50+ Homemade Gift Ideas

Christmas is only two weeks away. Can.you.believe.it? Today, we’re talking about gift ideas. Not just any gifts—homemade gifts. The extra special kind. All of these DIYs have something in common: They’re easy to make. Let’s do this!

A jar of peppermint cream hand scrub is perfect during the cold winter months. This one is made with completely natural ingredients and smells amazing.

We also can’t resist a good brown sugar scrub or coffee scrub.

How pretty are these geode ornaments?

Instead of buying an essential oil diffuser for someone, make them a cute reed diffuser.

We love how Mandi used scraps from craft projects and fabric to wrap gifts. You can use lace fabric, too!

You’ll only need a few supplies (a beanie, beads, and thread) to make this cozy hat. You could also use an old sweater to make this pom pom beanie.

Bubble bath bars. Who doesn’t love taking a bubble bath?

Gift cards don’t have to be boring—here are 5 ways to creatively wrap them.

 This cherry pie potholder is so sweet. (Pun!) We have a watermelon potholder and cactus oven mitt DIY, too.

Eucalyptus cold and flu shower melts are a must-have this time of year.

Every plant lady deserves a cute brass hanging planter.

It’s hard to believe these gold statement earrings are handmade!

If you’re looking for a more delicate/dressier option, we also have a DIY for pearl dangle earrings.

Adorable (no-sew) baby headbands and wooden ring crinkle teethers.

One of our most popular DIY’s? (Drum roll, please) Homemade bath bombs. Everyone deserves a little spa time at home. 😀

You could also make a jar of essential oil infused bath salts.

Make a circle tote in their favorite color. This bag is made with placemats (!!) and it’s super easy.

Fill a pretty terrarium with colorful sand and crystals. Speaking of crystals, did you know you can make your own?

This crystal soap would also make a great gift.

Elsie’s favorite pillow spray would pair well with a bottle of rose water face mist.

We love giving ornaments as gifts or stocking stuffers. You can make these using colorful alcohol ink. And, how adorable is this tiny planter ornament?

Love this glittery photo cell phone case.

Facial oil is so good for your skin. See how you can make your own here.

This cactus pincushion is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to sew.

Clay ring dishes are a quick, easy craft, and we have a couple options for you: a palm leaf and marbled design.

Homemade soap! We have a bunch of different kinds on the blog like grapefruit poppyseed, pumpkin spice, and exfoliating spiced latte.

Once you try using wool dryer balls (infused with essential oil!), dryer sheets will be a thing of the past.

You can also use tiny wool balls and essential oils to make clip-on car diffusers. Such a good gift idea!

Print a special photo and place it in a simple wooden frame.

It’s way too common to just throw a pair of sunnies in your purse. Avoid potential scratches with a cute Palm Springs-inspired case.

The traveler in your life would love a monogrammed luggage tag.

Pom pom magnets—the easiest craft!

Make this fun art print and pair it with a bottle of bubbly.

The only thing better than handmade jewelry? A jewelry box or acrylic earring holder.

One of our favorite parts of decorating for Christmas is hanging up the stockings. Make a special pom pom stocking, woven stocking, or this faux suede stocking for your loved ones.

A pretty heart locket necklace filled with a moisturizing, three-ingredient lip balm.

A cozy hooded bath towel for one lucky kiddo.

Treats make amazing gifts any time of year (give us all of the treats), but here are a few of our holiday favorites:

Dark chocolate almond brittle. You could hand this out to multiple friends—just put the brittle in cellophane bags wrapped with ribbon. ????

The best iced sugar cookies ever.

Truffles are decadent, addictive, and REALLY easy to make. Honestly, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make them this year!

Happy gift giving! xo. The ABM Team

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