Episode #4: Three Things That Make Our Homes Happier

First of all … we wanted to say the BIGGEST THANK YOU. Thank you for supporting our brand new podcast. We had an incredible first week and we are so grateful (and excited!)

You can stream today’s new episode here:

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OK … a few show notes links! These are things mentioned in episode four.

-You can see Elsie’s projector set up here. And you can see Emma’s set up here. There are links to all the items we used in those posts.

-Here are the links to Google Home (large speaker and small speaker). In my home, I use two large and three small.

Elsie’s Halloween tour (and last years) + Elsie’s holiday home tour (part two).

-Nova’s snack drawer. This is where we keep all the packaged snacks. It makes lunch packing simple because we grab a few of these along with a few fresh things like bananas, clementines, cucumbers or grapes.

-Here’s a link to @thehomeedit. Their houses really are as organized as their IG feed. It’s inspiring!

And, as I suspected, there is no ghost toilet photo to share. Haha … probably for the best.

Happy Monday! XX- Elsie + Emma

  • I have subscribed to ABM for a few years and I am very happy you decided to do a podcast. I loved the first three episodes and am about to listen to the 4th — just love it! Thanks!

  • I had to pause in the middle of this episode to comment. First, I have a similar bedroom situation to Emma’s and have avoided buying curtains….it makes it really difficult to relax and rest and feel comfortable in there. This was the push I needed to order those curtains! Second, I have tried to restrain my Christmas decorations for a long time but had been thinking I really wanted to go crazy this year. Again, this was the push I needed to GO FOR IT!!! You all are the best!

  • I can’t wait to listen to it!

    Elsie – I just read the cutest kids book about space that has a blonde-haired girl named Nova in it! It’s called “Oh no, Astro!” by Matt Roeser. I couldn’t help but think of you and your sweet girl! 🙂

  • I have LOVED listening to yalls podcasts, which is huge because I normally hate listening to talking while in my car. Y’all have a great dynamic. Thanks for letting us be a part of it all!

  • This snack drawer is amazing! I tried to zoom to just get snack ideas!! Where do you shop and is it weird I want a list? Always looking for different snacks for my constantly snacking children!

  • I wasn’t sure I had time for another podcast in my life, but I binged yours yesterday and loved it! It’s so fun – very enjoyable!

  • Will you consider offering transcripts for your podcasts. This is not accessible to Deaf audience. Thank you.

  • The snack drawer is a good idea, but food pouches can be wasteful. Consider reusable ones, like the little green pouch.

  • I’ve been reading your blog since 2008 (!) and this podcast was everything I didn’t know I needed! Thanks for the curtain story Emma, I’ve had cardboard in my windows for TWO YEARS (my neighbors hate me) and I finally just ordered blinds and feel so much better.

  • I’ve been following you guys since I was 12. I’ve really enjoyed listening to your podcast when I get ready in the morning – I wish you had more episodes out! I think part of the reason I love it so much is it’s fun to get to know you in a more personal way. I haven’t been able to find any other podcasts I like because they’re all done by people I don’t know anything about. But with you guys, I’ve been following your blog for years so it’s fun to finally hear the way that you talk and how you interact with each other in such a natural setting. Also, I LOVE the addition of embarrassing stories. It really adds a little bit of joy to my day. 🙂

  • this episode was so inspiring! it made me realize that even though our house is under construction if something small makes me happier day-to-day, i should do it! art isn’t hung yet because walls aren’t done? I threw up a ton of prints on top of our kitchen cabinets! i threw some cafe lights in the dining room over our big old hoosier cabinet because why not? this changed my whole mindset…if something takes me less than an hour to do and won’t get in the way of a project/progress…i’m just going to do it!

  • THE GHOST TOILET HAPPENED TO ME! I was pregnant, and I thought it was my new maternity leggings at first — like the dye was wearing off on the seat somehow? But they were black and the seat was stained blue, and it didn’t really make any sense. So I scrubbed and scrubbed and it kind of faded. And then it happened a few days later and I wasn’t wearing those pants! I was so baffled! I googled it obsessively and turns out, it was the pregnancy hormones! It eventually faded away, but was so strange and weirdly embarrassing?

  • I love the podcast! I have been reading the blog since 2009 and feel like I a meeting you guys all over again. I have just binged all the episodes so far! Great Job!

  • I love you guys… but I somehow and just starting to listen to your podcast…. I had to comment about the phantom toilet seat butt print… THIS HAPPENED TO ME! And I had to replace my seat as well… then it happened again…. and I figured it out….
    new dark denim. Both times, I had worn new jeans, Dark ones… The same way the denim will rub off on a white bag if you carry it. I guess my jeans were tight enough that the color had transferred to my butt and then onto my toilet seat. I think it had to do with a residue left on the seat from a cleaner…
    Anyway… this is not really something I discussed with anyone, but had to laugh when you discussed it on this out-loud platform. You’re not alone! LOL
    Thanks for everything you put out into the world… its very inspirational.
    xo Lindsay Walker

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