and the daffordils and jonquils are in full bloom- loving your yellow post. It brightened up my day. xo

  • I always put the room or storage space destination on the box so anyone helping me move does not have to check in everytime they grab a box – sometimes if I knew I wasn’t quite ready to unpack something would write “garage” so I could reduce the clutter that I knew would pile up if I didn’t get a chance to unpack that box for a few days.

    Also baking cinnamon rolls to greet your mover friends in the morning… big hit 🙂

  • Moving Tip: Save on newspaper and packing garbage. Put your linens and clothes to work as packing supplies. Wrap your delicate items in towels, sheets, or pieces of apparel. I do this every time I have to move.

  • I’m not a fan of colorful tights but I guess that’s just my taste, so many people love it! I like Elsie’s shoes, though. So cute!

  • Oh, btw~ did you stamp that shirt yourself? LOVE IT.

  • I love the matching yellow tights and moccasins, very cute! As for moving advice… pack light! When I was moving around the country, I made the very bad choice of hauling everything I owned and it became a really big pain.

  • Jessie,
    To answer your question, yes we still enjoy thrifting. Emma thrifts clothing all the time. I have taken a break from collecting clothing because, honestly, I just had too much vintage… my closet was overflowing (mostly with statement pieces that didn’t mix/match very well) Also, I am collecting home decor (a lot of flea market finds) so I’ve been distracted from clothing.

    We do wear at least a few c/o items in each post (with the exception of “budget edition” which we will probably do more of in the future- ) Our sponsors are incredible companies with beautiful clothes. We are proud to wear all of the outfits that we post, whether they are sponsored or not. We personally pick out 100% of the clothing we wear, so even when it was gifted to us it is still something that we chose to wear.

    Thanks for your comment, Elsie

  • Love mustard but would have never though to pair it with brown and it actually works!

    As for moving tips. Wrap your breakables in your linen it saves on copious amount of newspaper and bubble wrap. My roommate is super organised and when we moved she labelled the boxes 1-5. 1 being what had to be unpacked first (what we would need straight away) right down to 5 which was our little knick knacks and stuff we wouldn’t need straight away. Hope that helps 🙂
    Good luck!

    Xo becky, K

  • Loooove it! This color makes me happy:)

    Stephanie May*

  • I haven’t seen you ladies wearing much vintage in any of your recent style posts…it seems it’s mostly just “c/o” now. i wonder if you are still into thrifting??

  • Elsie I’m so excited to see what your going to do in your new home. I had a guest blogger post about moving/storing furniture idea on my blog a few weeks ago here is the link.


    we are also moving once our escrow closed on our flipped house!!

  • I LOVE to wear all the wild colors on my legs in tight form…I usually pair them with boots so the color pop is super bold but not too overpowering. I adore the color orange! I like to wear it but it can be true that less is more with that color-I have yet to find orange tights, but for now I will just wear pops here and there.

  • buy a package of paper or styrofoam plates to layer between glass plates, way easier and neater than newspaper!

  • Yellow is one of my favs too! I recently acquired a mustard skirt and a bright yellow cardigan; now they are my favorite pieces!

    Good luck with moving! I hope all goes well and nothing is damaged.

  • I’m a big fan of tights, especially bold colors and patterned tights. It never gets cold enough here so I usually wear shorts through the winter with different tights underneath. I love the mustard yellow! I think I’m obsessed with mustard yellow things for the home.

    No real advice on the moving except to declutter declutter declutter! I make it a habit to declutter often since I buy often. It feels so great afterwards. The only downside is you might get rid of something and find that you end up needing it later, but I can say that it almost never happens to me. So excited for your new space and can’t wait to see what you do with it!


  • Love the outfits! My best moving tip is for packing the clothes that are hanging in your closet. Section them off in groups of 20 items or so, elastic the hangers, bring a garbage bag or other large bag up over the bottom of the clothes and tie at the top near the hangers. If you tie it loosely, you can re-use the bags. (Basically just putting a garbage bag over the clothes) I know packing with garbage bags isn’t chic but folding up all of your clothes just to re-hang them all over again is a ton of work! Good luck with the move!!!

  • I LOVE yellow! <3
    It just recently became a favorite.

    I like wearing my favorite (bright) colors in jewelry.

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

  • Love elsie’s tee and loafers! and I’m seriously gonna have to find a pair of mustard tights. you guys dress so well!! I’m so jealous of your wardrobes! xx

  • I just moved to a new (Canadian) province. It was really stressful moving to a new city in a new province, but we stuck to our plan – we wanted to get set up as quickly as possible. It you let things sit, you just won’t get to them and a year later there will still be stuff in boxes! We put in 12 – 14 hour days for about 4 days straight. It was exhausting, but then it was all done!

  • I hate moving. We have moved so much lately that I’ll be happy when we never have to do it again. I have tons of tips, but the best would be to make sure you take breaks so you don’t go crazy, and remember each trip you make is another trip towards being done. Good luck!

  • Dear Elsie,

    Here are some links (upon request) to some good “moving tips” from Alejandra Costello (a hardcore organization girl):

    1.) The 7 Best Types of Moving Boxes (youtube video)

    2.) How To Pack Pictures When Moving

    3.) Quick Tip For Packing Boxes

    4.) How to Color-Code Your Move

  • For Easter I got my whole outfit at Plato’s Closet. First I found a cute green dress with flowers embroidered in a bunch of different colors. Since the dress had so many colors at the neckline, I got some orange woven flats to go with it, and I LOVE THEM. My husband loves them too, which is atypical, b/c he normally likes me in heels. I wear them with dresses, jeans, shorts, whatever, and I pretty much wear them with anything, because they complement so many items.

  • Good luck with the move!!

    I have forgotten how much I love yellow tights – those look awesome.

  • Ooh, I love the pop of mustard! I’m excited to implement this into my fall wardrobe 🙂

  • Elsie that outfit accentuates your curves beautifully, and the little pop of colour in the Minnetonkas is just enough.

  • Yellow is definitely a great colour on you both! I love the mustard tights for autumn. They’re much more unique than plain black tights. I love the third picture of Emma, she looks so free, and her hair looks great.

  • these days, i keep looking at mustard shoes…already have 2 pairs…but i can’t help myself! 😉 mustard is such a nice color!

  • I’ve just made a yellow laptop backpack:)
    there are simply some colours that I like, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing them. they make great as accessories!

    ps. the combination of brown and navy (emma’s dress) is one of my favourite. they go so well together!

    staklene bombone

  • I just pinned those Mocs! i love them! its hard to pick a favorite color but i must say i love me some cute red shoes..and lately i have been dying over all things mustard! happy weekend! -Jess

  • LOVE these outfits! All of the colors are perfect! Lovely fall outfits!

  • Good luck with the move! Just allow more time than you think you need, it ALWAYS ends up taking longer than you think it will! Congrats on the new house, it looks charming 🙂

  • I can’t wait the autumn comming to Barcelona to wear a mustard gorgeous dress that i just got in a local flea market!!! Mustard moccasins and simple mustard blouse are my must to have for this fall!

  • I love the blue and white top!! I find it so hard to get a good tied at the bottom top that looks okay on my petite figure. I might have to try that one!!

  • Mustard is one of my favorite colors, especially in the fall! Love the way you both have accented your looks with it 🙂

  • Lovely as usual!

    Enjoy moving, Elsie! I would say just enjoy it and take it one thing at a time when it can get overwhelming.


  • Yellow is so fun! I have almost nothing yellow in my wardrobe though. I just bought some red tights though, so I guess it’ll be pops of red for me. 🙂


  • I love bright colors! They should be a part of our weekly outfits! Bring so much joy! You guys look great as always Xo Inna 🙂

  • Teal is one of my favorite colors, but I only get to wear it in small doses. Mustard looks fun! I’m thinking of buying an oversized top in that color, or maybe a pair of skinnies.

    Designer Earrings Giveaway

  • Oh I love those mustard tights! Moving can be stressful, just enjoy it, relax and it things get a little out of control, just take a deep breath.

  • Lots and lots of tape! Go to grocery stores to get boxes. Label everything with a big permanent Sharpie. Whatever you do, just don’t put all of your books in one big box! They get so heavy! Are you moving it yourself or utilizing a moving company?

    PS. So happy to see yellow tights making it happen. I was so close to buying those at Tarje the other day but was afraid… no more!

  • Mustard is my favorite! It makes me happy!

    I need those shoes!!

  • Moving tip: write down in every box what is inside (books, bowls, winter clothes)…maybe that is too obvious 😉

    Love mustard yellow, fall color for me

  • Pizza boxes are great for packing vinyl records in. At least the Swedish pizza boxes are…hmm… don’t know about the sizes of the boxes in the states though.

    Love your blog!

  • i love mustard! in food in large doses and in clothes in small ones, so i love these hint of mustard looks on both of you!


  • Love the moccasins! And those mustard tights are totally perfect! Have an AMAZING MOVE this week! 😀

  • I really love the mustard color! Never thought of wearing this color! So PRETTY

  • Love the tights, I have an identical pair lurking in the back of my drawers and you’ve just reminded me to hunt them out.

    I love flesh coloured dresses but you’re right, sometimes they just DON’T translate- I tend to look naked/ highly anaemic/ like I haven’t slept in months if I wear them. I’ve finally stopped bothering to try them on as I’ve realised they really do nothing for my complexion.Rx

  • I’ve had a pair of mustard tights stashed in my closet for years now but I was always afraid they would look weird with my skin tone. Definitely breaking those bad boys out this fall because Emma looks awesome in them!

  • stack styrofoam plates between your real plates! just as if not more effective than newspaper!

  • When moving, I found that it is good to to a quick cleaning of the new house before you unpack. Its nice to move into a clean house, and super easy since nothing it there!

  • Yellow is a great colour, but I don´t think I have a single yellow piece in my closet. I like to wear pops of red, it fits my skintone and is great when wearing darker, more boring combinations without prints and so on.

    I just moved out of my flat two weeks ago and a thing I did, was to write on every box, what I put in there. Like “kitchenware” or “everything that was on the desk”. This really helps, especially when it comes to the part when you unpack everything.
    And then did I throw away things like old notepads and papers which had become useless in the meantime. Saves a lot of space!

  • I just bought a mustard yellow cardigan, and it is probably the most worn piece of clothing I own! I actually just wore it to church this morning! Yellow and navy is my favorite combo.

  • In my case, it’s green. I love green, it’s so funny and fresh colour. It makes me feel good and relaxed. I don’t mean every shade of green, just the grass one. It’s so beautiful.
    I have a pair of flats in this colour and recently, I found a shirt in a second hand (or thrift store? not sure, how it’s called in English) and I can’t wait to wear it. I’m really curious if it souits me as much as I hope! 😀

  • Love how ambitious yellow is! I like little pops of it, mostly in accessories! The tights and the shoes are perfect!

  • Label EVERYTHING. I labeled boxes like a crazy person, including the smaller boxes inside of the big boxes. It saved a lot of hair-pulling-out for us while unpacking and for everyone who helped us unload – they knew what room it went in and we knew what room to find stuff and what box it was in. So glad I embraced the labeling even though it added a little extra packing time. 🙂

  • Good luck moving! I recently moved and the thing that helped me the most was numbering the boxes and then making a spreadsheet with a quick list of what was inside. Keep this list separate, and then when you are looking for your spatula a few days after you move in, you will know it’s in box 7! All the best.

  • moving is stressful. no doubt about that. but I think the most important thing to remember is to have fun. You can spend all day thinking of things that would make it go faster or smoother. You’re starting a new chapter in your life and sometimes the chaos can end in really good memories. (:

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