Sister Style: Inspired by White

Elise of a beautiful messElsie's minnetonkasElsie larsonElsie dawn larsonI think Elsie and I have been sort of inspired by white lately. We both wore white dresses last week, and did you get a chance to see her interior inspiration article? Lots of white everywhere! White just feels so fresh and clean, as well as being a sort of blank canvas to start on.

Elsie's wearing: dress c/o Dahlia, boots c/o Minnetonka and sunnies UO.Emma chapmanEmma of a beautiful messAlphabet bagsEmma's minnetonkasEmma marie chapmanI have been really in the mood to decorate my house too. Maybe I'm just being a copy cat but I can't help it. My sister's excitement is infectious, as always. You may have seen a few peeks of my bedroom from this article but my next project is to tackle the living room and kitchen. Elsie and I have totally different styles and vibes that we like for clothes and decor but we still end up loving so many of the same things. Funny how that works. Do you have any big projects on your plate this month? xo. Emma and Elsie

Emma's wearing: dress c/o Blood is the new Black, tote c/o Alphabet Bags, booties c/o Minnetonka and sunnies/ModCloth.

  • Love it!! I’ve been loking for a pair of cute cowgirl boots to partner with my white lace…

  • I’m very much sure I can find those boots on some blog or online shop somewhere. I really wish I can since I’m lovin’ your style. ♥

  • I love these outfits!


  • I’m absolutely in love with those Minnetonka boots you two are wearing! But there isn’t any way to get them in Canada.. so disappointing.

  • Those boots are kicking! I wish I can find a similar one in one of my favorite blogshops… Where have you bought it again?

  • As always love your blog! We used one of your how-to hair posts, it was from a few months ago. Love all this tips and pictures! So helpful.
    Here’s a picture of how it turned out.

  • We have to clean out the basement this month! I like white, it is August so we’d better wear as much as possible before fall!

  • I love both of your outfits, and I adore the combination of the white dresses with the brownish boots ^^

  • Adore the dresses and Elsie’s sunglasses! x

  • you two are soo stinking cute!! love that you both paired white with some tan boots!

    Sandy a la Mode

  • You both have beautiful hair! Can’t wait to see your decorating ideas Elsie..xx

  • The boots are gorgeous! Love this post ladies!

  • Both of your mocs are insanely cute!!

    xoxo Sarah

  • You guys have such great style! I LOVE both outfits, but especially BOTH pairs of boots!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • Cute Moccasins…I like the tall ones…I want to get a pair for the fall…I like the cold just for boots and some of the clothing

  • Love these looks ladies!

    xo Jennifer

  • I love the white lacey dress so pretty and girly!
    xo Emilie @

  • I love how the white dresses and moccasins look paired together! Such a cute outfit idea!

  • Love your outfit, Emma! The colors + the print on that dress are fab! <3

    I can’t wait to see how the two of you decorate your houses! I know they will both be beautiful. 🙂

  • You both look lovely in your white dresses! My big home project to tackle this month is basically just tidying, cleaning and organizing … Everything. So far I’ve finished one corner of my bedroom (adding a much needed bookcase), so there is plenty left to do. We have a deadline because we have a sleepover guest coming. Nothing like having company over to get you (or is it just me?!) cleaning things up! 🙂

  • You gals look adorable! I don’t usually wear white just because I am so sloppy. However, I just thrifted this gorgeous white maxi dress that I want to wear for my winter formal, just have a little bit.


  • Oooh, love the dresses! White is definitely the quintessential summer color! 😀

  • Does totally reorganizing a chaotic kitchen count as a project? If so, then yes! 😀
    Catherine Denton

  • Love those high boots with the white lace dress and cool shirt! Again great looks!

  • love lwd!! you two look so beautiful! those mint sunnies are really cool

  • You both look so boho-chic! I love the suede moccasin-type boots with the simple white dress. Such a great summer to fall transition outfit!

  • Incredible outfits! those lace up boots are to die for

  • Yay. I love this feature. you have awesome individual style but put it together… perfection.


  • My first baby is due any day, so I’ve been frantically trying to clean and sort and decorate so the munchkin will come home to a…well “home”. Good luck with your decorating, these days, there’s so much inspiration out there I end up changing my mind 400 times before I even buy a single thing.

  • Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!
    I love your colourful sunnies, and Emma’s letter bag is amazing!

  • This is lovely. I love the “E” bag! I guess I want one too 🙂
    but I have big plans for this next month and this next weeks. I have to decorate my college bedroom. It have a very beautiful oragen wall and I’m so exciting to move in and make that my new room and house.

  • i LOVE the whites and lights on you two!


  • oh, I hear you on the white thing. The inside of our home that we are currently renting is painted the most gorgeous shade of white– that sounds funny– but it is true. It makes everything glow. It has sold me on white. My next house will be plain, beautiful white with pops of color here and there. As far as projects go, I just came across a beautiful china cabinet yesterday at the thrift and am planning on redoing it over the next couple of weeks. I wanted something that would hold all of our boys’ books with storage underneath for toys. I still cannot believe that I scored it for $20! And guess what? I’m painting it white! : )

  • I’ve been dreaming about those Minnetonka boots for months… sigh, so pretty xo

  • Love the fun shades, white dresses and Minnetonka combos!!!

  • but i live with boys so i’m not so sure the whole white thing will work out for me in the long run 🙁

  • Gorgeous as always am loving the boots and blue sunnies!

    Becky, K.

  • I absolutely love white!! Try painting your nails white just like I did it’s gorgeous!
    I’m also having my bedroom renovated and I asked the interior designer for an all white theme. I’ll be sure to post it up on my blog when it’s done ♥

  • Love both your dresses and think your wee boots are so cute Emma!
    Lianne x

  • Love white dresses in the summer… classic and chic. Yours look great 🙂

  • I adore white too. Casual and delicate. The back of Emma’s dress is beautiful!


  • so cute! I love the boots and the pop of blue in the glasses 🙂

    Click my name to help me go abroad.

  • That’s it. I need me some Minnetonka’s!!

  • Love those boots! These are super cute outfits!

  • Gorgeous! I wear white very often too. It just looks so clean and simple 🙂

  • Elsie, I love your outfit. Both of your boots make me want fall to come even more. Nothing big this month, next month though I’m going to be a swamped girl. Looking forward to it though.


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