Easy Summer Cocktail + Appetizer Recipes

Just in time for the weekend, we’re rounding up two of our favorite things: cocktails and appetizers. These recipes are summer-friendly (think cold, slushy drinks and savory snacks) and easy to prepare for a cookout or party. Is anyone else craving chips and salsa with a margarita right about now?

If you’re craving something sweet instead of savory, click here for our favorite cookie and bar recipes. Otherwise, it’s cocktail time!

Pass the party punch, please. Mix up a big batch of tropical sangria made with sparkling wine and hibiscus tea. Yum!

Since it’s watermelon season, so grab two—one for a juicy snack and the other for a St. Germain slush.

A classic mojito is guaranteed to be refreshing, especially if you have fresh mint at home. This recipe incorporates raspberries and basil, too.

Do you prefer your margarita on the rocks or frozen? Salt or no salt? Either way, you’re going to love this frozen mango margarita.

If something with a little “kick” sounds better, here’s the recipe for a spicy watermelon margarita.

A fresh squeezed lemon drop martini sounds so good right now. There’s a mocktail version in the post, too!

Is it really a piña colada if it isn’t served inside a pineapple?

A frozen sweet and salty dog is the perfect combination of sweet and savory on a hot summer day.

Open a bottle of white wine and add peach popsicles to the glasses for a sparkling, fruity drink. The more they melt, the better!

Emma’s favorite summer cocktail? An Aperol spritz with a little Topo Chico on top. 😉

Jello shots are a summer staple, and we have a bunch of recipes. Enough to make a whole roundup of them. No regrets!

P.S. Here’s the recipe for the pink lemonade jello shots pictured above.

Moving onto appetizers, Laura swears by this easy creamy chicken dip recipe when she has friends over. It’s perfect on crackers or cucumbers!

We didn’t want to post very many recipes that involve an oven when it’s hot outside, but we’re making an exception for these spicy pimento cauliflower bites.

Candied cinnamon cashews are the perfect mix of sweet and salty. Be sure to make a big batch because these go fast!

Light and crispy air fried pickles are a must.

This jalapeño popper dip is one of our most popular recipes. If you make it, you’ll understand why …

Most people either love deviled eggs, or they can’t stand them. If you are “team deviled eggs,” here are three ways to make them.

Add some crunchy toppings to a goat cheese tray like wasabi peas, chocolate chips, and toasted coconut. So. Good.

In the dip department, creamy black bean is a clear winner. Emma loves bringing this one on our annual boat day.

Rocky road caramel popcorn. Enough said!

There are so many varieties of hummus (and we love ALL of them) including this spicy avocado version. Click here to get more hummus recipes from our archives.

Potato salad is a must-have, especially when it’s served with hot dogs and hamburgers. A true classic!

*Cheers* and happy snacking this summer! xo. – The ABM Team

  • These cocktail and appetizers recipe looks very delicious and refreshing, My family will love to try them! Thank you for sharing!?

  • Yum – I am great about planning drinks but the food is where I struggle a bit. Lots of yummy ideas here to consider for my future entertaining get-togethers (some day!). Cheers!

  • wow, I’m in on all of these, so how long should I give myself to work through all of them? Thank you!

  • Those St Germain Slushies look amazing!


  • The recipes all look so good! Perfect for parties! 🙂

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