How to Style a Classic French Braid

French braid 1French braid 4I adore a pretty french braid! It's such a classic hairstyle that can work on many different hair lengths, including locks with layers. If you've never french braided before, or just need a refresher you're in luck. Sarah demonstrates a french braid on our pretty model Anna.

French braid steps 21.Seperate the top 1/3 of your hair into three sections. 2. Begin braiding these sections together. 3. As you braid add more of the loose hair to each section so that you use all of your hair by the time you finish the braid. 4. Tuck any loose strands into the finished french braid, and you're done!

French braid 3You can use this technique to create a classic french braid (like the one shown) or you can create french braids on the side of your hair, going upside down or you can divide your hair into two main sections before you begin creating french braided pigtails! There are so many different variations you can try once you feel comfortable french braiding your own hair. Have fun with it! xo. emma and elsie

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