Welcome October

Welcome October 1Welcome October 1Welcome October 1You guys! We are so in love with autumn. We're making lists of things we want to enjoy this coming season. Luckily, this blog gives us an extra excuse to go crazy with crafts and recipes. There's something in the air… it's crafty season! 

Emma's Wearing: Sparkle Top/Free People, Dress/American Apparel, Shoes/Zara, Belt/StyleMint

Welcome October 4Welcome October 4Welcome October 4Elsie's Wearing: Dress/Red Velvet (few seasons ago), Jacket/American Eagle, Clogs c/o Lotta

Happy October 1st!!! xo. emma + elsie 

  • Adore the sparkle:) Found these cute rings that would go beautifully with this look:

  • The denim jacket with a simple black skirt is so cute! That look will be great on the fashion lovers website, socialbliss!

  • Both of you ladies look gorgeous! I also love movies with blankets + burning candles. Love this time of the year 😀

    xo, Adriana.

  • I’m convinced that Autumn is the best season. I’m also convinced I have reverse SAD, I swear I’m so so much happier when the Autumn/Winter months roll in! Cosy evenings by candlelight, snuggly jumpers, hot drinks, pumpkin soup, red leaves, the crisp smell of Autumn rain! I spend every Autumn in love with being alive 🙂


  • LOVE sequins and LOVE denim! Would love to see you guys do a DIY with both sequins & denim – together!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  • You gals are so gorgeous! Emma, I especially love that sparkly shirt. So cute.


  • I love fall! Its my favorite season! My favs this time of year are caramel apples, soup and hot chocolate with marshmallows.


  • Gorgeous! I am loving Elsie’s hair – too cute! And Emma’s sequin top is lovely 🙂

  • Such cute looks and that sequin dress is amazing!


  • Love this! And I love October!



  • I’m so into sequins right now. Bought a gold sequin dress for a wedding and loved it!

  • so cute you girls, October is by far one of my fav months, (december is my fav just for christmas)

  • I love Emma’s sequin top! Is it currently available from Free People or is it an older model?

  • Isn’t this a great time of year. It always goes by so fast. I’m looking forward to what you’re sharing this month because the months leading up to Christmas are the ones where I feel crafty!

  • Yay for October! I’m celebrating with you. I probably go through more candles in October than any month of the year!


  • Yay October!!! You two look so adorable in these photos! I especially love Emma’s top. I’m looking forward to so much this Month, scary movies with the special guy, candy, pumpkin EVERYTHING and of course the weather finally cooling down where I live.

    xo. Deanna

  • I CANT believe it is October already!!!! Im looking forward to the cooler weather!



  • Woo! I’m so excited for October. These pictures are so cute. I’m also going to get lots of candles to make our apartment super cosy as the cold nights come in. It’s time to embrace this time of year – hence #positiveoctober on my blog and Twitter! 🙂

  • Love the sparkle top! You guys make me so much more excited for fall than I think I ever was when I was a kid. 🙂


  • I love your lists. I am seriously an obsessive list maker and now I will have to compile a list of all my favorite things about fall too. Which will definitely include pumpkin spice lattes. I think this just might be my new favorite blog. <3

  • Hi there! I really like this post, it really feels like October… Apple cider, pumpkin spice latte, gingham, all my favorites, and nice scarves! I’m always listening to old kitch girlie songs in fall season, like Bran Van 3000 with Everywhere. PS you both are just lovely!


  • I was so excited to see Gingham on Emma’s list because thats what I wore and posted about on my blog today! It was even with yellow tights, I think you guys would like it 🙂
    These lists are so amazing, I cannot wait to see what you lovely ladies have in store for the blog! Hope you’re having a wonderful first day of October!
    xo Hannah
    Oh the gingham post is:

  • It’s hard to believe it’s already October! Where has the time gone? Can’t wait to see what creative fall crafts you guys come up with! xoxo

  • October makes me giddy! My list: chili & cornbread, corn mazes, bonfires, and being a kid again at Halloween!

  • Elsie, I love the big hair:) Very cool! Also, Emma, that outfit…I totally want to steal it;)



  • hey! i don’t know if you’ve already talked about this on a previous post but i was wondering what kind of a lens do yo guys use? is there anything similar on a nikon?

  • YAY! October is here! I can’t wait got Halloween and eating yummy things!

    My blog: acolorfulcreation.blogspot.com

  • Gorgeous pictures!!!!!
    Happy new month dear and have a wonderful and creative one!!!

  • You both look beautiful and ready for Fall.

  • You guys are adorable. Love both outfits.
    And I agree with all the things you listed that you are looking forward to in autumn! I am adding drinking hot cocoa in front of the fireplace <3



  • I love these List’s! … and of course the outfits as well.
    Happy October 🙂

  • You girls are so cute. I would love to see Fall-inspired tablescapes on your blog. It will be great inspiration for when I host my FIRST Thanksgiving. Ahhh. Xx

  • I’m looking forward to the fun stuff fall brings just like you guys are! Emma i love how you put the sparkly top over the dress!

  • I love fall! I love the locations for your photoshoots. so colorful/interesting!
    Bisous, Luu

  • So cute! Cant wait to see what else you gals will bring to us this month


  • All of my favorite things, top!

    Amanda Rose

  • Love Elsie’s outfit and you both have great hairdo’s!


  • I’m totally on the look out for some maternity gingham! Failing that, I’ll have to pinch one of Steve’s shirts.Rx


  • October has arrived! I couldn’t be happier. You two look wonderful – love the personalized lists.

  • Oh dear sweet lord the bats! I love fall because halloween-ey decorations are out and about and OMG do I collect black cat stuff with Boo! scribbled across them. (My kitty cat is a solid dark grey and her name is boo so I love collecting Halloween cats that say Boo!).

    I also have been collecting cups of Skulls and Cross bones and bowls for my future place….I love this season! Especially in Houston where cold doesn’t happen till December (69 degrees doesn’t count as cold when you’ve been to places that gets below 0 degrees- Michigan for me).


  • hi Elsie & Emma,
    your blog is my absolute favorite! i check it more than once everyday, and love reading about all the fab stuff you do.
    keep it going!
    bipasha 🙂

  • I can’t wait to see your crafts. October totally has me in craft mode, especially with Halloween coming up!

  • Hi Kelsey,
    I use mostly just the stock brushes that come with photoshop. I always test a bunch before using them, but tend to stick with a couple. 😀
    Hope that helps!
    XO- elsie

  • I love that you included lists in this post! So sweet!

    And I was wondering which brushes are your favorite to use in photoshop with your tablet? I love the look of your handwriting, and haven’t been able to find a brush that I’m in love with yet.

  • Seriously, you girls are fab! I can get lost for hours on your blog! I agree with you both. Hooray for Fall!

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