Twelve Incredible Wallpaper Patterns You Haven’t Seen Before

12 incredible wallpaper patterns you haven’t seen beforeHi, friends!! As you know I am CRAZY into wallpaper. So today I thought I would share a few of my most special finds. These are all styles that we didn’t use in our home, although we wanted to… but eventually you hit your limit on wallpaper rooms, haha!

Maybe some of you can use these in YOUR homes and send me photos, and I can live vicariously through you? Mmmkay – sounds like a plan!

First up – six papers to make a bold or fun statement! ONE. This is the same brand where I got my dot paper for our entryway. It’s all handmade in Portland, incredible quality, and I REALLY love this patten. TWO. I just recently found this pattern. Isn’t it fun?! THREE. Ugh, these flamingos are going to haunt my dreams. If I ever get a Palm Springs house, I’m using this for sure. FOUR. Glitter wallpaper. FIVE. Never enough palm prints. SIX. You know I love this one. So fresh and sweet. It reminds me a little bit of that clementine wall we did in our last home.

12 incredible wallpaper patterns you haven’t seen before And here are six really pretty neutral options that will add a lot of texture to your space. ONE. This design really is everything I love rolled into one! TWO. Really loving this design. It’s definitely one of those that I would have picked if it would have been out when I was shopping (it’s really new!). Someone else use it for me, please? THREE. I love this paper. So pretty and soft, but in a cool way. FOUR. This paper is so epic. I’ve seen it before in a bathroom, I think, and it was SO pretty! FIVE. Super into this. SIX. So soft and unique. I love this one.

Which is your favorite?? For more wallpaper talk, see my wallpaper guide from last year. xoxo!! Elsie

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