Episode #6: Handmade Gifts

One of the first and most obvious topics we knew we wanted to cover this season is handmade gifts! As much as we love shopping, there is nothing better than giving and receiving handmade presents for the holidays.

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Show notes:

-There’s a (Nova) Easter egg at the end of this episode!! So don’t miss it.
-Here is a link to our entire archive of handmade gift tutorials.
Mandi is the queen of dollhouses and miniatures. Check her story highlight.
-Homemade gift ideas that incorporate photos: photo keychain, our 2019 calendar template, a Christmas photo book, and gift wrapping with photos.
-OK, so Emma is kind of a scrooge saying she only wants consumable gifts … but if we’re being honest, don’t most of us feel this way? Here are few tutorials to make your own for gifting this season:
Past gifts we’ve made:

-We’ve had a few really special dolls gifted that look like our girls. We love Wildflower Liberty League and @AlfieDoll.

-Rachel’s quilt for Elsie.

Guilty pleasure treasures:
Mama Mia! Here We Go Again
-Eyelash extensions
Emma’s photo album collection:
And, she talks more about her albums and other organization ideas in this FREE e-course we made last year.
xo! Elsie and Emma
  • Loved this episode! What printer would you recommend if I want to get in the habit of printing out pictures on a regular basis like Emma? We take mostly iPhone photos. Thanks!

  • I am loving your podcast! I feel like I am getting to know you so much better. Emma, can you share the link to your annual photo albums you use? I love the idea to fill it as the year goes on. I just got married and I feel like its the perfect time to start 🙂

  • LOVING your podcast! I think you mentioned you would link your fave illustrators for custom portraits–possible to add? Thanks so much <3

  • I had followed your blog since the beginning, but hadn’t really loved the direction it went in recent years. I missed the true voice of Emma and Elsie. The podcast has fixed that! I’m enjoying it so much. Thank you!

  • Laura — where do you get your photo albums? Do you use a label maker to put the dates on them? Thanks!

  • I completely relate to only wanting consumable gifts. We have so much clutter already – and I always feel guilty letting go of things gifted to us, even if I don’t particularly love them. *high five* Emma!

  • So jealous of Emma’s albums! I’m like 30% done with my son’s first year photo album… and he’s about to turn 3 XD Second baby is not that lucky so far, haha. I guess it feels like if I start know I have to go back and do past years too and it seems too much. Maybe just… Start!
    OMG Nova singing ABBA is the best. Made my day. Congrats on the podcast! I wasn’t a podcast person and now I listen to great women every day. Yay 😀

  • I adore you ladies, been a fan…not even sure how many years!!!!

    I would LOVE to know the brand of the albums in 2019 (the cream ones).
    Thank you x a bunch.
    xo, Kelsey

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