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Sister StyleSister StyleSister StyleSister StyleSister StyleSister Style     ("Would you like a cup of tea?") 

Sister Style("Oh! Yes, please!") 

Sister StyleSister Style         Year after year, I look forward to new seasons and new trends. I love this stuff. It's fun. I love seeing what is going to be the "new thing" each year. Plenty of trends come and go, but the ones that stick around and become a part of my everyday style, year after year, I call those my "forever trends". 

Lately, I've been shopping for Spring and Summer clothing. We have a beachy vacation booked, and so it gives me something to look forward to on rainy, cloudy days. I've been shopping a bunch, but not buying hardly anything. I feel like everything at the mall has a crazy-placed cutout or a baggy crop-top fit. This season is not my season. It's like that one season a few years ago when all the dresses fit like maternity dresses—remember that? 

Anyway, moral of the story? Sometimes, as fun as they are, trends don't matter. Sometimes you just gotta love what you love and ignore everything else. Sometimes you have to make your own fun trends (even if you're the only one wearing them). Cheers to loving what you love! 

P.S. These thoughts have nothing to do with our photos. You probably figured that out by now. 🙂Sister Style          Sister Style          Elsie's Wearing: Lace Jacket/Chelsea and Violet, Jeans/Jessica Simpson, Clogs c/o Lotta from Stockholm, Sunnies/F21.  

Emma's Wearing: Leather jacket and jeans/Express, sheer dress/Foriegn Exchange, hat/Free People, purse c/o ChicWish and boots c/o Modcloth

Sarah's awesome hairSarah's hair was so awesome, we had to get a snap of it for you too! xo. Elsie + Emma 

Credits// Author: Elsie Larson, Photography: Sarah Rhodes. Photos edited with Willis from the Folk Collection, and Autumn from the Signature Collection

  • What a fun place to shop! This could just be what regular garden centres look like in America, but looks pretty exciting to me!

  • i totally agree! no matter how “in” hi-low skirts or jumpsuits are, thats just NOT me, and I’m totally cool with sticking to what i know i love.

  • I’m totally with you on this one! I just can’t do the crop tops and cutouts. I’m not 21 anymore!! Thank god for vintage!!

  • Thanks for the sunshine, these pics make me so happy since it’s still too darn cold out to feel like spring yet. Trends are just…guidelines for style. who needs ’em. 😉

  • I totally agree. I’m not a fan of all the baggy slouchy clothes.

  • im so glad im not the only one that has felt out of place at the mall! love your guys style and that you are true to yourselves! i cant wait till a few years from now when i start my real career and am able to not wear harley branded stuff! (im saving a load on my wardrobe for the time being!) i was also able to get some plants this weekend, cheers to warmer days ahead! 😀

  • I completely agree. It’s fun being aware of trends but I’m trying to avoid buying clothes that I know I’m going to grow sick of anyway! I’m starting to be more away of my personal style as opposed to “fashion.” 🙂

  • I agree girls, style is about indiviuality and tailoring the trends to you! You both look lovely and now I want to go plant shopping! Nikki x

  • Yes I totally agree! I am soo not into the crop tops. Maybe if my occupation was a surfer and I lived in cali…but I don’t. So crop tops just aren’t my thing.

  • Emma reminds me of Sarah Paulson here, but with Taissa Farmiga’s wardrobe from American Horror Story: Coven. Love it!!!

  • so true! reading your blog always reminds me of my sister and makes me so happy. i bet you feel so lucky to work with each other everyday 🙂

  • Hi! I’ll soon be shopping for some hot weather stuff and I’m afraid I won’t find anything… Cropped tops? Mmm
    Though I found pretty cool floral springy clothes at a website called “other stories”… Thought I’d share it with you!
    Lovely post! I think the URL is

  • LOVE Sarah’s hair.
    And I totally agree. Since when did so many people have a tight enough tummy for the style to be crop tops? Just makes us all feel like crap…and makes me eat more cookies 😉
    This year I’m sticking pretty much with what I have and only replenishing my workout wear that needs to be restocked.
    (Oh that maternity year was awful! I bought a dress that year…after seeing a pic of me in it, I donated it to Goodwill.)

  • I agree & by the time I am finally considering that something just might be ok on my quickly approaching 40 y/o body, its out of style LOL

  • Elsie,

    It’s so true! I rarely find anything lovely or flattering at the mall. In addition to your thoughtful trend ideas, I think it is important to keep in mind that the closet is like interior decoration. Your closet won’t be perfect overnight. Buying pieces that are timeless and good quality, over a long time is the way to go. Buying pieces you really love, not just like or will do.

    Thanks for sharing such lovely thoughtful posts.



  • Yes! Ugh! I lost some weight over the winter, so now all my warm weather clothes look kind of funky on me, and I just don’t like most of the clothes in the mall. I was assuming that maybe my style had changed just enough that spring style was no longer my style, but after reading your post and all the comments, evidently I’m not the only one unimpressed.
    Who on earth thought that baggy crop tops were the style to bring back? Who thought they were cool in the first place? These are the questions that keep me up at night 🙂

  • I know exactly what you mean!!! I look around and I’m thinking either everything coming out is really, really weird nowadays or I’m just getting older and not “with it” anymore LOL Reading this made me feel better about rocking my same ol’ same ol’ 😉 Thanks gals!

    <3 from Texas


  • i love this! i’m with you on only wearing what you love. it may sound silly, but it really puts me in a good mood when i feel good about what i’m wearing.
    i’m seriously loving emma’s look in this!
    xo jac

  • I feel like this should be a song. Maybe I am thinking of the song by John Mayer and Katie Perry.

  • Oh i soooo agree!

    i dont like the peek-a-boo trend or the crop top trend nor did i like the maxi dress partiularly…lolawesome post

  • I love that you’re nerding-out at the garden shop. I do that too…but usually no one’s looking. ?

  • I love the flowers!

    I’m with you on the trends, too: You gotta do what works for you, and sometimes that means ignoring fashion “mandates.”

  • I love this! Fun pictures 🙂 And SO true words! I like what I like, whether it’s “trendy” or not!

  • Emma, I totally love your outfit!! You look great in black and your ankle boots are beautiful! both lovely girls 🙂

  • These pictures are beautiful! And I totally feel you. I’m a pretty modest dresser and crop tops and weird cut-outs are so NOT my thing. Also, I really hope that you guys & Sarah show use a how to do that hair style! Adorable!


  • same here, i don’t think this summer’s trends are gonna be my thing.. love both of your outfits in this post though, they’re perfect!
    xo, cheyenne

  • I agree with your thoughts on trends too, some seasons I hardly buy anything because nothing fits into my personal style (or my age bracket). That being said these seasons are probably the best for my bank account 🙂

  • I’ve tried to go shopping recently and totally struck out. I think I’m finally just getting to the age (almost 34) where I can’t wear trendy/unflattering things. unstructured pieces make me look silly and I’m personally kind of over the skinny cropped pants that feel totally unavoidable lately.

    i’m pretty convinced though that my own personal trend for next winter is going to be nordic-style outerwear. i really want a cape too. this is completely inspired by my kids watching Frozen everyday this week. 😉

  • I agree with you, sometimes trends are not very important, maybe if you are designer or stylist, but you can combine both.
    Love the place of the photo session


  • I found your blog two days ago and I fell completely in love with it!
    It’s amazing, such great work.

  • I feel similarly about some trends. Though there’s always room in my heart for an effortless crop top, I must say I’m ready to see most of them go (I couldn’t believe sweater crop tops were even a thing from this winter. So over it) and I’m not totally about all of the crazy cutouts of the fact that nearly every shirt I seem to like is too see through to wear practically.

  • This post was exactly what I needed to inspire me for the rest of the week 🙂
    I honestly really love this blog! It’s fantastic, time after time! <3

  • I love the “tea” pictures, so funny!

    I actually like some of this year’s spring/summer trends, but I always like wearing Vintage and older clothes better – simply because not everyone wears them!

    xo, Rona from threepinkcats

  • I agree! We’re all unique and wonderful beings and the world would be a dull place if we all tried to look the same.

  • So true!! This year will be really hard to find summer clothes that fit me because crop tops and cutouts DON’T! Even the skirts (midi or supershort) are definitely not mine and I haven’t seen even one dress yet, I would like to call my own. Sigh. So that means: vintage or last season 😉
    xx, Sarah

  • SO true.. I just finished my InStyle for March and saw NOTHING that made me ready to go shopping. Oh well… i can invest my money in things for the house

  • I couldn’t agree more! And I think in this blog world, sometimes that hard. You want to be current and relatable, but you want to be yourself. You want to be forward thinking, but you don’t want to like something just because you think it’s going to be popular. And then I sometimes struggle with not liking something because everyone else does. Just because chevron was so overdone doesn’t mean, in the right context, it can’t still be great.

  • Love the white cardigan! Adds such a cute texture. I totally agree with Victoria- I could never get behind high-low stuff and jumpsuits. 🙂 Love the idea of rocking my own trends! You guys are the best <3

  • I´m with you here. It´s a if someone went through the shops and cut all shirts a little shorter. You can either choose between grown-up business or girly crop top. They all forgot to make stuff for all those, who don´t want that.

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