10 Things I Love Sunday

Hi friends! We’re currently soaking up these summer days and it has been so magical!

1. This unicorn swing. Nova loves it SO MUCH.

2. Aunt Elsie’s Summer Camp is coming up and I’m already planning our craft times. We used this book last summer and the girls loved it.

3. 99% sure we are going to build a stock tank pool into our deck next summer. I saw it at Erin’s house and it was so incredible, functional and it wasn’t very expensive to make. Nova loved our blow up pool (until it popped recently—haha) and has been asking to go swimming literally every day.

(If we did build it, it would have a wood cover that stayed covered anytime we weren’t outside— safety first!)

4. Lulie Wallace has new wallpaper designs and they are SO good.

5. Loved THIS kitchen renovation.

6. My favorite dolls.

7. What are your most used “Etsy searches”? Mine is definitely vintage vera scarves.

8. The perfect booties for fall (don’t hate me because I like to plan ahead—haha).

9. Cute kiddo shoes + a great cause, too.

10. Now that I learned to make sugar cookies, I kind of want to learn to make pasta. Any books you would recommend? Or online guides?

P.S. This photo is edited with the new A Color Story pack Sunkiss (the filter called Sunkiss). It’s my new favorite filter! 

Happy weekend! xx – Elsie

  • This summer looks so beautiful! Or maybe I am transforming and feel good! What a lovely kitchen spotted there!

  • My gourmand kid made some awesome pasta from scratch. It was no big deal–flour, eggs, salt, water, and some minced fresh sage for a little kick. The trick is rolling it out thin enough. If you think it’s thin enough, roll it some more.
    Re sugar cookies, I try to keep a log of dough in the freezer. If somebody drops by unexpectedly, I can quickly turn on the oven and slice the dough and the house quickly is infused with yummy cookie smells. And it’s easy to impress with cookies warm from the oven.

  • This tutorial is great: https://food52.com/blog/10262-how-to-make-fresh-pasta-from-scratch

    So is this one:

    And if you have the kitchenaid attachment roller attachment:

    I’ve made all kinds things with just pasta sheets. I like to make the egg pasta sheets and hand cut noodles to match the width I am
    Interested in that day. I’ve also used the sheets to make lasagne and ravioli. It’s so fun! You can also make things like cavatelli without any special tools, just a counter top, dough and some extra hands to make the shaping go faster. I used to teach cooking classes when I was a middle school teacher and the kids loved doing that. I used this recipe (Bob’s red mill makes good semolina flour):

  • I highly recommend the Kitchen Aid pasta maker attachment. It is so easy to use. We try to eat healthy all week and make fresh pasta for dinner on Sunday nights. We have used a few different recipes but have found that adding a bit of olive oil to the recipe keeps the pasta from being too dry and makes it easier to roll out super thin.

  • This is the cutest photo and cutest swing!

    Going to check out this app.


  • I use Marcella Hazan’s book, the Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking, for her pasta making instructions and it’s incredibly easy! Especially with the KitchenAid attachment for rolling and cutting, though usually I only use it to roll out the dough, then cut it by hand on the counter. She also has an amazing, simple pasta sauce recipe that you can find on Food52.

  • Have you done a cookie tutorial that I missed? If not, I would LOOOOVVVVEEE to know how you do it!!

  • OMG the Vera scarves Etsy search is now my new obsession. I’m buying all of them. As for pasta: 1 cup flour, 1 egg. Make a well in the middle of the pile of flour and put the egg in. Carefully mix it all together, let it rest in the fridge for a while. The easiest. I have an old hand-crank pasta machine I stole from my mom and I love it. I bet you can find one like it in Etsy or eBay! The kitchenaid one seems great but it’s expensive.

  • I love those shoe/boots! In GBP they are £144, but I didnt realise tax and duty are added at checkout making them over £200, so sad! Shipping was only £10 as well. I am on the look out for something similar over here and affordable as they are just gorgeous!

  • Most common Etsy each for me is vintage rings. I’ve never actually bought one but one day……there will be one that I won’t be able to pass up! And I got my mother the pasta attachment for her Kitchen Aid stand mixer last Christmas (got it on crazy sale because those attachments are insanely expensive!!!) and we “inaugurated” it together one night. She made the dough from an online recipe and we followed the video instructions and although are pasta was pretty terrible looking it was a success taste wise ;p We dressed it with a simple lemony white sauce and added some season vegetables and chicken and it was fantastic. She wants to try the other pasta forms (we tried the linguine) and maybe try to dye it!

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