Vintage Book Sewing Kit D.I.Y.

Vintage book sewing kit 1I asked Kinsey to create a travel sized sewing kit in a vintage book and I love what she came up with!

Sewing kit stepsTo make this cute vintage book sewing kit first take two large squares of wool fabric and sew them together. These will be your pages! Fold it in half and start attaching pockets and straps to hold all of your sewing tools!  Next, sew on a thin strip of wool on the back where the page folds. Cut out all of the pages in the book and apply a thick coat of glue to the strip of wool and attach it to the binding.  
Vintage book sewing kit 2Vintage book sewing kit 3Vintage book sewing kit 4Vintage book sewing kit 5Vintage book sewing kit 6There you have it! This sewing kit is perfect for traveling or hiding out on your bookshelf until you need it. Have a lovely day. Thank you, Kinsey. xo. elsie

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