Sister Style: Embroidery + Stripes

Embroidered Dress Embroidered Dress Embroidered Dress You guys! This week is so good. Today Emma and I went to the bookstore and ordered pumpking spice lattes and looked at magazines. Sometimes when life is busy a little magazine time is the best therapy. What do you do to relax when life gets busy? 

Emma's Wearing: Embroidered Dress c/o ModCloth, Saltwater Sandals c/o ModCloth. 

Striped Peplum Top  Striped Peplum Top  Striped Peplum Top  Elsie's Wearing: Peplum Top c/o ModCloth, Mint Belt/ASOS, Jeans/Jessica Simpson, Heels c/o Lotta. 

Hope you guys have had a wonderful week! elsie

  • Wow, Elsie you’ve lost weight. (Not like you were big or anything because your not.) The reason why I say this is because you can tell your more confident. And I feel thats a good message even though you never broadcasted it. You both look lovely, love the blog, and love your style.

  • Very cute! I love the soft blue of the first outfit and how girly it is. And I also love the edgy stripes of the second outfit. <3

  • What do I do when life gets busy? The exact same thing! Or I snuggle into the couch and catch up on this blog…which is what I’m doing today.

  • purple is my favorite color, nice nails also. great ideas thank you!

  • I love Emma’s colourful outfit!! So pretty 🙂
    xo Heather

  • You are both such beautiful people. I love your creativity and style. Elsie, this look you are sporting in these photos is particularly lovely.

  • Ooh, Emma’s dress is so lovely! you both have such cute styles 🙂

    Xo, Kelsey

  • Elsie, your top is like my dress 😉

  • LOVE these looks! Especially the striped peplum top! Love your blog!

  • I LOVE these outfits!! You both look absolutely lovely 🙂

    xx Emily

  • wow you girls look great! Elsie, I love your monochromatic look 🙂

  • This post inspired me to pair the bike ride dress with a pair of jeans, and a turquoise belt. Thank you! Very cute and comfy 🙂

  • Love the peplum top! I wore a black one last night. I never thought of adding a skinny belt with a pop of color must do next time I wear it!


  • Love the stripes with jeans
    and the sandals are amazing!

  • Pumpkin spiced latte – I’m jealous! I spent the fall of 2006 studying in Michigan and nothing reminds me of that time like pumpkin spiced latte. I haven’t had it since, as we don’t really get anything pumkin flavoured here in Europe. Not even Starbucks does them…
    Enjoy your time off!

  • Hey we do exactly the same thing on Friday night’s! But our jaunt many time’s includes a pop in to the local thrift either before or after, and the our drink of choice is vinte Black Iced Tea’s. We, as in my sister(s),and sometime’s gram and mom have had this relaxing,idea sparking routine for about a dozen year’s!

  • Emma’s look wins the day for me, beautiful!


  • I’m looking for such an embroidered dress since two years or longer now! Only found polyester mix fabric… so, I’m waiting for a (vintage) one of cotton. You look awesome!

  • When life gets busy I stick my nose in a cup o’ Yorkshire Gold tea (w/honey of course, and a bit of cream), then cruise my favorite blogs~ like right NOW! So cute you gals!! Wish we had pumpkin lattes in Korea, sadly the only “holiday” ones the starbucks here does is the peppermint around Christmastime…sigh…

  • Spending time with my sister is always the best downtime, antique browsing, watching our favorite tv show, the simple things are always the best! 🙂

  • I can’t decide what I love more, Emma’S embroidered dress ore Elsie’s peplum top! Both are so pretty, wow. I always love your Sister Style posts!


  • Ooh, when I saw the dress I thought that would be my No. 1, but then I saw the striped top. Difficult choice, but I do love the colour and embroidery of that dress

  • I’m in love with Emma’s dress! But both of you are looking really cool – as usual!

  • That peplum is so flattering on you Elsie! Gorgeous!


  • Beautiful outfits!! I really really like the sandals.
    I also enjoy read a magazine, or maybe drink tea in the garden, play with Rory my dog, and walk 15-20 minutes with my mother and the pet.


  • Isn’t it funny how that ‘back to school’ feeling sticks with us thru life? I know in the southern regions of the US, kids go back to school a couple of weeks earlier, and colleges usually start earlier too, but for probably two-thirds of us the day after Labor day is the official beginning of the New Year! Never mind that whole calendar BS, and the resolutions we’re supposed to make as we face the most dismal and home-bound season of the year. The day after Labor day marks the season of new beginnings!

  • You both look so adorable!!! I love your sister styles.

    Oh, congrats on purchasing the home Elsie! It looks so wonderful.


  • I went to B&N Sunday night to get a Pumpkin Latte but they said they couldn’t sell it till the 4th. *wails* So I consoled myself with an Artful Blogging magazine and went back to get one on the 4th. 😀
    Catherine Denton

  • You guys have the cutest outfits ever, it makes me quite jealous (:

  • Elsie!!!!!!!!! Your outfit is AWE-SOME!!! Super love!!!! Fashion passion inspiration right there! <3


  • Love both of these looks. Especially loving the pop of blue against the black and white stripes!

  • I love the last picture of you Elsie! Stripes are so fun : ) I also love your bangs… I’ve been really tempted to get some lately.


  • HA!! I LOVE the transition from Emma’s outfit to Elsie’s via the shoe photo …super COOL!!!


  • While I wouldn’t wear any of these outfits, I still love them. The Peplum top, especially.

    To answer your question, when life gets really busy or crazy, I turn on my music, write, or do some art.

  • Elsie, you look amazing in that top!

    xo Jennifer

  • Love both of your outfits! They are so cute!

  • Love your style, Elsie, I think we share that…
    To unwind, thinks like riding my bike, or just going outside, being alone… Also taking pictures really works for me. I think I may ride my bike alone with my camera (because I have my own DSLR now!!!) Because that would be so perfect.

    Rachel Nicole @ Summer Breeze

    Ps- giveaway soon at my blog, take a look, maybe??

  • I’ve recently rediscovered knitting for when I get overwhelmed and busy. Especially since I’m taking some online college classes for the first time!
    Knitting is so relaxing. A great way to be productive without using too much brain power. 🙂
    Currently knitting a chunky mustard colored cowl. So far so good!

  • These looks are very you…. Emma with the embroidered dress that looks straight out of the 70s hippy vibe, and Elsie with your 60s mod stripes. Love both of the looks and how well they fit your personal styles 🙂

  • Beautiful as always. Love the pop of mint with your outfit, Elsie.


  • LOVE this! Both outfits are AdORBS!

    When life gets busy, I ready a book, read a magazine, sometimes just watch a show on TV, ride my bike. Something to clear my mind!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • You girls are my favorite site/blog ever!! I get so much inspiration and joy from your posts. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job.

    And I love this post. I love how different your two styles are. It really gives readers a good idea of two completely different ways to style.

    I would love love love it if you checked out my blog. It would be such an honor!

    Have a great day!

  • impressive, very impressive! Nice job!

  • That’s so fun, I’m glad you girls had a good time. And I love Emma’s shoes! I have them in red, and I wear them everywhere 😉 They’re so versatile and fun!

  • I just discovered your blog while searching for how to make tea bags (I have tons of loose tea but don’t spend enough time at home to make it). I’m from Caracas, Venezuela and it makes me so very happy and excited to find out that Elsie has Venezuelan heritage 😀 Your blog is absolutely adorable, keep up the good (excellent, marvelous, superb, fantastic, I’m running out of adjectives here hahaha) work. 🙂

  • This week IS so good! I had a pumpkin spice latte as well and I’m wearing BOOTS today!!! HOORAY! (I don’t care if it’s 80 outside – breaking out the fall clothing either way).

    Love the outfits!


  • I LOVE the photo of your feet. The grass line was such a creative way to draw the line between you two’s different styles!

  • Oh my goodness. I actually own that peplum top and I LOVE it! Also, I am wearing those orange saltwaters right now.
    ha! Channeling my style completely in this post…. gotta check out that embroidered dress. 🙂

  • Two excellent outfits! Love that black and white striped top and Elsie’s hairdo. Your hair always looks so perfect.


  • Oh gosh! These outfits are so wonderful! Emma, your peplum top is to DIE for!
    When life gets a little busy and crazy, I read this amazing blog called ‘A beautiful mess’. Nothing relaxes or inspires me more!

    Thank you for always posting, your blog means a lot to me 🙂

  • I love these two outfits! the orange+blue combination always work so do the black+white stripes!

  • You girls look so cute in your outfits, perfect look for that transition time between summer and autumn! The best mini break for me is just stopping what I’m doing at taking my camera out and start snapping away at whatever I see, helps me get creative and escape from crazy college work.

  • Stunning photos! Emma your dress is just too pretty, and Elsie I adore your peplum top! Beautiful!

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