Laura’s Den Tour (Before + After!)

Laura's Den Tour Before + After (click through for more!) It’s been a few months since I’ve done a room tour of our new Nashville diggs, but I can’t wait to share with you the room we probably hang out in the most—the den! We have a front sitting room connected to a dining space in the front of the house, but since we have our TV in the den and a large sectional couch, we tend to spend most nights lounging around in this space instead. I think this is probably the room that has seen the biggest transformation for me since we moved in, and below you’ll see why!

Laura's Den Tour Before + After (click through for more!) This room had a lot of red-toned wood and brick detail when we first moved in that really gave the space a dated feel. The floor was a mix of brown tile and shag carpet (you can see it better in another before photo later in the post), and it felt, and looked, so odd to have two different flooring options in the same room. Since we installed hardwood floors and stained them dark, I painted the walls, wood shelving, and fireplace a bright white (just untinted paint straight from the can is my favorite white) to brighten up the space as much as possible since dark floors can suck up a lot of light. For balance, I painted the ceiling beams a dark grey to mimic the floor tone and bring some contrast to the upper part of the room.

Laura's Den Tour Before + After (click through for more!) We replaced the standard looking ceiling fan with this gorgeous light fixture from Lucent Lightshop. As you’ll see, we have a few brass mid-century inspired light fixtures in the space, which helps to keep the look consistent throughout the room.

Laura's Den Tour Before + After (click through for more!) I usually keep our mantel pretty simple and just switch out greenery, gold objects, and prints as my mood dictates (love those prints by Wilder California and Garance Doré).

Laura's Den Tour Before + After (click through for more!) Laura's Den Tour Before + After (click through for more!) These brass unicorn fire pokers were one of the first things I bought after we moved. They were from a local vintage shop and were just too unique to pass up!!

Laura's Den Tour Before + After (click through for more!) To give the space another custom touch, I replaced the metal accordion closet doors with wood ones, and then cut and painted geometric wood panels to match. Doors with special trim work or panels always feel a bit Parisian to me, which is probably why I’ve done it in a few spots in the house!

Laura's Den Tour Before + After (click through for more!) My husband had been trying to convince me to get a sectional for a few years, and I’m so glad that I finally gave in and got this beautiful Joybird Braxton sectional (in Notion Thunderbird). The mid-century design is clean and sleek but still looks timeless and modern when added to the space. Not only can we both fully stretch out now when we watch a movie, but there’s also plenty of room for both cats as well, and the fabric is really pet friendly (so easy to vacuum clean). Since I knew I wanted a colored couch, I decided to make the rest of the decor nearby mostly neutral so that the couch could really be the big pop of color for the space. So glad that I did! I was so happy to find this round marble pedestal coffee table to compliment the design. The marble is so pretty, and I love the gold against the teal of the couch and the white cowhide. Once I added a gold leather pouf and some gold foil pillows, our nightly hangout area was complete!

Laura's Den Tour Before + After (click through for more!) Laura's Den Tour Before + After (click through for more!)
How cute is that vintage kitty letter holder?? I use it to hold photos instead but I love it…

Laura's Den Tour Before + After (click through for more!) I wanted to make sure all the furniture in the room felt cohesive, so I restyled an Ikea TV stand to give it a bit of mid-century flair. I also try and think of a few ways to add some fun into each room, and while I was stuck for a while on how to do that in this space, it all became very clear when I saw this giant (and freaking awesome!) Palm Springs dinosaur print. I trimmed it down to fit the space above the TV and built a quick custom frame for it (using this method). The moment I hung it up, I knew it was just the vibe I had been looking for.

Laura's Den Tour Before + After (click through for more!) Laura's Den Tour Before + After (click through for more!) These globe sconces were my first lighting DIY project, and I’m still so happy with how they turned out. There’s not a lot of floor room for lamps in this room, so adding some lighting to a wall really helped (and they are on dimmers, which I love).

Laura's Den Tour Before + After (click through for more!) Laura's Den Tour Before + After (click through for more!) Above you can see what I was talking about with the “half tile—half carpet” before situation. So odd, right? Having flowing hardwoods that now go through the whole house with the same floor stain makes the space feel much less disjointed. We also added a light over the breakfast nook table as well and added long curtains (hung at the top of the wall) to make the shorter ceilings look taller.

Laura's Den Tour Before + After (click through for more!) The light that we added over the table is this lovely brass pendant globe. The globe is such a classic mid-century look that I actually have it in a few spots in the house (including our covered porch entryway). The gold and roundness of the globe mimics the DIY round table and gold legs below, so they are the perfect compliment for each other.

Remember how I was just saying that it’s really important for me to add elements of fun to each room? Well, what’s more fun than a neon pink pizza sign?!? I worked with the darlings over at Electric Confetti to create this custom sign I designed, and they made all my neon dreams come true. It also comes with a remote so you can adjust the brightness to your liking or set it on one of several flashing modes for a party. A big plus is that it’s totally quiet as well as cute—no annoying hum at all! What’s not to love??

Laura's Den Tour Before + After (click through for more!) Our kitty Mac still uses this Palm Springs scratch house that I made for him just about every day. Nothing makes me happier than to see his little face in there looking out at me through the window. Sometimes he goes in just to take a nap!

Laura's Den Tour Before + After (click through for more!) We love to use our little breakfast nook for Saturday brunches or just to sit with some coffee in the winter and stare out at the backyard squirrels and birds (the cats love it for that same reason). I added a light-colored shag rug to break up the dark flooring a bit, and those lucite ghost chairs are a fun addition to the set as well.

Also, how amazing is that giant cactus!! Such a special guy deserves a special home, so I found him that = to live in. NEVER DIE, I LOVE YOU!!

Laura's Den Tour Before + After (click through for more!) I made a quick key and coat rack out of wood and brass cabinet pulls, and since I used those same pulls throughout the room, it fits in nicely with the space. Also brought along that Big Lebowski print from our last house, and the Dude seems very happy here as well.

Laura's Den Tour Before + After (click through for more!) Laura's Den Tour Before + After (click through for more!) Hope you enjoyed the tour of our Nashville den! In case you missed them, you can also see our bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and guest bathroom tours as well. Our home is becoming such a cozy and cheery place lately, thanks for stopping by! xo. Laura

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Credits // Author: Laura Gummerman, Photography: Laura Gummerman and Todd Gummerman. Photos edited with the NEW A Beautiful Mess actions.

  • Hi!
    If you ever sell the unicorn fireplace tools will you please let me know? I’ve been searching for some! 🙂

  • Hello,
    We really liked the TV Stand but it looks like the link that you have posted takes to the different (newer) product. Do you know the height of the TV Stand as my wife thinks the one you have is which is only 15 inches in height?


  • Omg! The cupboard pulls for your ikea tv stand. Where did you find those?

  • Hi Laura! Your sectionals really stood out. I absolutely love the colors and those unicorn pokers are such a gem! Thanks for the great tour of your den – gives us inspiring and creative ideas on our next DIY projects.

  • I’ve been meaning to ask … how do you prevent your kitty from 1) scratching that beautiful linen sofa and 2) getting paw-trapped litter (or worse barf) on your throw pillows and wherever else they like to lay/bask?? I love my kitties, but I feel like I can’t really have nice fabric items around the house because they’ll damage it and constantly soil it…

    • Hey Amina,

      Could a scratching post be a good idea? I know how it feels to have such pretty stuff getting damaged. It would be nice to know your tips Laura 🙂

  • Truly beautiful and inspiring. I had just gotten some couches the same color and I was looking for ideas when I ran a cross your picture on Pinterest and I was just in awe.

  • OMG!!! Truly inspiring!!! I just bought some couches the same color as yours and was looking for ideas on how to do my living room and then BAM! I see your living room so gorgeous and im taking it as inspiration.

  • I really love seeing how you incorporated Palm Springs — my home town — into your home =) Beautiful!

    • What is the paint color on the grey beams? I’ve been looking for a white wall / dark beam combo to freshen up the cream wall and taupe beams my house came with, this grey looks so pretty! Thanks!

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  • i absolutely love this, it’s stunning and so my style. Great job


  • I actually just stuffed it with leftover blankets and t-shirts and pillows, but you can also buy different kinds of stuffing too 🙂


  • I think it’s called a banana plant? Some plants have a million different names though 🙂


  • I think I revolted against white walls with my first house because growing up that’s the only paint color my mom would use. Seemed so sterile. This is perfect. Impressive what a can of paint can do in a transformation. Well done!

  • I LOVE this room!! Everything about it is perfect. Definitely my favorite feature you guys have done.

  • What an absolutely stunning room! I love the gold accents, and I adore this neon sign!!

  • The gold pouf. LOVE. Did you buy stuffed or DIY? If you did it yourself, what did you use? That might be another blog post after reading the reviews on this item.

  • I love this, Laura! Thanks for sharing. You ladies really know how to brighten up a space! I’ll definitely be using this as inspiration when we finally buy our first home in your hometown of Pittsburgh hopefully next year 🙂 xo

  • OMG!!! This room, your house, is SO amazing and beautiful. I have major den envy right about now. I love how everything came together, all the colours and decorations are seriously so good. I can’t get over it!

  • I badly want to fly you guys to do our house. The whole ABM team! Haha! Well done Laura. The place looks bloody awesome. 🙂

  • Ahhh I’m dying!!! I LOVE your den. Everything is perfect about it. The cacti and plants really make it feel alive and I love the gold accents and fun details. I am really wishing your cacti were mine…

  • Damn your place is picture perfect and I love the aesthetic! Inspired to revamp my space now. xx.


  • Wow, it’s stunning. Like seriously what a gorgeous space! Health to enjoy as we say in Northern Ireland! 🙂

  • I am so impressed about this “metamorphosis” of the house. I love the before and after pics.
    The division of dining and lounging area is gorgeous. I really love the combination of white, gold and pastellcolours. It makes the room so light an open. The decoration and accessoires like pictures and plants are very stylish – perfectly boho; . Have I mentioned the unicorns? What a vintage find! I cannot stop looking at all the beautiful details…. WOW!

  • Such a beautiful space, as is the rest of your home tour you shared on this site! I was going to make the wall light DIY, but then I realized that it may be a bit too advanced for me. I think I’ll start with something easier – your living room is a true inspiration!


  • THE CHANGE IS AMAZING! The room is completely unrecognisable from what it was at the start!
    Love that little sitting dining area by the window 🙂

    ♡ Carina – Blog // YouTube

  • This space is stunning, I can’t get over those dark beams, and the dark floors!


  • Good question! Here’s a post on just that!

    Laura 🙂

  • Here and there! Some are thrifted and painted 🙂 I think Hobby Lobby has some too still


  • So chic and beautifully designed 🙂 I love the light and bright look but my apartment suffers from little light and a husband with directly opposite tastes to me… I love your posts as I can take inspiration and pop them into my teeny NYC studio in little bits and bobs. Thanks for the beautiful post x

  • What a great open space, I especially like the marble table and brass accents.

  • Beautiful space! I am curious though — how do you keep your cats out of your plants?!

  • What a fab-looking room!
    I like how the overall design is so sleek, but then the art is so humorous.
    That giant cactus is really awesome–how’d you keep it happy & growing?

  • Love!!

    Where did the curtain rod come from? Of course I’m asking about the one thing without a link 🙂

  • What a gorgeous room Laura! And I still LOVE that little Palm Springs house you made for your kitty!!

  • Where are the gold hands from? I love them and this room. This is definitely one of my favorite room tours on ABM.

  • Now this is a house worthy of a magazine! You did a really fantastic job making this space your own and it looks amazing.

  • I am SO jealous of those unicorn fire pokers! What an awesome find!

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