Sister Style: Business Casual

Sister StyleOur little business is changing a lot this season. We just welcomed Katie to our little team and next week we have another employee starting (a boy!). 🙂 Currently in the process of setting up our work space at Elsie's new home and an October goal of mine is to start sprucing up the local shop for it's next big adventure.Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess Emma Chapman of A Beautiful MessChange can be scary. But we're trying to enjoy this season for what it is: growth! I know some day we'll probably look back on autumn 2012 as a special time for our website staff. (And yes, I get sentimental about business stuff too!)

Emma's wearing: jacket/J.Crew, shirt and bag/Ruche, jeans c/o Libby Story (see how Elsie styled them here), shoes c/o ModCloth.Elsie Larson of A Beautiful MessElsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess ElsieElsie's wearing: jacket/Target, Shirt+Shoes/UO, jeans/American Eagle.Sister Style via A Beautiful MessI will probably have to start putting my sandals away soon. In the meantime I'm soaking up every last sandal appropriate day I can! xo. Emma (and Elsie!)

  • Great Post, Really Great. I was simply amazed with the quality you have.
    Business casual for women is a more diverse and long sought topic then business casual for men. The reason is that women tend to wear in accordance to the fashion as well as the company business casual guidelines.

  • I love both of your outfits – they’re casual business style well done!
    So excited about all these changes. Good luck to you both!

  • Loving Elsie’s outfit! And Emma’s lovely words! I’m excited to see where this takes you guys and us too!

  • I totally understand the scary change stuff. Good luck with everything! 🙂

  • Elsie, your hair is so beautiful here especially. Cool seeing you in dark colors.

  • Girls, I truly love your style 😀

  • I love the mustard jeans, and those studded flats….they rock! beautiful as always.

  • Elsie, are you in there?? I didn’t recognize you with the leather jacket and jeans. Very different look for you and you’re wearing it well! Love the flats, jacket and your braid is working for you. I don’t normally comment here because I’m normally viewing from my google reader but had to stop in and say, you guys look great!
    Take care ladies! xoxo.

  • You girls are great. Elsie’s hair looks beautiful and has inspired me to perhaps change mine up a bit. I’m going with a subtle ombre right now. I wish you all the best this season!

  • Elsie you are so beautiful? do you have any Latin American roots? you definitely have some beautiful features!

  • Wow, I feel that these styles (especially Elsie’s) are really different from your usual style- it’s interesting to see you change and develop as your business grows and develops too. Exciting times ahead me thinks!Rx

  • I love Elsie’s look, I can wear that to the office! (I think?) And Emma, your jacket is covetable!

  • Hi Elsie HI Emma!
    I enjoy reading your posts, and dream of creating “extra hours” in the day to do some of the projects. Anyway, I saw this sweet DIY project for glass jars, and want to share the idea from this site :
    It just looks sooo cool!!

  • I always love outfit inspiration for work – I feel so boring in my work duds sometimes :)Tis so cool to see your success!

    xo Emilie @ “

  • I always like your Sister Style posts because you guys are always so cute, but they’re never really my style. But, finally, Elsie is rocking my style! Leather jacket, jeans, and studs! I love this more casual look on you Elsie!

  • It is really exciting to see you guys grow in your business, you’ve done so much in such a short time! In the past year I’ve been amazed at all the project you have tackled, and you put the same amount of love into all of them. I’d hardly recognize your blog from the one I found last spring, but then at the same time you’re still so genuine and passionate about what you do. It’s awesome.

  • Elsie, your outfit is so rock and roll!

    xo Jennifer

  • Colleen, It’s from last year, but they have these every year!

    I bet they have something similar, at least. 😀

  • Love the color of Ema´s jeans and Elsie´s jacket !

    XX Luba
    Well Living BLog

  • Elsie should go edgy more often! It looks great on her! I remember this was her style back when her blog was so new.
    And I just love Emma’s mustard pants!

  • cute outfits. I especially love the blue blazer and blue shirt Emma is wearing. Sigh, you guys make me wish I had a sister :)) Fun stuff!

  • change can indeed be scary, but yet so exciting! you both look gorgeous, love Elsie’s photo with the flower! Good luck.

  • Can’t wait to see what new changes are headed your way! Things have changed a lot since 2008 for you ladies & your business, but the changes are always for the better! xo

  • I love both outfits, especially the yellow pants! I love the changes that come with every autumn! Hope you’re having a great day,
    xo Hannah

  • love both of these looks! i especially love that great leather jacket and i can’t believe that it’s from target, what a great find!


  • Elsie Cake, I have a black jacket and studded flats just like yours!!!! I’ve always loved your style 😉

  • CONGRATS on your expansion and LOVE the leather jacket & all the cute shoes!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • ha! I wear sandals until my feet are freezing off too! Adorable outfits ladies. I am SO digging the leather jacket for fall.

  • You two look amazing! I love the color of Elsie’s hair. You guys have to do do a beauty post on what she does to get her hair that gorgeous color. I’m dying to know..I’m sure many other readers are too!

    Congrats on all the new things happening your way!

  • Such cute outfits!

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

  • Elsie!!! the first picture of you is gorgeous! (and I like the shade of violet on your hair, doesn’t matter if it’s just in the pictures or it’s something really existing)

  • I LOVE that leather jacket! I couldn’t believe that came from Target. 🙂 You both look lovely and congrats on all the growth in your business.

  • Elsie I love your outfit!!!! Shoes are lovely. And your hair colour is really nice. X

  • I’m glad you guys are getting extra staff, you deserve it; you work so hard! Love these casual looks. Such exciting times!
    Catherine Denton

  • Great looks! Love the jacket Elsie’s wearing. Fall is the perfect time for new adventures.

  • congrats on all the new hires! love the business casual look!

  • I’m really enjoying reading your blog at the moment and so excited for you that you’re having the amount of success. It’s lovely to hear about changes and growth that is happening

  • You look amazing, both of you, and I’m so glad to hear that your business is flourishing. I’m excited to follow your adventures here on the blog.

  • I love Emma’s jacket! I’m so excited for the Fall’s cooler weather—layering is so much fun. 🙂

    It’s been so exciting to watch your business grow. I can’t wait to hear what you have up your sleeves next!

  • You both look adorable! I especially like the random braid in Elsie’s hair and how she paired the light washed jeans with that leather jacket!

  • Love the denim on denim 🙂 and those sandals…I’m soaking up the sandal weather too but I know it will be gone soon! At least boots are equally fun to wear!

  • Love both of these looks (especially that amaze leather jacket! Just gorgeous, as always. 🙂


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