Elsie’s (Video) Home Tour

I filmed this on a random Sunday when it was actually sunny here in Missouri (it’s been rainy and cloudy a lot lately). It’s not perfect and it’s really long, but I’m so happy I got to film this little time capsule of our home. I hope you enjoy it!

Below, I’m going to link as many of the furniture and decor items (including DIYs) as I can find so you can “shop my house” if you’re interested.


DIY links: Patterned Photo Mat DIYOur White StairwayCustom Stenciled Wall

Here’s a link to my console table  

Living Room

DIY Links: 10 Ways To Display Square PhotosAbstract Painted Pillow DIY, Textured Planter DIY, Hanging Brass Planter DIY

Here’s a link to my hanging rattan chair, and my mom’s paintings

Dining Room: 

DIY links: Light Fixture DIYTier Rope Planter DIYTips for Painting a Dining Room Table, DIY Wall Hooks, Stained Wood Wall DIY, DIY Dining Room Table, Re-Styled Bar Cart 


DIY links: Hand-Stamped Clementine Wall, Wooden Cutting Board DIY, Kitchen Organization Tips, Colored Kitchen Cabinets

You’ll notice in the video and throughout the links in this post that there are also a LOT of DIY items throughout my home, as well as vintage and flea market finds. I love a mix of high and low pieces.

Dining Room: 

DIY link: Record Frame Instagram Wall,

Here’s a link to my reclaimed wood table 


DIY link: A-Frame Tent DIY. The rest of the projects were featured in our book, A Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade Home

One of the goals I had for our home is for it to be a place where our family congregates and spends time together. That sometimes means larger gatherings, and it sometimes means quality time with just me, my husband, and our pups.


DIY links: Handwriting Statement Wall, TV Wall Before/After, How to Style a Corner Gallery Wall, Gold Glitter Jewelry Dish DIY

My other home posts: 
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Planting a Cacti Garden
DIY Honeycomb Shelves
Mudroom Organization.

Thanks so much for reading/watching! Below you’ll see a number of questions from readers over the years, I’ve tried to answer as many as possible! xo. Elsie 

P.S. You can watch my most recent video home tour here.

Credits// Author and Photography: Elsie Larson, Video and Music: Jeremy Larson. 

  • I like the blog, your decorating styles are amazing. I love the home, Thanks for sharing your home tour and explaining about your company.

  • Thanks for sharing, Elsie! Always love visiting ABM for great home ideas.

  • Hahahahaha it sounds like your dad has the best sense of humor.

  • Hi, I love your house! Its so whimsical and lovely. I was hoping you could tell me where you got the white hanging terrariums? They are so perfect!

  • Awesome home tour! Your house is really beautiful (though I’m not surprised!). Love those pet portraits in the living room. Too cute! I totally know what you mean about quirky things in old houses. My house was built in 1863 + we have a small window at the top of our living room wall that goes into the upstairs/attic. Really random, but I *love* it! Quirky details in old homes are my favorite. They make it so special!

  • Beautiful home! Thanks for the tour. Where did you get the rug in your new dining room? Thanks!

  • Does the sofa have a heavy chemical odour? We bought one last month and it still gives me a headache in less than 30 minutes 🙁

  • I spy a Charley Harper book!! I’m super impressed. Being from Cincinnati, we’re pretty proud of our Harper pieces around here!!
    Love your house Elsie, and hope I can be as creative in decorating mine!

  • Hi! First off, love your blog and love the videos you all have been making, especially these video tours. They didn’t feel long, loved the detail and beautiful old house you have made do unique. You mentioned a back room on the second floor that was a guest room and ‘now we use one downstairs’ but didn’t include those 2 rooms in the video. Of course you are entitled to your privacy but I was just curious if you will ever show us those two last rooms? Love being inspired by your home and DIYs so was curious about those last spaces and how you decorate and use them 🙂 thanks for inviting us into your home, loved every minute of it! Bravo!

  • Could you please tell me about your couch. I am searching high and low for one very similar

  • Beautiful home! Great job on the video, and the cameo by Penny was a fun surprise. she is so cute and looks just like you!

  • Elsie, you´re sooooo cute!!
    I really liked it that you added personal touches to your narrative, like the ghost story or Penny…

  • Your home is beautiful! I would love to know where you bought the metal basket that is in the (new) dining room.

  • Thank you for the house tour! It’s so wonderful of you to ‘invite’ your fans in! Everything about where you live is inspirational – here’s to making my home as beautiful as yours! 🙂


  • Beautiful ! Makes me want to buy the book (and come over for tea 🙂 )

  • I loved watching this! I would definitely watch more videos. I really like the house, how lucky you are to live in an old house with so many great period/quirky features. I especially like your two-part bedroom and the open-plan downstairs.

  • What have been the pros and cons of living in an old home? I would love to read a post about your experience.

  • So curious, was the neighbor saying her own house was haunted and implying yours was the second one?!!

  • I have never seen a home that I love thàt much! I am moving this year and this has inspired me so much! Wish you many happy years in this beautiful space!

  • Totally cute that you let Penelope be in the video. She is adorbs. Love your bedroom/living area. What a perfect idea for a young couple (especially when you were using your house as your office to give you guys a space of your own). Love the special unique features to your home (stained glass window, rounded doorway, beautiful stairs. Nice job and thanks so much for sharing with us!

  • I think one of the most fun parts about this was seeing how many of your DIYs you LIVE with. I think that’s one reason you guys are so successful, well one of many, but the fact that you’re making projects you love and live with and sincerely use is so huge in this industry. I don’t think people get how many staged shoots there are and I think it’s SO cool that so many of your projects are so real! So excited for your book!

  • Love your house! Especially love your teal paint in your bedroom. Do you know what color/brand it is? Thanks!

  • So darn cute!!! And i actually loved the curtain for the closet in your room. Right before you said you didn’t love it I was like, “OOOOH I love that!”. 🙂

  • I must tell you that I had to pause the video for like a GOOD LONG WHILE after that declaration about pigeons because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe.

  • Such a beautiful home tour, Elsie! I loved this (and Emma’s too). Question: Where did you purchase the white vintage/retro radio on the middle shelf in your corner shelving in your bedroom? I have been in search for one for awhile now! Thanks!

  • Your house is so gorgeous! I love seeing it in video form and hearing you walk about the different pieces. Thank you so much for filming and sharing this!

  • Thanks so much for sharing this! I am so inspired by how you utilized the quirky funky things about an old house and made them feel fresh and happy for how you live today. And I love how you used white to unify everything and make it feel modern yet still celebrating the architecture and uniqueness of the house. And extra love the kids play room! Such a great idea to make kids feel at home and special when they come to visit!! So beautiful and inspiring!!

  • Thanks so much! The art in my bedroom is my own painting (not a DIY, sorry) I am planning to sell some later this fall.
    xx- Elsie

  • you’re house is so beautiful!

    do you know who make the eye print above the couch?

  • Hehe! My husband will be glad to hear your uncluttered comment 😀
    xx- Elsie

  • Thanks so much! It’s a franco albini ottoman. found it at a local flea market.
    xx! Elsie

  • I’m glad you like it! It’s actually kind of dim (my plants always die there!) but maybe I should try that!!
    xx- Elsie

  • Elsie, lovely Tour and lovely home! Each room is so “you” and reflective of your spirit and creativity. You can also sense the warmth from room to room.

    It is so funny that you said you do not like the curtain you did for your bedroom closet, I think it looks very “anthropologie” and was even saying to myself a good idea of my own cupboard, take down the door! LOL.

    Thanks for the Tour, I have gotten lots more ideas (I also have your book…) but it was so nice to see the other rooms not seen in the book.

  • Wow, what a beautiful home, Elsie! So inspiring. I love the house’s quirky layout and I adore your style!

  • How great of you to share a glimpse of your home! I just love the brightness and the bedroom/living area is wicked cool! Do you take pictures at the “stairway to nowhere”? The lighting is so pretty there!

  • Love love love! Thank you for sharing. Your home is so bright and filled with personality. Can’t get enough of that honeycomb wall!

    Little Mint Kitchenette

  • Your home is gorgeous! I love old homes. The way you’ve decorated it is so amazing! I hope to have an older home someday, so this was super inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing!


  • Such a gorgeous space but my main burning question right now is where on earth did you get those shoes???

  • oh wow! this is so GORGEOUS elise! i just LOVE the yellow door…the anthro rug…that amazing fridge…the kid’s swing!!!! …and ALL that AMAZING LIGHT! <3 …so, so BEAUTIFUL!!!!….thanks for sharing 🙂

  • I was really curious about your fireplace cover? It is so adorable and I’m praying it wasn’t thrifted so I can copy you and get one too!

  • Where is the round coffee / side table from in your living room (and main photo)? it’s so nice!

  • I absolutely love your sweet home. There are so many great details and nothing is too cluttered. Great job selecting a lovely space and great job updating it!

  • Your home is just lovely, so personal I love how you’ve mixed furniture from places like West Elm with vintage and bespoke pieces it’s such a great example of mixing up styles so it looks modern and fresh, I can’t get enough of these at home with features I think everyone should do one!

  • Totally adore your beautiful home, Elsie!
    Out of that ‘stairs-to-nowhere-‘space you could make a cute and cosy reading recess. Just imagine sitting there on some fluffy cushions and reading a good book or sipping on a hot chocolate while watching the snow falling 🙂

  • I loved this video and your house! It was long but didn’t FEEL long. I would have watched even longer. So much beautiful color and many thoughtful choices. Very inspiring! Thanks!

  • Absolutely loved this ! You have such great taste.
    Would love to hear about how you guys avoid clutter and keep your shelves/tabletops so organized !

  • I have a Crosley from UO http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/urban/catalog/productdetail.jsp?id=15299514&category=A_MUSIC_TURNTABLE I have heard many (MANY) people say they are bad quality, but I haven’t had any issues with mine in the past six years. I really like it, although I will admit I don’t play records every day, more like a few times a month. But when I do I tend to do it all day (or all night) with no issues). I also have one of their briefcase record players (the small ones where the record hangs off the side) and it’s not as good as the big one.
    Hope that helps! I’m not an expert! xx- Elsie

  • You have such beautiful taste! I loved this.

    Warm Regards,

  • I absolutely drooled through the whole video. Your space is amazing. Can you come do my house? Just Kidding. But seriously. (: I loved visualizing the space with the video and with your added personality it helped make the space come alive. You did a fantastic job. On a side note, you have a rug in the upstairs bedroom/tv space… it’s a rawhide rug. Do you remember where you got yours? I’ve been looking and trying to figure out whether or not I want a faux rawhide… because you know, poor cows… or if they just won’t last. So I’m curious to know your opinion on them if yours is faux or a real one. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. And, truly, you have an eye for great design.

  • i love everything about our home! feels so cozy and personal!

    can I ask about the abstract art in the bed side of your bedroom? was it a DIY on the site? I didn’t see it anywhere.

    also, do you know who make the eye print above the couch?

    seriously amazing!

  • We don’t have a house cleaner (and it’s not always this clean- of course!) but Jeremy and I have both been doing Laura’s 15 minute rule every night and it’s helping a lot!!!
    xx- Elsie

  • Yep. That was weird! You never know what she is going to say.
    xx- Elsie

  • Hehe! You’re the first person to comment about that. OMG- She’s crazy and we LOVEEEEE her!
    xx- Elsie

  • Love your house tour! I’ve been following your blog for many years and have always appreciated your eye for interiors. My husband and I own an older home as well, and we have our fair share of weird rooms and oddly shaped spaces. It can be real tricky trying to make those spaces work. Thanks for the inspiration!

    PS- Looking forward to more videos!

  • Yup! Definetely LOVED IT!! Video, home, furniture and all the colors!! 😀 Thank you so much for sharing and keep up posted with the changes! Also I look forward to the color scheme choosing post!

  • Thank you so much Ashlee! It’s been a dream home to us too!
    xx- Elsie

  • No haunted experiences here, but one time when we first lived here my dad scared the #$@% out of me when Jeremy was out of town. He texted me just before bed and told me what to do if I saw a ghost. Then it stormed that night.

    Hahaha! -Elsie

  • Hi! Thanks so much for the comment. It makes me so happy that you are inspired by our book! Books are such a HUGE project and then by the time they come out you don’t really get to see people react to them the way we do on the blog, so that means a lot to me!!! 🙂
    xx- Elsie

  • The mirror in my bedroom I got from my friend Rachel when she moved years ago (and I think she got it from Craigslist) it doesn’t look vintage though- it looks newish to me.

    We’ll definitely consider a wireless mic in the future. We just haven’t needed them too much let! :)) Thanks!! Elsie

  • The downstairs is Gus Modern and upstairs the set is Thrive Furniture (pretty sure both are linked in the post above as well). xx! Elsie

  • Thank you so much Evelyn! I didn’t show the inside of my messy closet, though! LOL.
    xx- Elsie

  • They are done by my friend, Becky Filipe, and my mom, Elizabeth Chapman. I also have an awesome one by my brother, Doren, but I don’t think it appeared in this video.
    xx- Elsie

  • Sorry! We’re not professionals- just doing our best!
    xx- Elsie

  • I’m actually working on a blog post about that very topic!! :)) Stay tuned!
    xx- Elsie

  • Great home tour! There are so many ideas here that I would like to steal. I’ve just spent some of my lunch hour watching this with a cup of tea and really relaxed whilst doing so. Cute shoes btw!

  • I like dwelling in mysterious places like yours. But you did an amazing job (with the team) to make it brighter, more colorful and incorporate interesting and peculiar pieces. I have been a fan of ABM and I have sort of seen your house’s milestone. Good job Elsie! You’re my wonder woman.

  • Gorgeous! Thank you for allowing us to have a peek inside your home!

  • I so appreciate how beautiful you home is, but how it still looks like a “home”. It’s super inspiring! I have so many ideas now… my husband winces 😉

  • Oh man! Your house is beautiful! Have you ever had any issues with it being haunted? I think one of my top fears is moving into a haunted house and not knowing it. Also, you kept saying “next house,” are y’all moving soon?

  • Really loving the art hanging in the living room. Great colors! Your home is beautiful.


  • I love your home. Thanks for sharing. They need to give you a HGTV show.

  • Soooooo beautiful!!! And you’re so cute too 🙂 I love your blog!!!!!!!!

  • Elise, I looooove your house!! So perfect, colourful and beautiful. Shall show this to my husband to get some inspiration together for our house!
    Love your double bedroom room. Super cool! Also love your stairway to nowhere. Would totally get a custom size mattress there and make a cozy reading nook. Unless its where the house is haunted, then maybe not 😉
    Thanks for showing your house!
    Also, your picture walls totally inspired me to do some painting again, thanks 🙂

  • Your house is so nicely decorated! And the light, my Gosh… Could you share some with my house? lol

  • I love the whole house – it seems like a really happy place to live in! Inspiring ideas everywhere, thank you for sharing this tour, now we can get the whole picture from every diy we have already seen!!
    Nice work


  • my daughter’s 20 MO and she was sitting through the entire video, pointing her finger at just about everything and exclaiming “c’est beau!!” which means “it’s beautiful” here in France! you really have a lovely home, Elsie, thank you for sharing it with us!

  • Thanks for inviting us over to your home, the videos really help understand the room structure so much better. I love everything about your home, so many beautiful DIY-details and great fleamarket finds mixed in. And I LOVE the colors! Thanks for sharing (:

    Many greetings from Germany!

  • Hey Elsie, I absolutely love your home! so inviting! Thanks for showing us around!
    I was just wondering where your incredible shoes are from? they are perfect!
    x Marije

  • Our bedroom is just like Elsie’s, I also make it a tiny living room with the only tv of the house. It makes me feel like I have my own “studio” inside the house. But I had a hard time making it work, so your video was inspiring. It can still be cozy (like a bedroom should be) but also fun:)

    It was so fun to see both of you girl’s houses. It definitely help to see a video on top of the photos, it gives a better idea of how many different projects you can fit and make it all match! And I am just always curious to see inside people houses:)

  • Love your house! One if its kind. Everything is hand done and diy shows so much love and passion. But how do you maintain it Elsie? Do you have help to keep it clean and organized everyday or do you do it all by yourself and if so how?! Love..

  • Penelope’s cameo was hilarious. She looks so sweet and then “fun facts” about pigeons took an unexpectedly dark turn. And then cut back to the home tour like nothing happened. Great editing.

  • I love it, Elsie! Your house is so cute and I love all of the personal touches :). The horse wall is my absolute favorite! Also, your niece seems like a riot ;).


  • Amazing, beautiful, and completely unique home! It completely tells a story about who you (and your hubby) are. On another note, where are your shoes from? They are fantastic!

  • Such a beautiful and bright home. Thanks for sharing! This is a slightly unrelated question, but I am in the process of researching record players/turntables. What type of record player do you have? Do you have any recommendations or advice as I continue my research? It’s a pretty big purchase so I want to make sure I know what I am looking for! Thanks! 🙂

  • Drooling over your place! Seriously a dream home to me!


  • You have such a lovely home. I absolutely adore your bedroom/living room. So much space!!

  • Elsie!!!

    Oh my goodness. I feel like I have been looking forward to you sharing a video tour of this home FOREVER. Yet it completely blew me away. I thought I had seen everything on Instagram / the blog but I found myself inspired over so many parts of your home! I loved revisiting so many blog / happy handmade home DIYs too!

    Thanks for sharing little quirks / imperfections throughout. I think they make it even more beautiful 🙂


    Ps. spacey?! You were glowing and adorable throughout this entire video!

  • Awesome! Thank you for sharing- everything is so beautiful. Your shoes are PARTICULARLY fabulous! Where are they from?!

  • Love both your home tours! Elsie – your house is very unique – thanks for sharing, especially the stairs to nowhere! In the Victorian era stairs like that were built to confuse spirits, a little tidbit i learned at the Winchester House in CA (which has many stairs to nowhere!). I love your bedroom suite as well – how it is your own private living area. You colors and textures are inspiring, too – we are moving out of our 100 year old tiny tudor home next week into a 90s era home that is literally 3x the size and i cannot wait to paint and peel wallpaper and use your home as inspiration 🙂 Keep the videos coming – You two feel like friends to me just because i’ve read your blog for so long, so it’s really neato when you share stuff like this. <3

  • Your home is incredible. Thank you SO much for sharing such an in depth and candid tour of your home. Love it 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing! Your little story about the haunted house was my favourite lol

  • This might be my favorite house tour ever! LOVE! Thanks for filming this! 🙂

  • I never realized your home was SO BIG! Ok, I love living in Paris, but I may start considering moving to the US if you can get such big spaces! I’m really jealous (in a nice way though) 😉
    Do you plan on moving??

  • You have the cutest house Elsie! I’m using your home as my inspiration for next year in a college dorm.
    White walls forever!

  • Your home is immaculately decorated. It has so much character & the DIYs give it a great spin. I love the yellow door. I haven’t seen many people paint the inside of their door! :]

    // http://www.itscarmen.com ▲ ▲

  • I absolutely love your home, and I think my favorite part is what you did with your bedroom. It’s such a smart use of what could otherwise be a lot of wasted space. My husband and I are not quite the type to go TV-free, but we are really interested in ways to have a living room where the TV is not the focal point, if there at all. We maybe couldn’t achieve what you have in the small apartment we’re in now, but it’s awesome inspiration! Thanks for sharing everything!

  • The way your bedroom is set up with a living room and a bedroom proves this is an old house! In Tempe, AZ we have a historical building called the Peterson House that has the same set up and it’s super cool!

  • Too cute Elsie (& Miss P) ! Beautiful home, thanks so much for sharing. (Just one tip, please invest in a good tripod, or tripod head! – sorry Im a nerdy camera operator)

  • omg. i can’t get over how amazing your adorable house is. loooove it.

    xo, allie

  • Haha, one of my old apartments was basically the size of your bedroom. Anyway, I LOVE your whole place. The light is amazing!! I want to skip out of work for the rest of the day and start painting all my walls light and bright. And maybe get a swing.

  • Love this! Your paintings are so beautiful. I really like your bedroom suite, that was a great idea. Penelope wins most adorable, she cracked me up!

  • Love the house! It is great inspiration on how to live authentically, and I can’t wait to try some of these DIYs!!! Funny question about the “haunted home,” since you brought it up on the video- have you guys had any experiences in it? 😀 Curiosity!

  • Completely swooning over your adobe! Hope to use some of your ideas as inspiration when my fiance and I have our own home one day 🙂 Thank you for sharing your unique and colorful space! xo

  • Emma’s video was pretty cool, thanks for sharing yours too, your home is amazing!
    Also, having the links to the specific projects is so helpful, thanks Elsie!


  • Love! Your new neighbor did not come over to creep you out. I thought you were going to say that she was going to say that sometimes it looks like a person is in the window!! :/

  • Rock on, girl.
    You’re such a boss.

    Love your home + you.

    ps- your shoes are killer.

  • I love everything! That cacti planter is sooo adorable. It’s fun to see how your space has changed over the years. I love it all so much!


  • Gorgeous home! I love seeing these video tours because you can really get a sense for a room in a different way than through photos. Love all the pretty details!

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail

  • Your home is so fun! It seems to show your personality perfectly! I love all of the white walls with pops of color. It makes your home feel bright and homey while still being cozy. I also really love the contrast between the new things in such an old home. I have Happy Handmade Home displayed on my coffee table. All my guests love to flip through it and it’s been such an inspiration to me! Thanks for sharing it all with us!


  • Your house is gorgeous!! I also live in an older house (circa 1790s), so I definitely know what you mean about awkward rooms. I’m dying to know where you got the mirror for your bedroom, it is so beautiful.

    Also, y’all should consider getting wireless mics for any videos where you have to move around, they make some for around $100-$150 that have a range up to 300 feet that I saw on Amazon. Might make it easier for you, it’s gotta be hard to dodge that wire in heels, ha!

    Looking forward to seeing more videos 🙂

  • It’s so neat to see the house through a video instead of photos. Elsie you have a beautiful personality. Thanks for sharing.

  • Love it!,Thanks for showing us your beautiful home. It is gorgeous!
    it was very nice to meet you, Bombi 😉

  • Holy molies what a wonderful space with absolutely no eye sores to be found! SO lovely and open and wonderfully styled. LOVE IT. How amazing to live in a home that you’ve worked on with so much love. Goals for life right here.

  • where did you get those cute pet portraits done? Love them!

    x Christina

  • Wow Elsie. What a wonderful home. Thanx for sharing. You inspire me endlessly! xxx

  • Love both yours and Emma’s home, Elsie! But on both home tours, the mic is really distracting! It would be so nice if you can tuck them in a little more neatly. 🙂 Otherwise…nice videos!

  • I love your houses it’s beautiful. How do you go about choosing a colour scheme for each room and the house as a whole? Just love it. Thanks.

  • Oh my gosh there isn’t a single thing in this that I do not love!! I only hope one day I can have a home this beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing.

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