Fancy Grilled Cheese 9 Ways



The cold weather months really put me in the mood for grilled cheese sandwiches and soups. And although Elsie and I are huge fans of a classic and simple grilled cheese sandwich, we thought it would be fun to come up with some variations for a family lunch we hosted over the weekend. Elsie also brought her panini maker over to my house, it was my first time using one and I've got to say- I'm now a huge fan! We made 9 different grilled cheese variations for our family to choose from, some savory some sweet. My favorite was the tuna with spicy mustard, while our mom favored the apple and provolone.




Our flavor variations included: jalapeno peppers and colby jack cheese, bosc pear slices with ricotta and honey, cream cheese (or brie) with raspberry jam, and sour apple with provolone.




Here you can see: bacon, avocado and munster cheese, summer sausage with banana peppers and swiss, fresh tomatoes with pesto and mozzarella, tuna salad with spicy mustard and munster cheese, and caramelized onions with swiss cheese.




Have fun making up your own signature flavor! xo. emma and elsie


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