At Work With Enjoy Cupcakes

At Work With Enjoy CupcakesWe have been loving our "At Home With…" feature so much, we thought it would be really fun to share where people work as well! Our first guest to share her lovely work space is Amber Vander Vliet of Enjoy Cupcakes. Amazing bakery setupEnjoy Cupcakes"My husband & I opened Enjoy Cupcakes in April 2009.  Our current storefront is in the tiny town of Los Olivos California, inside a wine tasting lounge named Saarloos and Sons. One thing we are known for is called “The Flight,” and this is when we specifically pair six different mini cupcakes with your wine tasting. I am continually inspired by local produce, flavors, wines and respect for food. I take advantage of the ingredients that grow in my yard and what the local farmers are offering for sale. Each week we introduce new flavors and have offered over 470 different cupcake flavors combinations to date.  My happy place and responsibility is our bakery kitchen and my husband, Kevin, operates the retail division of Enjoy Cupcakes (he is known as the locally famous “cupcake man”)."
Enjoy Cupcakes at workAt Work With Enjoy Cupcakes via A Beautiful MessGorgeous cake by Enjoy CupcakesEnjoy Cupcakes at Work via A beautiful mess"I arrive between 4 and 4:30am, with a triple latte in hand! I get started baking cupcakes, cakes, right away. Shortly after, my amazing co-workers arrive. We work hard and fast, fulfilling orders and stocking the shop, but are sure to work in lots of laughs. I sneak in mini meals while working (typically greek yogurt or oatmeal, loaded with cupcake ingredients like fresh fruit, nuts, & spices). Kevin arrives, with our baby boy Foster and/or our daughter Opal in tow, around 10:00am to pick up the goodies for the shop. We are then able to catch our breath and finish off special orders and cakes with less time pressure. Some days we facilitate wedding tastings in our kitchen lobby area. Then comes the mass of dishes and clean up!" Enjoy Cupcakes AmberLovely workspaceEnjoy Cupcakes work supplies"We have an addiction and that’s cake stands and cake plates. We have hundreds and have spent 4 years collecting them. We constantly raid thrift shops, flea markets, antique stores, boutiques, etsy and ebay for unique cupcake display pieces. Our daughter refers them all as “treasure stores” and knows that almost every vacation involves scouring for them!" Beautiful cake stands
Gorgeous cake standsLovely lighting"Enjoy Cupcakes also caters desserts and cakes for weddings, birthdays and special events. At many of our catered events, we “bring the bakery” to the party with the Enjoy Cupcakes 1960 fully restored vintage Shasta cupcake trailer in tow.  We will be opening our second retail location this summer within the Santa Barbara Public Market in downtown Santa Barbara." Enjoy Cupcakes via ABMLovely desserts by Enjoy CupcakesThank you so much, Amber, for sharing your space!  Be sure to check out the Enjoy Cupcakes site or stop by and visit if you are in Los Olivos or Santa Barbara! xo. *all photos taken by Jennifer Young

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  • Your bakery is very beautifully put together, the vintage cupcake stands are a lovely touch. I adore that you and your husband scour the various avenues of used goods for your stands, and your daughter’s comment really touched my heart: they certainly are treasure stores!

  • Beautiful! I would love to work in a little bakery like that. 🙂 Gave me some cupcake-making fever.

  • Yay! Now I have a new series to look forward to!

  • I had the pleasure of trying the Enjoy cupcakes tasting flight a few weeks ago and it was SO delicious! I can’t wait to bring all my friends and family to visit Los Olivos so they too can “enjoy!!”

  • Ohh that’s so perfect. You know, my mom has a donut bakery here in town, so people call her “the donut lady” – in turn, people call my father “mr. donut lady” it’s awesome. 🙂 I’m the “donut princess” 😉 haha it’s just lovely. I love my little town 🙂

  • I love the blue ceiling light you have in one of the pictures. Do you know where you got it?

  • Such a pretty place that makes such pretty things! Love the little Pillsbury guys by the coats!

  • I LOVED THIS! Reading this post was so inspirational, because it is basically exactly what I would want my career to look like! Thank you so much for introducing me to Enjoy Cupcakes, it made me so excited to see what I could potentially do! What a cute company and family, and beautiful photos. Their cupcakes and cakes look so elegant… Ugh I am in love! I hope you continue with this series, I am totally inspired. 🙂

  • Favorite pic is the one of Amber and Foster. ADORABLE!


  • These photos are gorgeous! I first found Amber on instagram and fell in love with her photos and yummy treats!

  • How in the world is literally everything in the store, machinery, serving wear, the people, the food, everying, adorable?? How is this possible. I need to go there now.

  • i love Enjoy Cupcakes! when i’m in santa barbara, i go to los olivos just for those cupcakes. they are delicious!

  • Gorgeous! I can’t wait to go visit!!

    What a fun looking place to work.

  • Looking pretty and yummy!!

    xx Kaisa

  • I love cupcakes! Those mini cupcakes are soooo cute! Looks like a fun place to work. I love the colors, and how there is a lot of white!


  • Thank you sooo much Elsie, Emma and Katie! And thanks everyone for all the kind comments. One question was asking about the green fruit on top of the cake. It comes from a hybrid “Pineapple Guava” bush that grows in my back yard. It tastes much like a sweet tart candy:)

  • Sounds amazing day.. what a lovely place and experience, thank you for share with us..

  • some really good eats there! drooling over those pastrys…love the area where they cater that light fixture is stunning! thanks for sharing this space. xx.gigi. food and beauty blogger @

  • at work with!!! i love it. we enjoyed seeing red velvet’s transformation and it’s so fun to see creative workspaces. really really inspiring. i don’t know any other blog that does this!

  • Wow! Incredible baker and space–so impressed. And as someone who has worked in the food industry (both in a bakery and restaurant), I know how difficult it is to keep a place THAT clean–it literally looks brand new 🙂

    Really enjoy this series! Very inspirational.

  • Oh my gosh this is so inspiring! things like this really make me want to go for it and start that little bistro we’ve been dreaming of opening forever!

  • Great Blog and thanks for many informations, that is very usefull for me, i hope i will see more new informations again in next tim

  • Something about a pretty bakery brightens my day. I love this post! All of a sudden I really want to plan a trip to California. How odd.

  • Wonderful photos! 🙂

    Miss Drawingdream

  • These are such a wonderful shots! 🙂

  • This place looks amazing! Who wouldn’t love to work at a cupcake bakery? Amber seems super nice and her creations are so pretty 🙂

  • oh my god, the big sister of kitchenaid 🙂

  • The photos are amazingly beautiful! I would love to try these cakes. What a yummy post!


  • i love it!
    and how cute is this giant cupcake and the cupcake plates?

  • Gorgeous! Great post, excited to see more of these in the future.
    Smiles from Vancouver.

  • Wow, those mixers! I die. I’m surprised that this is more inspiring to me than most home tours! So beautiful – thanks for sharing:)

    Stephanie May*

  • This is my dream job!

    xo Jennifer

  • These pictures are beautiful!! Loved this post 🙂


  • It literally hurts my inside that I live on the other side of the country and cannot visit this magical place in person. Pain. Delicious. Too much…

  • Lovely post! I live in the Santa Barbara area and can’t wait for their new location!

    Carmen @ Sixth & Olive

  • What are those green fruits on the cake in the photo? I am so impressed with folks that can create such yummy food that looks this beautiful!

  • Obvious that they create beautiful things in such an inspiring environment!

  • When they move down to SB definitely will check them out 🙂 I’ve always wanted to own my own bakery…loved reading some behind the scene stuff on it.

  • So inspiring!!!!! I love seeing stories like these. Their reality is my dream! Someday, someday. Thank you for sharing this! <3

    xo Sara @

  • Oh wow! I love this! I’m a super fan of cupcakes as well! Can’t wait to check out more about Enjoy Cupcakes!


  • I absolutely love this idea and what a great space to start with!!! So happy they’re enjoying their work so very much. What a beautiful thing!

  • Oh I love Enjoy Cupcakes! I live in Los Olivos and it always makes my day to pop in and snag a cupcake! I always hate the days I’m too late to get one tho…

  • Okay this place looks amazing! Love the photography and desserts. And Amber and Kevin seem like great people. Thanks for sharing!

  • I’d love to be featured on A Beautiful Mess one day but I don’t own a store or a bakery. Wouldn’t that be exciting?

  • Lovely place to work and the sight of cup cakes all day long is added benefit..

  • So nice to see Enjoy Cupcakes featured here! The sweetest company and the most delicious cupcakes. They’re on my list of local favorites to feature, too… well deserving of all the love they get… Yay!

  • These pictures are all amazing! I’ve really been wanting to get a kitchen torch, and I think I’m going to have to so I can make mater pieces like this!


  • This is too lovely! Thank you for sharing!

    Juliette Laura

  • Oh my gosh I can already tell that I am going to love this new series!! Beautiful and so inspiring.

  • I’m about to go make some Red velvet cupcakes! You should try my recipe.

  • this is a really wonderful idea. i think the idea also reinforces why to shop independent/ local. these are real people in real (amazing) spaces. also, i think i might need to start collecting cake stands now.

  • Ohhh! I love this new series, and I love seeing where people work (especially when there are cupcakes involved)!

  • They make the most delicious cupcakes! They did the dessert at my wedding in August and we had RAVE reviews! They were incredible to work with. We also rented their trailer and it was a fun, unique touch to our wedding. It was fun seeing behind the scenes!

  • their work place is so cute and cozy. love that its clean w/o being 100% clinical.

  • The cakes are so pretty! I hope you do more at work with, it was fun to see the behind the scenes of a cupcake store. Yum!

  • lovely post !

  • I LOVE this! And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name Opal for a baby girl! Think she’d be mad if I stole it? ; )

  • Yaaaay for Enjoy and yay for Jennifer Young’s amazing photos! What a great pairing of very talented and lovely artists! I’m lucky enough to live close by and it’s a little dangerous because sometimes we indulge several times a month. It’s always such a pleasure! How interesting to see what goes on behind the scenes of my favorite sweet treats. Also, it’s so funny that this feature was posted now because I planned my own post about Enjoy today, with a video I made, but I pushed it back to tomorrow. How funny it would’ve been if they were both out on the same day!

  • I’d love to own a cupcake/bakery shop! What a wonderful place and the cakes looks so yummy!

    Lulu xx

  • Sounds like a fun time! I think I’d be double my size if I worked in a cupcake bakery, I just couldn’t resist!

  • I have loved your At Home series and am so excited about this series!!!!! Especially if it is for businesses this delicious! Looks like a wonderful way to spend the day! You never work a day in your life if you love what you do!

  • This is such a fun space!


  • I love this idea. We are much more likely to get a glimpse of someone’s home that we are the behind the scenes of where they work. I used to love snooping around my dad’s office as a kid or hanging out behind the desk with my mum at the library.


  • I love your “At home…” series so much! But, this is such a fun twist! I can’t wait to read more people work atmosphere passions/and decor!


  • this place sounds awesome! its amazing to see how much hard work goes into the job!

  • THE MILK GLASS CAKE STANDS HAVE ME DROOLING! My mom and I collect those, they are quite expensive down here in Texas!


  • I’ve discovered many a great blog through your ‘At Home With..’ series, and am looking forward to some more interesting places with this new series of yours! Those cakes look amazing 🙂

  • I love this feature! It’s really fascinating to learn about how they run their business, and balance it with family life. Beautiful photos and fantastic info 🙂

  • Oh those white cake stands are amazing! I’m so jealous at this collection.. I need those for my wedding! XO

  • I love this so much! I’m so glad you guys are starting an at work series! My husband is a chef and I’m the ultimate housewife wanna-be, so we have a long time dream of opening our own little bistro with our babies running around. This bakery is so dreamy.
    Drey –

  • I love all things cake, so i was so excited to see this post today! I am enjoying the ‘at home’ series a lot, and I think I might love this one even more! All those cake stands are so pretty. I also really want a cupcake now.

  • I loooove this series! And I adore Enjoy Cupcakes…Amber is the sweetest!

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