25+ Home and Garden DIYs

Happy first day of summer!!!! We made it. After a very long winter (and a ton of rain here in Missouri), it’s time to bring out the patio furniture and start on some outdoor projects. It just so happens that this roundup is all about outdoor DIYs—with some plant care tips sprinkled in.Elsie made a house number display that also doubles as a planter. We love the midcentury feel, and it looks way more expensive than it really is.

Laura’s faux grass house number is another option, (she made it when we worked in the studio house) and it’s just as cool in our book.

If you’re having trouble finding your ideal outdoor pillows, make your own set. You can use regular fabric as long as you apply a waterproofing treatment. We have a tutorial for outdoor cushions, too!

One of our favorite DIY’s ever? This faux cement tile. It’s incredibly easy to make and costs less than $50!

File this A-frame playhouse under your list of epic projects to make this summer! Does anyone else want an adult-sized one?

If you’re in the market for a play set, you could make your own (it’s a midcentury version, of course).


Remember Emma’s homemade rope sign? Choose any word (or phrase) to make your outdoor space even dreamier.

Moving on to the patio … how perfect would it be to sip your morning coffee (or a happy hour cocktail) on your own porch swing?

And, don’t forget about this herb garden coffee table. It’s the best of both worlds!

If your space doesn’t have an ideal spot for pretty flowers, you can build your own—and save a lot of money in the process.

Let’s say you find the perfect pendant light for your patio, but it’s an indoor version. We have a DIY for that!

We will never not love vintage aluminum chairs. The only problem with them? The webbing isn’t always in the best shape. Rachel’s tutorial shows you how to make an updated, woven version.

Regardless if your patio furniture is new or vintage, it needs to be maintained and stored properly (easier said than done, right?) Click here to read Elsie’s weatherproofing and storing tips.

One of our most popular posts of all time—how to build a fire pit. And we totally get why. Once you have one, you can’t imagine not having one.

Once you have the fancy fire pit, why not add a curved bench, too?

This hammock chair would be the perfect spot to relax in a sunroom. Here’s a baby and toddler (swing) version.

Mandi’s home decor posts are nothing short of amazing—I mean, she transformed her aging wood deck into this. If your deck needs some love, be sure to check out her post.

We also love her slat wood privacy fence. And yes, it’s a DIY!

If starting a garden seems overwhelming, make the process easier with Laura’s gardening tips and her raided garden bed tutorial.

A vertical herb garden is a fun version for renters or if you don’t have an ideal spot for a garden.

Now that we have gardening on our mind, let’s talk about plants—starting with Elsie’s five favorite (easy-to-care-for) houseplants. Be sure to read these helpful tips, too.

Whether your plants are indoor or outdoor, these fabric baskets are SO cute to store them in.

Fiddle leaf figs are one of our favorite plants (real or faux, honestly!), but they are hard to keep alive. If you can relate, read these 5 tips.You can reuse jars (these are from yogurt) to make small planters for your succulent collection.

Curious about water propagation? We were too, and Katie’s post helped so much!

The happiest planters in all the land. Learn how to make gradient planters that match your decor.

And, we’ll always love floating terrariums. You can even use fake plants if you want—we won’t tell. 😉

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our full outdoor spaces archive. xo – The ABM Team

  • I love all of these diy’s, especially the one with house number plate and the fire pit!


  • These tips are so helpful! Thanks for sharing!!


  • Wow! This post is full of so many great ideas!
    I recently bought a house and have a great outdoor space to work with. I’m going with a mid-century theme to keep with the period of the house. So nice to have all these great ideas in one place! This post will basically be my home project to do list for the summer/fall/winter. Can’t wait to try these!

  • So fun! These DIYs make me wish I had an outdoor space to tend to. I don’t even have a balcony in my tiny apartment… sigh!

    Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog

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