Sister Style: Spring Cleaning

Spring StyleYou guys! I have been a complete psycho about spring cleaning lately. I’ve already gone through and weeded out all my makeup and skincare… LOVE being down to the bare essentials. Now, I’m working on my closet. I’m cleaning out and trying to figure out what I need to be looking for for spring and summer. I find spring to be one of the hardest seasons to shop for. Summer is easy, though!

Oh and I’ve been knocking out house projects left and right. There are so many mini projects I want to get done this season (like organizing cabinets and random stuff like that), and it feels SO GOOD to be checking items off my list on a nearly daily basis.

I’m so motivated right now. 1 part nesting, 1 part spring cleaning and 1 part OMG—we’ve owned this house almost two years… need to complete EVERYTHING!

I hope I can keep up this pace. And I’m more than happy to share my motivated vibes with all of you… Let’s do this!!!

Spring Style Spring Style Spring Style Spring Style Spring Style Spring Style Spring Style Elsie’s Wearing: Dress and Sunnies/Oui Fresh, Belt/Vintage, Shoes/Swedish Hasbeens

Emma ChapmanBw outfitStripesSkits and topsWe are traveling this month—so my usual homebody-goal-setting mindset has shifted a bit. Trey and I are living and working in LA for all of March. So if you have any recommendations for us, do let me know or hit me up on IG.

We are having a few things done while we are out of town. Having a few cabinets painted and a mantel updated. So, I’m kind of cheating in that I’m getting some home projects done even while I’m gone with the help of some pretty awesome people (Springfield folks—if you need a good home contractor, email me! I know a guy for when DIY just won’t cut it or you’re too busy 🙂

So, yeah, my goal list this month is all work and play and pretty much nothing at-home related, which is totally weird for me. I am SUCH a homebody most of the time, but I’m excited to be in a city I love and hopefully get re-inspired. I feel like anytime I get lucky enough to travel, I come from it feeling thankful and filled with ideas for the future. 🙂

Bw outfitFavorite bootsAll black everythingEmma’s Wearing: Top/Oui Fresh, Skirt/F21 (similar), Purse/Zara (similar), Necklace/Earthen Studio, Shoes c/o Seychelles (similar here and here), and Glasses/ABM for BonLook (Jack & Norma, named after our grandparents). 

What are you guys excited about this season??? xo. Elsie + Emma

Credits // Author: Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. Photography: Amber Ulmer and Janae Hardy. 

  • I have been checking on your posts, Elsie and Emma! You both remind me of Elsa and Anna with a modern style on the side. Elsie, you look great in your red checkered dress. You carry it so well. Emma, I hope you enjoy your city stay.

  • Love your outfit, especially the shoes are gorgeous!

  • Spring cleaning is one of my favourite things to do to feel ready for the season! I love the colours in these photos, you two look lovely as always!

    Sending light + love your way,

  • I am also in the midst of spring cleaning – it’s the best feeling! Love both of your looks!

    xx Chelsea

  • There are so many amazing things to do and eat in LA! You should check out The Last Bookstore, seriously amazing! Also, Grand Central Market is within walking distance and is great for lunch. It’s kind of like a food court with lots of funky, artisanal, and ethnic options., and a cool atmosphere. I know food court doesn’t exactly sound awesome, but trust me, it is! You will probably want to go back more than once so you can try different things.
    The Arts District in downtown LA is cool too, there are tons of murals. Wurstkuche is my favorite place to eat there, but there are other great options as well.
    Westwood, which is by UCLA, is a really great place to walk around, hang out, and try restaurants. There are so many good ones, but Diddy Reese has amazing ice cream sandwiches made with fresh baked cookies. Bonus, they’re really cheap too. Also in Westwood is the Hammer Museum. It’s free to go in and has some cool exhibits, but the best part is the courtyard. There are these crazy cool swirling circular chairs that you just spin around in. It’s a great place to just hang out with friends. if you’re willing to drive a couple hours, the Coachella Valley desert is amazing right now! Everything is blooming, there are wildflowers like there haven’t been in years, and some places have tons of water. Indian Canyons, just outside of Palm Springs, is a great place to go hiking, it’s a desert oaisis,complete with waterfalls and palm trees. Bring cash if you decide to go, it’s $8 a person and they don’t accept cards.
    Have fun in SoCal! I live between LA and Palm Springs and I have to say, it’s a pretty great place, I love it here.

  • AH! Obsessed with Emma’s edgy and cute look. Love it. ♡
    xx Taylor | | @taylorwinkelmeyer

  • I need to do some spring cleaning of my closet. It is overflowing

  • Ahh Emma I hope you’re enjoying your time in LA! I’ve lived here four years now and am always discovering new things – it has stolen my heart for sure. Go eat at Factory Kitchen! See an improv show at UCB! Have brunch at C&O Trattoria in Marina del Rey and try the most glorious garlic knots or have a super fancy breakfast at Chateau Marmont! Eat snow cream at Blockheads on Sawtelle and have ramen at Shin-Sen-Gumi in Little Tokyo! Hike at Westridge Canyonback Wilderness (so serene and beautiful)! Best coffee at Commissary! Infrared sauna at Sweatheory or yoga at Playlist! Sushi at Sugarfish! More popular but fun…Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice Canals, Main Street in Santa Monica, Farmer’s Market at The Grove, Hollywood sign hike (but the Aileen Getty Ridge Trail – less crowded and more fun) or hike at Griffith. Ok, I’ll calm down now. 😉 Have fun!

  • Great work, absolutly stunning! Love the outfits.

  • Absolutely loving the sleeves on your dress Elsie, and I love the glasses Emma is wearing from the Bon Look collection. I’ve been looking for some new frames and I’m def going to try the Jack and Norma’s.

  • Love your outfit Elsie, especially the shoes are gorgeous!

  • Both outfits are amazing, probably two of my favourites from you so far. I would so wear everything you’re wearing.

  • With the sun streaming in my windows now, it definitely feels like spring is on its way 🙂 I love the sleeves on the gingham dress! They go so well with those sunnies 🙂

  • so great you’re excited about Spring cleaning…I’m not:)…ok, I don’t hate it either. Usually cleaning and organizing has a very relaxing effect on me. It is a great way to destress after a busy day…but I’m a bit lazy to get started, always have been.

    you both look dreamy.

  • Both of your looks are so cute. Love the red checks, Elsie! So classic!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

  • I am so excited to get my house cleared out and to donate/sell some things out of it. Some parts are just so cluttered and feel junky, so it needs to go. I wish I had your current motivation to do it, though!

  • So jealous of your motivation to get so many things checked off your lists! I need to harness some of that. And Emma, that black and white shirt is fantastic! Going to check it out now!

  • I’m also in serious cleaning/organizing/purge mode!
    I just finished Marie Kondo’s book and it seriously is life changing!
    Also , hope this question isn’t too personal Elsie, but I notice you wear a lot of off the shoulder tops- I love that look, but I’m so blah when it comes to bra choices for them…do you wear a strapless? I’m larger chested and not sure it’s feasible…
    Just curious if you had any recommendations for pulling off this that a weird question?

  • Elsie you’re nesting!! Usually those pregnancy hormones are responsible for the hyper productive home projects, but I totally believe your adoption process is giving you the same push to fluff your nest in anticipation of a new arrival. So cute. 🙂

  • I am in the purging phase too! I am slowly running out of things to throw away, such a shame 🙂

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