10 Things I Love Sunday

I am loving summer! This past week was our “summer camp” here’s last year and here’s this year. We loved spending 24/7 with our nieces! Karaoke, swimming, Rice Krispie treats, craft projects, spa night … it’s my favorite tradition. And even better this year since Nova is here!

Here are a few things I am loving this week …

1. Anna and her family stayed at our Airbnb and her photos made my week. They are so cozy.

2. Currently reading (actually I am listening to the audio version) … already cried & it’s so good.

3. Cute reusable cups.

4. The importance of Beyonce’s Vogue cover.

5. I love this art print.

6. For anyone working on a mermaid theme room (there has to be SOMEONE, right?)

7. Cannot resist.

8. Augh—a dinosaur dress for Nova.

9. I love this red purse. I’m feeling really into red for my clothing this year. And orange. But only burnt orange because light orange and light blush pink look really bad on me. What “season” do you think I am? I could never figure that out.

10. So into velvet pillows and these colors are so good. Love round pillows too.

Hope you are having a great weekend! xx – Elsie

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