Sister Style: Trying New Things

EmmaEmmaEmmaEmmaSometimes change is needed. Not a giant life change (no no no, none of that!)—just little changes and updates that make life feel fresh! Exhibit A: Emma's messy hair. It's cool, right? Love that elf ear. Normally Emma wears picture perfect curls, but not today. She's branching out, y'all! Exhibit B: My big statement necklace. Normally I'm only comfortable in simple gold jewelry and maybe a studded bracelet… but not today! Today I'm feeling like a "real fashion blogger" 😉 with my giant necklaces and you know what… I liked it. 

There are so many other examples of times we tried stuff that we thought we didn't like only to find out that we actually really really did. There's value to knowing what you like and finding a style that works for you, but there's also SO much value in trying new things "just because"! Emma thought she would never like floral flavors (wrong!), I thought I was too cool for Maroon 5 (SO wrong!), and we both thought we'd never enjoy running, but today we signed up for our first 1/2 marathon.

Life is full of surprises, so let it happen! 

Emma's wearing: shirt/UO, jeans/James Jeans, shoes c/o Seychelles.ElsieElsieElsieElsie's wearing: Top/ABM for ModCloth, Necklace c/o ModCloth, Skirt c/o H&M, Purse c/o Cambride Satchel Company, Shoes c/o Seychelles (couple season ago- sorry!)

Cheers to small changes. XO. Elsie + Emma

  • I like the sister styles and her necklace which she wear. She looks really awesome and fashionable girl. Thanks

  • I used to think I didn’t like leggings, and then I put some on. Change is good! Emma totally rocks the flowy locks and that statement necklace adds such a nice pop of color to Elsie’s look. (and it’s not even that big)

  • elsie you look so beautiful! of course emma does too, you both have the best sister outfits! and I am so all about trying things that you wouldn’t normally try…it’s a nice reminder though!

  • Yeah… Yuo two should try new things more often. Love the messy hair and statement necklace! And the half marathon is just impressive!

  • I never thought I would like running at all…but now I have two half marathons under my belt and I love it 🙂 Love both of your outfits 🙂


  • Ohhh I love the button-up shirt with statement necklace look! Love love love! Such gorgeous colours. xx

  • Oh goodness, mistakes galore! That what enjoying the sun with a tasty cocktail while the kiddos nap will do to your already fat-fingured ways.

  • I am do happy for you! You’ll feel so strong and accomplished after your first half. I never thought (nor wanted to) is run more than 5 miles but then I had a baby, needed to get back in shape and was missing done sense of competition on my life. I ran my first half in 2008 and have run 4 more since then. My want to run ebbs and flows but eventually, running wins. Good luck, enjoy the process, and here’s to doing your best!

  • Elsie! You are ROCKING that statement necklace, and that adorable outfit!! I love it!!

    Way to go signing up for a 1/2 marathon you guys! You will love it! It’s so much fun.

  • I love both of your outfits! I think I’m especially in love with the blue polkadot shirt.

  • Nice Post, I love your polka Elsie,
    I redesign my blog with pink colors lately, and it’s makes me more exciting to write new post on my blog.
    oh, would you like to check out my blog? this saturday I write about ABM..
    Have a nice weekend..

  • You both look so lovely, I love your style 🙂 Sometimes it feels really empowering to make a change and have your hair completely different for a day! I’m usually too chicken and quickly revert back to my usual style but it’s a really good idea to mix things up now and then 🙂

  • Love both of these miniature changes, so small but I bet they make you feel great about yourselves which you definitely deserve too.

  • ‘Make new friends, but keep the old’ we say in Belgium =). You guys look great! Love both the hair as the outfit.
    Also congrats with the 1/2 marathon! I started running again a couple of months ago (after years of telling everybody I wasn’t made for running). And now I need my weekly 10K!

  • I love seeing you branch out! I know exactly what you mean. Lately, I seem to put on the same “uniform” every day, and I really could take some time to step out of my comfort zone.

    I have to say, I love you mentioning Emma’s elf ear. My little sister and I have elf ears and it’s a bit of an inside joke between us. “Your elf’s showing.” My son inherited them too. 🙂

  • I just signed up for the rock and roll marathon in stl! It is my second time doing it, and I NEVER thought I would be a runner, either. I am hoping to get a better time this year.

  • I’m totally the same with my jewellery. Simple silver pieces are my thing completely. But I love statement necklaces, but I’m just not quite confident enough to wear them. That’s not stopped me buying them though… I have about five just sitting their on my dresser. I really should make an effort to step out of my comfort zone and wear them, as they are all lovely.


  • Both of your hair do’s look great today!
    And a statement necklace always wins me over 🙂


  • I love your outfit! And you have gorgerour hair both of you:)
    High five for two people on one blog!

  • Ha! Just today I posted tips on my blog about developing a signature style (for dressmaking but also more generally). But yes, it is great to mix it up sometimes too 🙂

  • Yay for positive changes! I admit sometimes it’s hard for me to get out of my comfort zone.
    PS: I love Maroon 5! 🙂

  • Congrats on signing up on a half marathon! I’m running my first in about a month, so good luck to both of you! And you girls looks fabulous, as always!


  • Before I read what you wrote I did notice that Elise’s hair was messy, and I love it!

  • Haha, funny that you wright about changes.
    Today did I buy the first pastel colored clothes in my live. Smth I thought I´d never do. I looked so feminine, that it nearly scared me. I usually wear darker colors and if I don´t wear dresses, do I wear smth I´d describe as skater style.
    But too my surprise did I like what I had put together and bought it.
    I will actually wear these clothes tomorrow and to me that´s quiet a change.

  • I love Elsie’s outfit and bun! and of course Emma’s messy hair screams summer!!!
    love it!

  • The change of seasons is a great time for little changes. A good chance to shake up routines.

    Speaking of change – will you be doing the 4 simple goals again this year?

  • I love small changes. That’s how I always find some of the things I like the most.

  • Lovely outfits! I agree: you always need to try something new, be it in life or your style! Discovering new things always adds some much appreciated flavor!

    That polka dot top from ModCloth needs to be in my closet stat!

    Simply Akshara

  • Love both outfits, but I just lost my heart to the dotted blouse 😉

    Lisa – AT LEAST BLOG

  • I’m all about mixing it up. I feel you should dress for your mood and try new things constantly. Granted, they are not all winners but it is satisfying when you like something new that you try.

  • woohoo half-marathon! you go girls! i recently got highlights for the first time and i think i’m going to continue to get blonder and blonder. eeek. i’ve always been a ginger but i’m ready to try new things 🙂

  • You two are adorable! And so is that polka dot shirt. It just found itself in my wishlist!

  • I love your outfit Elsie! I also loved what you wrote about. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling like you guys are the “powerhouse bloggers” and that you’ve got everything figured out and under control always… but for you to say “now I’m a real fashion blogger” pointed out some of your own insecurities… it was humanizing! Definitely a good thing 🙂

    Thanks for this post! You both look beautiful!!

    xo Becky
    Seductive Mania

  • Love this post! Can you do a post on how you did your hair in a bun like that?

  • printed pants are my new thing. i’m a dress girl, tried and true, but printed pants…they are pretty awesome, and comfy enough.
    now i want to try another new thing. what’s it gonna be?

  • Really great post, the only way to know if you truly like or dislike something is to try it.

  • I love that shirt Elsie! And that necklace is so so pretty too! xxx

  • Well aren’t you sisters just the cutest?! Love both looks! Trying new things is how we learn more about ourselves, I wholeheartedly believe in it. 🙂

  • Greetings! I go by my nickname: Awesomely Over-Zealous and would like to say I LOVE your site! I am a new reader and will be returning regularly. I am a new blogger and finally launched mine this week for fun. In order to get it right the first, time I just registered for your Blog Love e-course and am looking forward to it! Much love and credit for your wonderful success! Have a great weekend!

  • Her hair looks great, and I ADORE your outfit Elsie!

  • Yay … here’s to always trying new things! You are so right, you never know what you’re going to end up loving until you try it!

    You both look great. Wishing you a terrific weekend.

  • Emma’s messy hair does look pretty cool, and I’m loving the statement necklace on you! 1/2 marathon?! Wow, good for you! I just ran my first 5K and I can’t wait to run more. I see a 10K in my future!


  • I’ve been thinking about this all day long, because I just signed up for my first marathon last night! Crazy (wonderful) things really can happen if you give yourself some room to try something different.

  • Love Emma’s elf hair! I am trying to grow my poor damaged hair out right now (loads of olive oil treatments) and hope it can get to a stage like that someday! Huzzah for little changes!

  • such cute outfits! And so excited for you that you signed up for your first marathon! I remember when I did, and when I finished I felt like I was on top of the world. You’ll be amazing! xoxo

  • Love both your looks – Elsie, I think I am going to wear my hair like yours tonight! And for the running thing… I ran my very first 5k race this week, and just thought I might sign up for a half marathon at some point – you know, to keep the motivation high 😉

  • You ladies look super fab as usual- thanks for inspiring me to try some new stuff too 🙂

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