20+ Easy Accent Wall Ideas

You know that wall in your home that really needs something, but you aren’t sure what to put there? Today, we’re rounding up our favorite wall decor DIY’s like shelving, weavings, frames, and more. If you need ideas, we’ve got you covered!Sometimes it can be hard to find the right wall decor for a bathroom. Make your own marble shelves to display things like Q-tips, cotton balls (in pretty glass jars) and candles.

Did you know you can make wall planters out of placemats? This is such a fun way to display them!

One of our favorite DIY’s ever? Elsie’s acrylic photo frame. So pretty! You could make a really large version of this depending on how much wall space you have.

Weavings and statement pieces can take a lot of time if you haven’t had a lot of practice. This wall hanging doesn’t require any weaving experience, and you can make it while watching your favorite Netflix show. 🙂

Remember Laura’s paint pen statement wall? Anyone can do this DIY and it’s reaaallly inexpensive.

Looking for other paint/stencil ideas? We love this kitchen clementine wall and painted eye design Laura added to her bathroom.

This circle shelf is a more modern take on honeycomb shelves. We have a DIY for those, too.

One word. Wallpaper. A fun wallpaper design adds so much to a plain wall. And, with all the removable options available now, why not?

You can also frame a wallpaper sample. So simple!

Turn your chilidren’s scribbles and paintings into framed art (with this trick) instead of keeping them on the refrigerator.

Still can’t get over Emma’s amazing faux living wall.

Make a clock out of a cutting board? You sure can. Emma added this one to her kitchen wall.

Can’t decide on one photo to frame? Make a vertical photo display so you can add several of them.If you have a large wall that needs some love, cover it in rainbow colors.

This gold chain wall hanging is a cute alternative to a wall weaving.

When in doubt, add an art print! Check out our art print wishlist for some inspiration.

On a lucky day, you might find a house shelf (like this one) at a flea market, but you can totally make your own, too. Love how Mandi used hers to store coffee cups.

Speaking of shelving, you can also make a shelf for your nail polish collection using a vintage wooden tray. Can you tell we love flea markets?

Add texture to a plain wall using photo frames. The hardest part is deciding on a paint color …

Don’t quit your daydream, and never quit using letter boards because we LOVE them. Click here to make your own!

Remember the old overhead projectors teachers used in school? Laura used one to paint a giant gold moon on her office wall.

Simple wall shelves can be used in virtually any room. Elsie had a bare wall to fill in Jeremy’s office, so she added records and art prints to fit the vibe. She used the same shelves (just different sizes) to display books in Nova’s room and in her bathroom to store nail polish.

We had to include at least one weaving since Rachel has so many good tutorials. This one is made with roving knots and has lots of texture.Another cute way to display plants on the wall? Make a hanging terrarium. Don’t worry about taking care of these plants—fake ones work just fine. 🙂

Happy DIY’ing! – The ABM Team

  • I love the art but always find it hard to mix different styles. Love the plants idea, When I’m in doubt, I just plants, and immediately gives life to the space!

  • I have to say, I love the style of your blog! Its very elegant and chic and just all around beautiful!

  • Ah some really fab ideas! I love the house shelf!
    Debs @ https://tiger-mint.com

  • I’m still in love with that faux living wall, although the photo frame wall is also so stylish!

  • Love this post!! I’m moving into a new apartment next week (rental) and have been thinking nonstop about decor, now I’m thinking where I can use some removable wallpaper

  • So many great ideas! That gold moon wall is PHENOMENAL – Laura Gummerman can do no wrong!

  • I love all these picks, particularly the weaving and the marble shelves! So awesome. I did a reclaimed shelf in lieu of a bedside table for my husband, and I’d like to find a really special weaving on Etsy for over my bed. #wallgoals

    Eva | www.shessobright.com

  • You guys have such great ideas! Love the round up. 🙂

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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