Try This: Paint A Wall With Dry Erase Paint

Try This- Paint A Wall With Whiteboard Paint abeautifulmess.comWe recently did a little experimenting with dry erase (aka whiteboard) paint. God knows we can’t resist a specialty paint! Every space we’ve lived in for the past six years has included at least one chalkboard wall. (lookie: chalkboard kitchen cabinets and my first studio… OH and how to mix chalkboard paint in any color) Anyway, we’re not here to talk about chalkboard paint! Today is all about the dry erase board. So without further ado! Here’s the paint we

used…Dry Erase PaintIt comes in two parts that have to be combined before use. Once you mix the paint you have to use it all within an hour, so we did three coats twenty minutes apart. Whew!

After that you have to wait 72 hours for the paint to cure. You better believe we were all SO anxious to try it, because the reviews online were kinda spotty. We hoped that it would work just as well as a real dry erase board. If not we decided to file it under “fail”. And you know what…??It TOTALLY works! whiteboard paint on It totally works!!! Woohoo! It wiped off pretty easily, but we recommend keeping a whiteboard spray on hand to preserve the white.

Now I’m trying to decide where in my home to use this paint! It’s a little more expensive and much more work to apply than regular paint, so I’m thinking a smaller space or accent wall would be best. Here are a few options (don’t laugh at me!): The bathroom door, a closet door, a piece of furniture (a piano would be SO cool), a wall in the laundry room or the baseboards of a staircase (imagine the cute messages that could happen!?) Where would you use this paint?

Try This- Paint A Wall With Whiteboard Paint Wherever you use it, it’s an instant dose of fun and playfulness! I’m into it!

Cheers to dry erase paint! xo. Elsie

P.S. We eventually did add a chalkboard wall to this space as well!

  • I would love to use that for our front door. On the inside part though. That way we can use it for reminders before leaving the house. I bet that would be cool!

  • I hope that this means they fixed their paint! I used it on a table several years ago and it was okay at first but it started to crack and yellow. The worst part was trying to remove it from the table. It was so awful that I almost threw the table away. I really hope your results turn out better!

  • I think it’s important to note that the wall you choose to paint dry erase paint on needs to be incredibly smooth before applying. Any textured wall will make it very difficult to write/erase. If you do want to apply to a textured wall, you should sand the texture COMPLETELY off first.

  • Is there a certain period of time when the paint will start to become difficult to remove? Landlords in Chicago tend to not like tenants painting their walls 🙁

  • it would be so great in a child’s room or a playroom. or a garage studio space as well. I can’t wait to see what you do with it. You should definitely have a big wall in your new studio house/office space painted as this!! You could brainstorm and plan blog posts on it.

  • My school’s new study group rooms in the library now have whiteboard walls and it’s really awesome! I noticed that certain parts aren’t as smooth feeling and the marks wouldn’t wipe off even with the spray. I’m thinking it may have been uneven application, which shouldn’t have happened since I would believe it was done by professionals… So, I guess I’m putting this out there to others who are thinking of trying out whiteboard paint to be careful during application and perhaps to feel the surface once dried to make sure it’s even and to avoid writing on surfaces that don’t seem smooth enough.

  • I love the kid’s bikes. We have been debating on getting some kids cycle clothing. My wife and I are both biking enthusiast’s and think that our kids will enjoy it too. Thanks for the posts.

  • I use dry erase pens on my mirror (I did a spot check first). It works great. And I leave messages for my partner when he goes into the bathroom first in the morning. Or for guests who are staying.

  • It is a great idea for decorating the walls for the kids with certain elements. They are something the kids will definitely like.

  • wonder if it would work on the dishwasher? You could specify clean/dirty… Run me… Empty me…

  • Inspires color creativity with nothing to hold you back! Great for a home Felice or a child’s playroom. Well done

  • I am so glad you shared this! As the creator of the Color911 app I am always looking for unique color and paint ideas. This is great for everything from kids playrooms to home offices. Great post 🙂 thanks for sharing

  • I painted a 4 x 8 rectangle on the wall by my desk in my bedroom with this stuff years ago, just after Rustoleum first came out with it (and framed it out with silver pin-striping tape from the auto store!) – it still works beautifully! Some of the brighter colors, like orange and red, definitely need some whiteboard cleaner and elbow grease, but it does come clean!

  • So Neat! I think I would put it in my bedroom (between the door & the closet) to have countdowns to special events etc 🙂

  • This is SO awesome! I didn’t even knot at that they made dry erase paint! Im going to have to paint a wall or three in my house!

  • This will be perfect for my home office! Forever I never knew what to do with the walls….

    Do you ladies know how much wall space the set covers? xo

  • Love this idea! It would be great inside kitchen cupboards to put family recipes 🙂

    Eve & Faye x
    Sugar Spun Sisters – A blog about cosmetics, clothes & coeliac disease

  • LOVE this idea – it would be great inside kitchen cupboards to store family recipes 🙂

    Eve & Faye x

    Sugar Spun Sisters – A blog about cosmetics, clothes & coeliac disease

  • This is amazining stuff! Definitely keeping that in mind for my new flat!

    Lydia x

  • I’m just waiting to get a house, and then every single wall is going to have whiteboard paint on it! Imagine just being able to jot notes anywhere! So cute!

    xo Becky
    Seductive Mania

  • I’m so glad to hear it works!! With all colors? Sometimes red doesn’t come off so well. This is such a great idea for a variety of spaces. Thanks for being the guinea pig:)

  • My aunt and uncle painted one of the walls in the bathroom with whiteboard paint about 15 years ago! It has accumulated so many jokes and sweet comments over the years! I always laugh at the picture I drew when I was 7! 🙂

    Very cool idea indeed! 🙂

    Ngaio xx

  • i love the idea!!! i would definitely use it either in the bathroom door (so you can leave a message for the next person that comes in) or in the baseboards of a staircase!

  • Wow, I think this would be great on confined surfaces, but I’d be a bit afraid to do large walls or furniture with kids. Even if you tell them, kids sometimes don’t get stuff. What if they went to a neighbour’s house and wrote on stuff without realising the difference? (@_@)

    Definitely awesome for adults needed brain-storming surfaces though!

    P.S. Rubbing alcohol can be used to completely erase marker off of white-board if it stains a bit. (^_^)

  • We are really digging this idea! Less dusty thank chalkboard paint to . . .

  • So cute and fun! Would be a great idea for a birthday party. Guests could create a temporary mural.

  • Mhhh…It’s so cool! I’ll try to find this product in Spain! I love chalkboard paint too, look at here:

    Ciao ciaooo!!

  • This is so neat! Chalkboard everything has been all the rage recently, but I can see this becoming a big thing, too. I like this better because I’m allergic to dust… so chalkboards don’t help out my allergies.


  • I love the idea…:) That paint would be perfect for me, because i always dream about writing on my walls but i never did it…i definitely need that paint 😀
    And a piano to write on…that would be perfect *-*

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  • Haha oh man, so fun! I would probably not use this myself, but it’s good to know it exists 😉


  • Erase paint is such a lovely idea for kids!

  • Am loving to hear that you can get Whiteboard paint! Just now need to check out if we can get it in New Zealand. My daughter and I love leaving notes for each other around the house, so we could paint all sorts of pieces around the house in this. Love it, thanks.

  • That is so very cool! We are in awe!

    Good night (it’s late were we live)

    Bambi and Birdy

  • Wow, thats so fun and inventive, I’d never heard of it before!

  • I have ALWAYS wanted to do this! I’d love to get magnetic paint to put under the dry erase too 🙂

    One day when I have my own house…

  • Such a cute idea! And an easy way to change up a room often 🙂


  • Wow that looks so cool. Would be great for kids rooms too 🙂
    Rosie x | Every Word Handwritten

  • This is so fun! I definitely want to try this out!


  • This is the best ever! I love the idea of chalkboard paint, except that the noise (I guess?) of chalk against chalkboards gives me chills– in a bad way. So this is right up my alley!

  • This is just about the best thing ever!! I really want this paint now! And I love your ideas of putting it on a door or small accent wall

  • This is SO cool.

    See, you were smart to test it out on a smaller area. Me? I would have painted a whole room, and then it wouldn’t have worked anyway…

    I’m sure we will see some pretty awesome projects with this in the future!

  • My boyfriend recently bought the same stuff and used it for his studio. It’s pretty awesome! It smells a bit stranger than regular paint and you have to give it a few more coats. We’re thinking of using it at our apartment!


  • Fun fun. I would only do this with my older kids. If not there would be graffiti everywhere.

  • This was a great write up!

    If someone wants to compare this with other competitor products, look at these alternatives:



  • Good to know the Rust-Oleum brand works. I’ve used Idea Paint in the past, and I agree that it’s a LOT more work than your average paint job. Looks great!

  • we painted an old door with it & use it as our computer desk! perfect for those creative thoughts & special notes 🙂 love this!

  • So cool! I had no idea this existed – thank you for reviewing! I already have plans to use this on a small wall in our future office…

  • I used this exact same white board paint on a small nook wall in my college dorm room. (See a picture here!) I loved writing out all of my assignments for the semester and marking them off one by one. And I loved when my friends would leave me little notes whenever they stopped by, of course!

    I also had a chalkboard wall phase in the dorm room. (See a picture here!) It’s probably my favorite 🙂

  • I can’t wait to live in an apartment where I can paing the walls!

  • So much fun!! My boyfriend tried doing drawings on his wall with a highlighter. only visible with black light. pretty cool.

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  • This is the perfect idea for renters. Or when you have BIG ideas and you just need to sketch them on a wall or something! It could also make a great party decor?

  • This paint is awesome! My husband does medical research for a university, and they have this paint on ALL the walls in case a great new idea comes to mind and no whiteboard can be found! It’s amazing! I like it a lot better than chalk. Much cleaner! 🙂

  • Oh my gosh I didn’t even know this stuff existed! I definitely want to try!


  • This is perfect! I have been wanting to paint my pantry door in chalkboard paint (colored), but this might be even better. Thanks for the great idea!

  • That looks like so much fun! My daughter would love being able to draw on the walls XD

  • Please allow me to beg anyone with a clawfoot tub not to do that! Clawfoot tubs are too amazing to destroy with dry-erase paint!

    Everything else sounds cool, though!

  • We have a dry erase wall in our boardroom. It’s REALLY neat, but kind of hard to get the marker off if its on there a while

  • Great idea, I didn’t even know this existed! I would use it for an accent wall in my kitchen, which is also part of the main area of my place. That way my boyfriend and I can write notes to each other and see how long it takes for us to notice them… haha.

  • This is so amazing !! I never knew that they actually sold this !! I so want to paint a wall in my room with this paint now !!

    Have a most lovely day 🙂


  • Thats amazing, I like the cuboard door. You could write a shopping list on it.

  • you could use it on the stairs so as you walk up the stairs each step has a word on it which turns into a message!

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