Try This: Paint A Wall With Dry Erase Paint

Try This- Paint A Wall With Whiteboard Paint abeautifulmess.comWe recently did a little experimenting with dry erase (aka whiteboard) paint. God knows we can’t resist a specialty paint! Every space we’ve lived in for the past six years has included at least one chalkboard wall. (lookie: chalkboard kitchen cabinets and my first studio… OH and how to mix chalkboard paint in any color) Anyway, we’re not here to talk about chalkboard paint! Today is all about the dry erase board. So without further ado! Here’s the paint we

used…Dry Erase PaintIt comes in two parts that have to be combined before use. Once you mix the paint you have to use it all within an hour, so we did three coats twenty minutes apart. Whew!

After that you have to wait 72 hours for the paint to cure. You better believe we were all SO anxious to try it, because the reviews online were kinda spotty. We hoped that it would work just as well as a real dry erase board. If not we decided to file it under “fail”. And you know what…??It TOTALLY works! whiteboard paint on It totally works!!! Woohoo! It wiped off pretty easily, but we recommend keeping a whiteboard spray on hand to preserve the white.

Now I’m trying to decide where in my home to use this paint! It’s a little more expensive and much more work to apply than regular paint, so I’m thinking a smaller space or accent wall would be best. Here are a few options (don’t laugh at me!): The bathroom door, a closet door, a piece of furniture (a piano would be SO cool), a wall in the laundry room or the baseboards of a staircase (imagine the cute messages that could happen!?) Where would you use this paint?

Try This- Paint A Wall With Whiteboard Paint Wherever you use it, it’s an instant dose of fun and playfulness! I’m into it!

Cheers to dry erase paint! xo. Elsie

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