10 Things I Love Sunday

Helloooo! I feel like I’m still stuck in the Groundhog Day movie as it feels like winter will never end, but we have had a few warm days lately and those have given me hope of a warmer and sunnier future. I also saw some daffodil leaves coming up and that’s a promising sign too! We planted extra peony bushes last year so I can’t wait for them to come out in May.

1. These spring sandals are so fun (more sizes here) and I love that they have a low heel as well which makes toting around a baby a little easier. Basically take anything and add furry poms or feathers and you got me …

2. Thinking I may store our liquor in something like this instead of our bar cart in the near future. I love the vintage cart I have but those baby hands are into everything these days, so it just seems like the more breakable things out of her reach, the better!

3. I adore matching pajama sets and these are just too cute and perfect for summer! Those type of button up pjs with the piped edges always remind me of my favorite classic movie stars, so every time I see them, my brain is like, “Ohhhh, Cary Grant pajamas!”

4. This past weekend, I spent most of Lola’s sleeping hours making her a tiny faux fur coat and it was so fun for me! I basically just watched all the YouTube videos I could find on how to use an existing coat as a pattern for a new one (they were all for making adult coats, but I just used the same steps) and it totally worked! I even learned how to line the coat as well, which if you haven’t done that part, it’s pretty crazy! It adds a whole other level to line a jacket—it’s basically like one big puzzle that you have to put together very carefully. I think it took me longer than usual because it was a new skill for me to figure out, but also because her coat is so tiny it actually makes sewing it on the machine harder when everything is so small. I’m hoping I’ll become an expert at it so I can just make her fluffy coats in every shade and color each year.

5. This recipe looks soooo delicious!! I’ve had it pinned for a while, but I really need to try it soon. I love getting veggies prepared like that out at sushi-type places, so I’d love to see if we could make a good version at home too!

6. A whole lot of the plants in my house are dead (????), but I’m waiting until spring really hits to add some more green to the house. I love simple textured planters (and that’s mostly what I have), but I could totally go for a marbled option or this mint stand as a new addition. Also, these guys just make me smile.

7. I’ve mentioned this amazing book before but Todd and I are in a bit of a race to see who can finish it first! I’ve never “shared” a book that we are both reading at the same time, but neither of us wants to totally wait until the other person is done so we just keep trading off bits at a time to read it. I definitely would love to try the cookbook as well as I’ve heard some really good things about it.

8. Check out the bathroom hand-painted mural in this home tour (scroll down to find it)! I thought it looked familiar and then I realized Shantell Martin is the same artist that did a mural here in Nashville that we see all the time. I love black and white outline patterns like that that have such a graphic quality while retaining an organic feel.

9. So happy that neon signs are becoming more accessible. I’d probably like one in every room of the house (that pizza sign above in is our den), but maybe that’s a little overboard?

10. This post on how to manage stress based on your Myers-Briggs is so interesting to me (I’m an INFJ by the way). I like the idea that you need to customize advice like that based on how a person is wired since we all handle and feel things differently. You can take the test here if you don’t know what you are, but see if the advice would be helpful for you!

We are going to have my parents visiting this week as they come down to visit my sister’s new baby (yay!!) and I can’t wait to spend a little family time with them and have them see how big and fun Lola has gotten since the last time they saw her. I’m sure she has a bunch of new skills that she’d be happy to show off, too! xo. Laura

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