Our Best Cookie Recipes of All Time

Warning: Intense cookie cravings may take over your brain after reading this post.

OK, I’m obviously speaking from experience here, but after putting together this roundup of our best cookie recipes of all time, it’s clear that I’m going to have to preheat my oven soon.

As you can see above, I’m sharing a pretty big variety of cookie recipes. Cookie choices are based on mood, don’t you think?

Maybe you’re craving salty peanut butter cookies today, but that doesn’t mean you won’t want espresso cookies tomorrow. And although technically it’s not a cookie, is there ever a time you don’t want birthday cake cookie butter?

Starting off with a bang (as they say) with giant oversized chocolate chip cookies. I’ve made these a couple times, and trust me—they are incredible. I love the abundance of chocolate chips, crispy edges and soft centers.

If you’re looking for a regular-sized chocolate chip cookie recipe, you should make Emma’s whole wheat chocolate chip cookies.

We’ve shared quite a few sugar cookie videos on Instagram over the years, and we’re often asked about our go-to recipe. This is our favorite sugar cookie recipe with royal icing.

We also have a really good vegan sugar cookie recipe (and vegan royal icing) if you don’t consume dairy.

Remember the espresso cookies I mentioned? Here’s the recipe. Can you imagine eating one of these with your morning coffee or is that too crazy? Haha.

I’ve made these lemon burst crinkle cookies several times. I’m a lemon fanatic, and prefer these over lemon bars.

A cookie roundup without a no-bake cookie recipe is unheard of.

I can’t get over how pretty Emma’s honeycomb brown sugar cookies are. I tried these when she made them, and they had that perfect “melt-in-your-mouth” icing on top.

If you like red velvet cake, you should definitely make these thin and crispy red velvet cookies. I love that they have white chocolate chips in them.

If you’re in the mood for snickerdoodle cookies but you don’t have cream of tartar on hand, don’t worry—this recipe for soft and chewy snickerdoodles doesn’t require any.

If banana bread is a staple in your house or you need to use up some ripe bananas, I highly recommend Emma’s banana bread cookies. They have the best crumbly topping.

Every birthday should include birthday cake cookies with a bunch of rainbow sprinkles, of course.

Crumb top thumbprint cookies are delicious, simple to make, and even better with a cup of hot tea.

If you love no-bake cookies but want want something other than chocolate, give these no-bake pumpkin oatmeal cookies a try.

If you’re a Bridgerton fan, these Bridgerton-inspired royal icing cookies are for you. So good!

Here’s the only oatmeal cookie recipe you’ll ever need. They come out perfect every time.

Tip: If the recipe you’re using makes a big batch of cookies (and you want less) you can easily freeze the dough balls. Then you can pop a cookie in the oven anytime you’re craving one.

I mentioned lemon crinkle cookies earlier, but if you love all things chocolate like I do, you’ll want the recipe for brownie mix crinkle cookies, too.

Here’s another novelty cookie that’s incredibly pleasing to the eyes—wall weaving cookies (!!).

Slice and bake cookies are pretty much genius. Similar to freezing cookie dough balls, these vanilla and thyme slice and bakes can be out of the freezer and in your oven in no time.

Looking for another recipe to try? Try Emma’s chocolate flecked slice and bake cookies.

I don’t know about you, but I love the combination of pumpkin and chocolate.

It’s pretty common to have leftover pumpkin puree during during the fall season, so why not make a batch of chocolate chip pumpkin cookies?

We also have a vegan and gluten-free version of this recipe on the blog.

I made these chocolate covered cherry cookies a few weeks ago and let me tell you … they didn’t last long.

Last but not least, I had to include a recipe for the true peanut butter fans out there.

These salty peanut butter cookies have a double dose of peanut butter (thanks to chopped peanuts) and they’re topped with flaky sea salt. You don’t want to miss out on these!

Be sure to check out our easy no-bake dessert recipes for more delicious, sugary content.

xo, Jacki

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