Baked Pizza Bites

Easy appetizer recipesHere's another super easy and delicious appetizer idea for any New Year's Eve party hosts out there: baked pizza bites! I am an absolute pizza fiend. I could eat pizza for most meals, so a pizza themed appetizer totally makes sense in my book. You only need 4 simple ingredients to make these lovelies. Here's what you do.Pizza bites!!!!Simply cut string cheese into 2-3 pieces. Wrap in puff pastry dough. The trick is to make sure to press the ends together so the cheese gets sealed in, otherwise it may all ooze out as it bakes. Brush with an egg wash or a little melted butter and sprinkle on some dried oregano. If you're feeling fancy you could add a slice of pepperoni to the insides too. Do your thing. Live your life. Then bake at 375°F for 18-22 minutes until golden brown. Serve hot with marinara sauce. Enjoy! xo. Emma

  • hi girls, why don’t you make videos for those recipes so we can understand better :/ xx <3

  • I made these vegan for New Years Eve with Daiya vegan cheese and Lightlife baked ham (the store was out of pepperoni) …. They were seriously incredible. Thanks for this fantastic idea!

  • Just wanted to let you know that I loved this post and decided to feature it on my blog! I hope you have a happy new year!

    Anestazia @ Eccentric Delirium

  • Truly this post is greatly delicious with details about the preparatory methods of baked pizza that make easier to try this at home easily through referring these templates

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  • Gorgeous pics as usual !
    Check out my new post:

  • so glad to have found your lovely blog today. i love everything about it. especially the decor posts as i am moving soon and always looking for some inspiration!
    and this looks delicious by the way!

  • have just reflected on the year in my latest post and am now looking forward to starting the new year so may just have to use this recipe as one of my new years eve treats like you suggested!

  • They look delicious! I like pizza so much! Let me think, there is so long a time haven’t tasting it. Your pizza makes me run at the mouth.

  • those look SO good!!!! I’m drooling. no really, if you were next to me you’d see!!

  • Mmhhh,this looks yummy!
    Very good idea and not that hard to make 🙂


  • Carbs, carbs! But oh, the sure look good 🙂 I’d eat ’em.


  • These look delicious, if only I’d had the recipe when I did a huge buffet for our friends on boxing day! I’ll have to store this away for the next party xxx

  • Yum! Those look amazing


  • Oh wow, these look delicious! Definitely perfect for NYE! xo

  • These look so marvelous Emma! I’m a crazy pizza fan myself – my stomach rumbled hungrily when I saw those mouth-watering photographs! (And congratulations on your engagement!!)

  • Yum Yum!!! So simple and so tasty looking! I’m loving all your amazing recipes Emma 🙂

  • I love this! I am a terribly lazy chef, so this easy-yet-delicious apps are perfect! Thanks :3

  • I have all this extra puff pastry lying around in my fridge from this appetizer that I made for Thanksgiving…this is such an easy use for them! Thanks so much!

  • Oh my yummy gosh! This looks extremely delicious.

  • looks delicious! i want to make for my little ones

  • pinned! Pizza bites!!!! look soooo good!

  • That looks so good! Can’t wait to try these!


  • I am a norwegian woman of 30 years, who just discovered your wonderful blog this past year. I have read all of it! I want to thank you for a interesting, inspiering and beautiful blog. It makes me feel like I can make and do anything, and have really broadend my horisonts. Thank you!

  • lightbulb! string cheese with puff pastry = excellent!

    thanks for this recipe 🙂

  • Mmm good! These look amazing.

    Also, is another sister style or mixology coming soon? I really really like those!


  • Woow, I love pizza and that looks so yummy. I didnt see it like that but I would like to cook it and taste. Perfect idea. Have a nice day.

  • Only 4 ingredients? Wow I always love simple recipe and this is the one! Look really yummy too! A great snack idea.

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