25 Cookies & Bars You Should Bake

It’s dessert season!! Just kidding … it’s always dessert season in my brain. Today, I’m rounding up our favorite cookie and bar recipes from our blog archives. This is a good post to sip your morning coffee to while deciding which recipe to bake today. Maybe I should have made “recipe” plural, because there are some pretty good ones on this list. 😀

First on the list? Banana bread muffin cookies. Everything you know and love about banana bread in a soft, chewy cookie.

If you If you haven’t made flourless chocolate chip cookies before, give this recipe a try. Don’t be freaked out about the flourless option. I make these alllll the time when I’m craving a cookie and need one ASAP. We also have recipes for whole wheat chocolate chip cookies and cherry chocolate chip cookies … so now it’s decision time!

These red velvet cookies are thin and crispy with lots of white chocolate chips in them, but you could use regular chocolate chips instead if you’re feeling extra that day.

Cosmic brownie COOKIES.

Emma made pumpkin swirl slab pie for Friendsgiving last year, and this has been Elsie’s go-to fall dessert ever sense. Pumpkin recipes foreverrrrr.

Confession time. I absolutely love peanut butter (the natural kind, OK?). So much that I had to stop buying it because I was going through a jar a week. That said, I will 100% take the risk and buy some to make these peanut butter and jelly cookies.

These These are similar to magic cookie bars except they have toffee and toasted coconut in them. Hello, and yes, please.

Laura’s chocolate chip pumpkin cookies are gluten-free and vegan. Oh, and they taste incredible! If you don’t have any dietary restrictions, you have to try this version made with pumpkin, tahini, and chocolate chunks. Trust me.

These no-bake cherry cheesecake bars have a secret ingredient in the crust. Can you guess what it is?

The ultimate peanut butter-lovers cookie. Adding sea salt flakes to the tops of these is strongly encouraged for maximum effect. 🙂

The best vegan sugar cookie recipe.

I had to include a Halloween treat since spooky season is upon us—spider web chocolate bars (the bars are homemade!).

Emma’s peanut butter bars are both indulgent and addictive. You’ve been warned!

These lemon burst crinkle cookies are a game changer. SO good. I made batches of these to give to friends a few months ago and saved plenty for myself. Haha.

It was hard work, but someone had to do it. Emma tried and tested brownie recipe after brownie recipe to find the best ones on the internet.

What’s not to love about thumbprint cookies? They’re super easy to make and you can add so many different fillings like jelly, preserves, and even a chocolate version with homemade red wine raspberry jam.

You You can make your own Kit Kat bars—and they taste better than the store bought version!

Classic shortbread cookies (#classic). I love how Emma made these extra cute using cookie cutters and little fork marks.

Another Friendsgiving dessert we won’t forget? Cranberry and vanilla bean pie bars. The buttery crumble top mixed with the tart cranberry is heavenly.Remember those chocolate “oranges” you could buy that had segments of chocolatey goodness? These madeleine cookies are similar to those.

I’ve included a couple bonus posts that aren’t technically recipes, but I love these baking tips. The first post is three ways to add lettering to sugar cookies.

Did you know you can add fresh herbs and edible flowers to cookies and other desserts? This is especially fun for a party or special birthday dessert.

Now, wake and bake some cookies! xo, Jacki

  • Looks awesome! Cookie is a frequent snack in our house and to know so many ways to bake cookies is…wow!!! Thank you!

  • Those cookies look so much fun, seems like you can be ready for a cookie party at any time!

  • Can’t wait to try so many of these, starting with the no-bake cherry cheesecake. Many of these recipes seem like great gift ideas too. Thanks!

  • We just moved into a new home about a week ago and have a serious urge to do some (lots) of baking. It just feels like it will make the house feel more like home 🙂

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