How To Style A Messy Braid

Messy Braid DIYMessy Braid DIYWe've been loving messy bohemian styles for Spring! Here's a quick and easy tutorial for styling a messy braid… 1. French braid hair from the back to the side. (use this method, but in the back) 2. Use a hair elastic to tie a side ponytail. 3. Using a comb, tease the ponytail as much as possible. 4. Braid the teased hair into a regular braid. 5. Pull the braid so that it's uneven and loose. Cut the hair elastic off. (Be very careful not to cut any hair) 6. Enjoy your big messy braid! It's perfect for maxi dresses and bonfire parties. Tip: This messy style would make amazing maiden braids

Messy Braid from A Beautiful MessMessy Braid from A Beautiful MessThis hair tutorial was created in collaboration with Sarah Chapman, a professional hair stylist at Blu Skies Hair Studio in Springfield, Missouri. If you're local, give her a call!

  • Pretty coolstuff,”thanks to you”,I’ll be trying this, cool hair do!

  • Thanks for sharing this nice stuff. I like this hairstyle, I will definately try it. Encinitas Hair Stylist

  • Your blog is one of my absolute favorites! I nominated you for a Versatile Blogging Award because I believe you are some of the most crafty, inspirational people on the web.

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  • Can you please post some hair ideas for people with short hair??

  • Hi to all, how is the whole thing, I think every one is getting more from this web page.

  • Such a perfect dress-up or dress-down hairstyle! I can picture this in the office with a nice dress and out on a date with a hot skirt. Love this style!

  • I know this is all about the braid but I’m loving the top or dress!

  • Such a great idea!! Love all of your awesome hair styles!! I can not wait till my hair is long enough to try them out!! 😀

  • Just gorgeous. Teasing it before braiding is genius. Will try that!

    Cathy Trails

  • This is so stinkin cute. I have been on a hunt for adorable summer hair styles:)


  • So great for summer time – especially in Texas! It gets so hot around here! Updos are a must.


    Looks really nice and romantic

  • Cute! My hair is a bit on the short side for this one… I’ll have to try it in a month or two 🙂
    Ps- a good way to get the hair elastics out without cutting your hair is using a seam ripper! It works great, try it. 🙂

  • I love wearing my hair like this For school
    Ever since the hunger games it has been really popular (the best movie ever by the way)

  • wauw, it looks beautiful!

    a while ago i cut my hair: i donated around 30 cm (= 1 feet) of my hair to a dutch foundation named “haarwens” (which means “hairwish”), and they make wigs for children with cancer.

    so unfortunealy, my hair isn’t that long at the moment, but I’ll definitely try this when my hair is long enough!

  • Thank you for sharing!I wish you good luck! and welcome to Fax Server Plus:

  • being a braid freak (i’m TRYING so hard to grow out my hair so i can braid), this is an awesome tutorial. thanks elsie!!

  • Im with ya’grl. I got short, just below my shoulders hair. 🙁 *sighs*

  • Great post!!!
    follow my blog please! what do you think of it?

  • GORGEOUS! Now if only my hair would stop hating on the Korean weather/water and GROW! I contemplated cutting it off…but thanks to this, its time to persevere and dream of braids;)

  • Love the braid and love her dress even more!

  • I totally love this look! I wish my hair was longer so I could do this.

  • Beautiful, love all the whispy pieces in the front. Love the relaxed, lived-in look.

  • I love this look! I can’t wait until my hair is long enough to do it. <3

  • Gorgeous! I love how you guys make hair tutorials so simple and easy to follow.
    Ronnie xo

  • Beautiful! Kinsey is such a lovely lady and she has a perfect set of locks for this do!

  • I absolutely love braids; the messier the better. However, I am awful at doing them. So this would be helpful.

  • Exquisite – I think my hair isn’t long enough yet to rock this good stuff

  • I love the messy side braid look!

    Silver from A Silver Snapshot

  • I have a similar dress, and never thought to pair it with this hair style. Awesome!


  • I wear my hair like this all the time but Ive nevver tried teasing it! Surely trying it next time tho!

  • I like it! I will try it tomorrow for school!


  • Love this so much, but my hair is too short 🙁

  • That braid is stunning!!! So classy and cute!

  • Simply beautiful! Doesn’t have to have much time to do that, great.


  • Love this look!
    I wish my hair was a bit longer to be able to pull this off 🙂

  • I don’t really have to try to do this! I just have to lay off the brush for an hour or two.

  • I love your blog! Whats the shirt in the picture? It’s gorgeous!


  • This is really pretty! I will need to try this! thanks for sharing ;D

  • I love that style – I have to try it as I really wear a side braid often, but mine always looks a little boring compared to yours.

  • Love it!!!!! Thanks to beautiful blogs like yours, I tried a messy bun with braids! Always love your wonderful ideas!

  • this look is so gorgeous–I can’t wait for my hair to grow a few more inches!

  • i am loving braids too! this one is awesome!

  • Oooooh so pretty! *sigh* If only I had hair that was that long…. 😉

    Stephanie May*

  • This is adorable! I cannot wait to try this one out at my new job.

  • My braids just end up looking messy messy, not stylish messy. Dang it. 😉


  • I like this hairstyle and wear quite often! Always on the same side.

  • great idea!! love this bohemian style!!

  • My favorite way to style a messy braid:

    1. Braid hair.
    2. Go to bed.
    3. Wake up.

    Voila! 😛

  • I love this – and all your hairstyling tutorials – but I wonder if you could do some for shorter hair? Mine just makes it to shoulder length if I pull it straight down and although NOT having to do much with it for it to look good is one of the benefits of this length, I’d also like to do something fun once in a while. Your suggestions most welcome 🙂

  • I love it! SO CUTE! I’ve never tried the messy look before. 🙂

  • Love this! I get a little tired of the same old clean looking braid. This is cute!

  • This will be one of my first hairstyles once my hair is long enough….sigh.

  • Hey I love your blog! Check out mine it’s full of inspirational beautiful things 🙂

  • I’m sure glad this is a thing because that’s what my braids always look like!!

  • That is SO adorable, I will definately try it out to my new white lace dress 🙂 Thank you for the inspiration, greets from Hamburg!

  • Beautiful! I wish my hair was slightly longer so I could try this one.

  • Beautiful, as always! I’m not sure if my hair is long enough for this one, but I’m definitely going to try it out! 🙂

  • thank u for this fantastic post! i will def. try it..looks amazing

  • Great post! You have the best ideas!

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  • I started plaiting my hair last summer after i washed it, just so i wasnt blow drying the bobbins out of it and i am addicted to messy braids!!! By the time i wake up its usually quite messy anyway, but i love pulling bits loose and looking a bit like a raggamuffin!! I love the pics 🙂 xxx

  • I can’t wait until my hair is long enough for this 🙂 so pretty!

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